Andalusite beads wholesale

Andalusite Information

Andalusite has a very marked pleochroism. The strong pleochroism of this gem presents the three following colors: ochre, olive green, and brownish-red. Depending on the orientation of the gem, yellow, red, or green tones are more pronounced, often giving the magical impression that the stone sparkles by changing color when moved by light. Andalusite is also famous for being a very rare gem material.

Features of Andalusite Beads

Crystallography: Orthorhombic Mohs hardness: 6.5-7.5 Birthstone: --- Typical treatments: --- Occurrence: Brazil


Andalusite , Roundel1strand: Approx 40.5carats 1pc Size: Approx 3-3.5x3-3.5x2mm Hole size: Approx 0.5mm around
Andalusite , MarquisePlease select the size from the pull-down. [S size] 1strand: Approx 24carats, Approx 26-28pcs 1pc: Approx...
Andalusite , Roundel 1strand: Approx 45.5carats 1pc Size: Approx 3.5-4.5x3.5-4.5x1.5-2mm
Andalusite , Faceted Briolette, Chestnut Shape Please select the size from the pull-down. [S size] 1strand: Approx 65carats,...
Andalusite , Nugget1strand: Approx 52carats, Approx 62-68pcs 1pc: Approx 4-12x3-6x2-5mm [Size Gradation] Hole size: Approx 0.5mm
Andalusite , Pear Shape1strand: Approx 45carats, Approx 80pcs 1 pc: Approx 5-7 x 3 - 4 x 2...