November Birthstone

November Birthstone

November is a story about fallen leaves and the first frost. November birthstone absorbed the key features of the final month of autumn. Citrine embodies the last warm rays of the year and nature preparing for hibernation. Blue topaz is the deep sky, autumn rains, and the approaching breath of winter. In addition to their symbolic meaning, both gems offer a wide range of healing and magical properties that primarily cater to Scorpios and Sagittariuses.

November Birthstone: Citrine

Warmth-exuding citrine has a long history, throughout which it has been considered a symbol of wealth, abundance, and prosperity. Our ancestors believed that citrine had the power to flush negativity out of people’s souls, remove fears, and find faith in oneself. This positive gem can’t stand darkness or evil.

For a long time, citrine was confused with yellow topaz. Only in the 18th century, it was recognized as a different mineral and given its current name. The statement yellow color is coded in citrine’s name. It originates from the Latin ‘citrus’ meaning lemon. Still, to this day, many keep calling the mineral Spanish topaz or Bohemian topaz.

Citrine is a semi-precious stone belonging to the quartz family. Its colors range through pale yellow, juicy lemon, honey, orange, and yellowish-green. A particular hue depends on the incursions in its chemical composition, such as iron, aluminum, or silicon. Natural stones feature a light yellow or pale yellow tint. Specimens that exhibit saturated and deep colors are likely to be heat treated.

Along with that, citrine can be obtained by heating amethyst and smoky quartz. The result of firing smoky quartz is bright yellow stones while amethysts provide orange-brown gems. Created citrine looks amazing in jewelry but it is not exactly November birthstone. Only those stones that were superheated by the earth’s mantle are capable of becoming a talisman for people born in November.

November birthstone, citrine for jewelry making

Magical and Healing Properties of Citrine, November Birthstone

Due to its crystalline form and vibrant colors, citrine is able to absorbe solar energy. The stone shares its energy with its owner when they have vitality decline, apathy, or depression. Along with that, citrine never accumulates negativity and, unlike other minerals, it doesn’t require energy clearing. Its calming vibrations promote sound sleep, relieve nightmares, and destroy bad thoughts.

Bioenergy scientists and lithotherapists have long been using citrine to improve wellbeing and health. They believe that the yellow variety of quartz is of great use to boost self-esteem and confidence, as well as encourage creativity. Also, the gem is helpful if you wish to improve your financial wellness. Keep the stone close to your money to amass wealth and develop good spending habits. Besides that, citrine amulets set in one’s house are able to bring warmth and improve relationships between ménage.

According to colorimetry, the science that studies colors, yellow promotes financial well-being and attracts good luck. If this sounds good to you, pick a golden November birthstone as your talisman and it will work its magic to make you happy.

In terms of healing capabilities, citrine affects the solar plexus area, which is the center of vitality. The natural energy of the stone improves mood, boosts mental activity, as well as aids to overcome depression and chronic fatigue. Apart from that, citrine has a certain healing effect on people with speech impairments.

November Birthstone, citrine crystal gemstone

November Birthstone: Topaz

Topaz has long been recognized as a favorite gem of kings. Since ancient times, it helped the powers that be win over their subjects and expose conspirators.

The first information about topaz appeared 3000 years ago yet we still don’t know for sure why the stone is called like this. One of the versions that try to trace the origin of the word topaz refers to the Sanskrit ‘tapas’, which translates as heat or fire. There is also a legend that the gem was found by sailors who suffered a shipwreck nearby the island of Topazon in the Red Sea. The jewels they found on the island allegedly helped them rebuild their ship and return home safe and sound. Since then, seafarers use the stone as a talisman.

Topaz is loved all over the world for its striking blue color. Especially notable shades of blue even received their own trading names. Sky Blue topaz displays gentle light hues akin to the color of the sunlit sky. Swiss Blue stones boast vibrant and bright hues, while London Blue specimens feature a deep, dark, slightly greenish hue. Along with that, topaz is available in yellow, brown, pink colors and with no color at all. Mystic topaz is a fashion-forward variety of the gem. This multi-colored jewel shimmers with green and purple splashes. Mystic topazes are not found in nature. Basically, they are white topazes coated with a layer of titanium.

November Birthstone, topaz crystal

Magic and Healing Properties of Topaz, November Birthstone

Despite ethereal beauty, topaz has certain insidiousness. It helps achieve prosperity, quickly climb a career ladder, and ensure success in every endeavor. At the same time, its crystal-clear energy reveals lies and mercilessly destroys illusions. This property both helps and simultaneously hinders. An owner of such an honest stone has to be prepared for the harsh and hard-hitting truth. In reward, they will get a more realistic picture of life.

Blue topaz is simply irreplaceable for those seeking enlightenment and spiritual growth. It is an ideal stone for meditation and spiritual practices. According to Ayurveda, blue topaz gives a powerful impetus to develop intellectual abilities and enhance wisdom along with intuition. At the same time, the stone relieves fears and ignites passion. Those familiar with the gem claim that it has the most prominent effect on mature, wise, experienced, and fully developed personalities.

The stunning stone delivers health benefits as well. It affects the nervous system, saves from insomnia and nightmares, and drives away depression. Topaz will become a reliable assistant for everyone who has problems with self-control. Contemplation of its beauty soothes the weak and disturbed psyche. It is also able to reduce the frequency and severity of epileptic seizures.

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November birthstone for sale

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