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Topaz: Meaning, Properties, and Value


Topaz is a gemstone appreciated by jewelers, adored by gem enthusiasts, and highly valued by healers. It is also a powerful talisman! Thanks to versatile metaphysician and healing properties and irresistible look, the mineral cemented its status as a sought-after asset. Once topazes embellished king’s crowns but now they are affordable to anyone. Let’s take a closer look at the gem which history started thousands of years ago.

Topaz, The History and Meaning

There are several hypotheses about the origin of the word topaz. One of the versions says that ‘topas’ means fire or heat in Sanskrit. Another version explains that topaz was named after the island of Topazios (the modern names are Zabargad and St. John's) located in the Red Sea. The first known topaz deposits were found specifically on this island. According to the third version, the stone’s name originated from the Greek "topazos", which means "search".
The first items featuring topaz were made by primitive people. It’s likely that our distant ancestors used the mineral as a tool since it was shaped as thin narrow plates. When people learned how to cut topaz, it became one of the most prized and valued gems. It was incorporated into the crowns and headdresses of kings and sultans. Topaz is among the twelve stones that adorned the mentioned in the Bible pectoral of the high priest Aaron.
One of the first to describe topaz was Pliny the Elder in his "Natural History". Today, however, experts are inclined to believe that the mineral he talked about was chrysolite.

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Topaz Metaphysicochemical Properties

Topaz is an aluminum silicate with the chemical formula Al2 [SiO4] (F, OH)2. It is a high-density transparent crystal featuring a signature glassy luster. On the Mohs scale, its hardness corresponds to 8.0, i.e. it is a fairly hard and strong mineral.
The most common color of topaz is blue, although it can come in many shades. Some samples boast pleochroism that is an ability to change color at different viewing angles. For instance, blue stones may become green or colorless while yellow ones acquire red or orange highlights. Topazes cut en cabochon can also display the cat’s eye effect.
Among the most valuable and rare colors are yellow, green, orange, brown-red, and pink. That being said, most brightly colored gems have been treated with either high temperature (450-500 °С) or irradiation. For example, brown topazes are heated to produce pink or yellow stones. Other ways to refine the mineral are surface dying or applying a thin film of precious metal.

Topaz properties

Topaz Types and Colors

Blue is the most common and recognizable natural color of topaz. There are three different types of blue depending on their shade and saturation.
Sky Blue topaz showcases a natural light blue color courtesy of titanium ions. It can also be created artificially out of colorless specimens through heating or irradiation.

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Swiss Blue topaz offers a rich shade of blue. The color has an artificial origin. It appears as the result of neutron or electron irradiation.

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London Blue topaz is also a product of irradiation. It is known for its dark blue color with tints of gray or green.
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The second most common color of the mineral is yellow. Such topazes exhibit straw, champagne, light brown, and even greenish shades. Because the yellow variety is plentiful, it is fairly budget-friendly.

White topaz (Colorless topaz) or silvery topaz is also widespread in nature. The price of such stones is on the lower end. Clear colorless gems frequently undergo refinement to obtain a certain color.

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Imperial topaz is a group of luxurious gemstones. Their colors range through pink, yellow-orange, yellow-brown, and cognac. Only gems colored by nature can be called imperial.

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The internet offers a plentitude of gems termed rauchtopaz. They deliver a smoky brown color, which is reflected in their name – rauch means smoky. Despite the fact that these gems are referred to as topaz, they have nothing to do with it. In fact, they are quartz. This means that they are cheaper and softer than genuine topaz.

If you are looking for scintillating gemstones, you cannot ignore mystic topaz. This is a trade name of natural topazes exposed to radiation and complemented with a thin layer of titanium or gold. The resulting jewel is surprisingly vibrant and rainbow-colored.

topaz meaning

Along with natural and artificially enhanced topazes, you can benefit from gems grown in a laboratory. Nano topaz, for instance, is synthesized using a hydrothermal method. A created crystal has a look and properties similar to that of natural gems. The thing it won’t have is impurities or imperfections. On the other hand, it will lack healing and metaphysical powers.

The Value of Topaz

Topaz belongs to the class of semi-precious stones. Therefore, it features an affordable price. The most expensive are natural minerals of yellow, blue, or pink colors aka imperial topaz. Their price often exceeds $100 per carat. As a rule, saturated colors are associated with a higher value. Clarity, cut, and flawlessness also affect the price.
Created or enhanced topazes, despite their rich colors, are much cheaper than their natural counterparts.
The best cut for topaz is a 57-faceted circle. It is able to reveal the brilliance and play of light in the mineral. Specimens with visible inclusions are normally transformed into smooth cabochons.

Topaz value

Topaz Healing Properties

Healers use topaz to cure gastrointestinal diseases and ulcers. They also believe that this stone can improve the taste. They recommend decorating utensils and dished with the mineral. On top of that, topaz is able to protect against colds and improve immunity. Apart from that, it has a calming effect helpful in the treatment of mental and neurological disorders.
They say that topaz amulets are capable of boosting fertility. This makes them a go-to choice for childless couples. Blue crystals promote wound healing and have hemostatic properties. Topaz worn around the neck can relieve pulmonary diseases.

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Topaz Magical Properties

Topaz is a stone of prudence, friendship, spiritual purity, and joy. It instills hope and optimism as well as helps eliminate depression and bad thoughts. Since ancient times, blue topaz has been a talisman of sailors. They say that it is able to calm storms and protects travelers from hardship.
Yellow topaz is a stone of enlightenment, happiness, and prosperity. Pink stones attract love. Blue gems enhance intuition and grant foresight.

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