Beryls are, perhaps, the most alluring of all mineral groups. Look for yourself – it provides precious emeralds and gorgeous aquamarines. Morganite, a smaller brother of the two much-loved gems, is often underestimated and overlooked. But we won’t make this mistake. We appreciate morganites for their gentle pink appearance, brilliance, and commendable hardness. Pick this stone for your jewelry and it will draw looks from near and far.

Morganite Meaning

The History and Meaning of Morganite

Morganite is a semi-precious stone that became known in 1910. The stone got its name a year later and it is associated with the American banker and mineral collector John Pierpont Morgan. Morgan glorified the mineral in the circles of his affluent and powerful friends.

At the same time, the stone has several alternative names. In Russia, it is known as vorobyovite - it is dubbed like this to honor the famous Russian mineralogist Viktor Vorobyov. It was Vorobyov who first discovered this type of beryl in the Ural Mountains. In addition to the above mentioned names, the stone is occasionally called amethyst-balsatine.

In the mid-20th century, there was an attempt to rename morganite to pink emerald. However, despite the fact that this name is correct from the standpoint of gemology, it did not take root. To many, pink emerald sounded too pretentious and pompous.

Morganite Properties

Physicochemical Properties of Morganite

Morganite is one of the colored varieties of beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate aka beryl. This clear gem has the same hardness (7.5 - 8.0 on the Mohs scale) and density (2.6–2.9 g/cm³) as other minerals of the beryl family. At the same time, the gem differs from its counterparts, aquamarine and emerald, in a pastel pink color range that includes pink, orangey-pink, brownish-pink, and peach tints. The color of beryl is associated with such admixtures in its chemical composition as manganese, cesium, iron, and lithium.

Conventionally, morganite’s variety of colors can be divided into warm and cold spectrums. Warm colors feature orange undertones. These are orange-pink, peach, creamy, and brown-pink colors.

Morganites of cold colors lack an orange tint. These colors range from light pink, almost colorless, to deep and vibrant neon pink. Saturated hues are extremely rare and specimens that feature them are on the smaller side. Light pink morganites are more common. Still, minerals of cold shades are less abundant than those providing warm colors; therefore, their value is higher.

You should be very careful when buying vibrant morganites. Chances are that such specimens are radioactive. Inclusions of cesium are responsible for saturated shades, and this element is capable of accumulating and retaining radioactivity.

On the other hand, rich hues can be the result of refining - either a heat treatment or irradiation. These methods are used to eliminate brownish and orangeish tints, shift coloration from a warm color range to a more valuable cold one, as well as improve the quality of color.

Morganite, crystal meaning

Morganite Deposits

The best deposits of pink beryl that provide the largest and most beautiful stones are located in the states of California and Utah (USA), Brazil, and Madagascar. Other well-known mines are found in Namibia, China, Pakistan, Mozambique, Afghanistan, and Russia.

Clear large specimens without defects are very valuable. Their cost can exceed $300 per carat. Today, the cost of natural and refined morganites is virtually the same since it is almost impossible to distinguish heat-treated stones from those colored by nature.

Morganite Deposits and Value

Healing Properties of Morganite

Despite the fact that morganite was discovered only 100 years ago, alternative medicine was able to see its powerful healing potential. Healers claim that the stone has strong vibrations that treat people at an energetic level. Morganite provides a positive effect on the heart and solar plexus chakras. Therefore, it is recommended for people who suffer from nervous system diseases, mental disorders, spiritual exhaustion, and physical fatigue. In addition, the stone lends clarity of mind, relieves tension, and fills the body with vitality.

The healing properties of morganite manifest themselves only if you wear the mineral all the time. Morganite jewelry and talismans help normalize blood pressure and improve the functioning of the heart and vascular system. Along with that, the mineral is capable of treating gynecological diseases. To take advantage of this property, it’s worth wearing the stone in the abdomen area. It will also come in handy to relieve period pain as well as pain in the lower back. Alternative medicine utilizes morganite jewelry to treat colds and respiratory diseases.

Morganite Healing Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Morganite

The Buddhists believe that morganite crystals are of heavenly origin. Allegedly, they are a gift for people designed to remind them of the eternal connection between the earthly and divine principles. The followers of this religion claim that information about the entire universe was encrypted in the hexagon crystal of this mineral.

The Eastern sages believe that the stone can connect the material and spiritual worlds. Therefore, they use morganite to communicate with the cosmos, meditate, and free themselves from mental suffering.

Tibetan monks also take advantage of the power locked in the pink beryl. They consider morganite to be a divine stone emitting life-giving light, which bestows healing and strength to all living things. Along with that, they say that the mineral enriches a person on the spiritual level as well as shows them their true path in life and reveals their destiny.

As a talisman, morganite is ideal for Libra, as well as for the signs of the water element - Pisces, Cancers, and Scorpions. In the possession of these zodiac signs, the stone realizes its potential to the fullest.

Morganite, Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

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