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Malachite : Properties and Meaning、Value


One glance and you’ll keep the memory of this stone forever. Thanks to its unique swirly beauty, you won’t confuse malachite with any other mineral. Malachite patterns are like flowers sprouting through rocks. It is not for nothing that the name of the stone came from the Greek μολχα meaning mallow. Indeed, its rich green color resembles mallow leaves.

Malachite Properties

The History of Malachite

That being said, experts don't seem to agree on the origins of the stone’s name. According to another version, the word malachite refers to the Greek μαλακ?ς (malokos) meaning soft. It is true, malachite is a fairly soft stone.

Fortunately, malachite deposits were found far beyond Greece. One of the oldest archaeological finds featuring malachite was made in Jericho. Archaeologists unearthed malachite beads that are more than 9,000 years old. The ancient Egyptians mined malachite in the Suez mines 6,000 years ago. The swirly stone became an indispensable element of jewelry, it was ground to obtain green pigment (Cleopatra is said to used malachite powder as eye shadow), healers prized it for its ability to soothe stomach pains, and shamans revered it as a talisman protecting against evil spirits.

Malachite is perhaps the most Russian of all gems. The fame of Russia-made malachite handicrafts (vases, boxes, snuff boxes, etc.) spread all over Europe in the 18th century. Ladies from aristocratic families craved malachite jewelry. Craftsmen selected the most vibrant stones for making jewelry and handicrafts. The stones which look wasn’t on a par with the best specimens were melted into copper for the manufacture of bells, cannons, and other weapons.

Malachite meaning and properties

Physical Properties of Malachite

It may seem weird that malachite was used to obtain copper. However, if you learn its chemical composition, everything will fall into place. Malachite is hydrated copper carbonate, a sedimentary residue of highly mineralized groundwater. Washing copper ore, the water turns into a saturated solution of copper salts. After getting into the cavities of rocky soil, water seeps out and the copper sediment remains. Little by little, sediment forms malachite layers. Each kilogram of malachite contains 570 grams of easily extractable copper.

The color of malachite ranges through all shades of green from barely there to almost black. The stone’s patterns are mind-blowing - bundles, needle balls, beams, waves, and even prismatic or lamellar crystals. Luxurious, opaque, with a matte sheen and silky texture, malachite is truly a noble stone.

Malachite is a soft gemstone featuring 3.5-4.0 on the Mohs Scale. On the one hand, this softness ensures the ease of processing. On the other hand, it makes malachite vulnerable to impacts. In addition, the green gem must be protected from chemicals, especially acid and ammonia, as they are capable of dissolving it.

Malachite as a Talisman

Malachite, cabochons for ring

An ancient legend says that malachite breaks into small pieces when it wants to warn its owner about an impending threat. Hence, it becomes a guard and patron for people believing in its powers. It brings the most benefits to children, protecting them from harm and enhancing its powers as they grow up.

Malachite is the stone of entrepreneurs. If you set a malachite amulet in the office or study, you can improve sales, make wise decisions, and ensure prosperity for your business.

It is also believed that malachite gives inspiration to people of art. It allows writers, poets, artists, sculptors, etc. see new perspectives and gives them more energy to create. Malachite, like any other dark green mineral, greatly enhances the spiritual strength of a person who owns it. It helps activate a sense of harmony and brings happiness. When choosing malachite as a talisman, you should keep in mind that the most bizarre and complex patterns ensure the greatest power.

Healing Properties of Malachite

Malachite, gemstone beads for necklace

Medieval alchemists relied on malachite to produce the elixir of life. They say that it had the most magical effect on the human body. The elixir’s recipe has been kept secret and not yet been disclosed. The only thing that is known for sure is that its ingredients were mixed in malachite bowls.

Modern healers widely use malachite to treat a variety of skin diseases. Malachite bracelets help remove allergic rashes and redness. Malachite earrings and necklaces will come in handy for every woman since they can even out the skin tone. Lithotherapy experts recommend wearing malachite beads to enhance hair growth. Besides that, the gemstone helps alleviate the symptoms of bronchial asthma. Back in the day, our ancestors used malachite rings to battle cholera and plague, as well as treat rheumatism. The green stone is believed to provide a beneficial effect on the psyche. In particular, it tackles insomnia and headaches as well as improves mental conditions.

Malachite treatment is prescribed to improve vision and concentration. It also contributes to curing stomach and intestinal tract diseases. Traditionally, light green stones are used to improve the operation of the heart and lungs. If you have issues with the cardiovascular system, experts suggest wearing malachite pendants or large rings on the left hand.

The Value of Malachite

Although today most malachite for sale comes from Cogno, the mineral is available in abundance in mines throughout the world. In other words, it is not rare meaning its price is available to everyone. However, the value of the stone varies greatly and it depends on the following factors: stone size, pattern, color vibrancy, chatoyancy (cat's eye effect), etc. The more saturated the color and the more distinct the layered pattern, the more expensive the stone is. On top of that, stones that combine malachite and other copper-based inclusions offering high aesthetic qualities are often more expensive.

Cutting also affects the value of malachite. Cabochons with both a perfectly polished texture and regular shape are valued much higher than irregular beads. Besides cabochons, jewelry making supply delivers faceted stones, although they are less common due to inherent softness and fragility.

Malachite Value

Malachite for Sale

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