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Rose Quartz – The Embodiment of Romance

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, like no other stone, is able to evoke gentle emotions. It is not as passionate as a garnet, not as vibrant as a ruby, not as sultry as tourmaline. Instead, it is romanticism itself. The feeling it represents is not yet love. Rather, it’s the anticipation of love. This modest mineral might not be the most impressive of all gems but if you give it enough time, you will inevitably succumb to its charm.

Rose Quartz Meaning and History

Rose quartz is steeped in legends and myths. Some of them link the pink mineral to the most beautiful feeling in the world, love. Others talk about harmony and balance.
One of these myths says that rose quartz is a gift from the god of love Eros. The stone was supposed to teach people compassion, peace, and gratitude. The deity wanted people to live peacefully, which is simply impossible without love for one another. The delicate pink color of the gem is easy to explain – it symbolizes tenderness and love.
Another legend tells the story of a mortal man Adonis and the goddess Aphrodite. They loved each other so much that they forgot that they belonged to different worlds. But god Ares, who wanted to have Aphrodite to himself, tore the lovers apart. He killed Adonis and fenced his body with a thorny shrub. Aphrodite tried to get through the shrub to hug her loved one for the last time. Adonis’ and Aphrodite’s blood fell to the ground and turned into rose quartz, a symbol of eternal love.
Do you want another love story that explains the origin of rose quartz? Here it is. Two young people from different classes fell in love with each other. Their parents wanted them to marry “equal" citizens but the paramours preferred to die than to live without their true and only love. After their death, beautiful roses, the witnesses of their love, petrified and became rose quartz.
Not all ancient civilizations considered rose quartz to be a representation of feelings. Some of them believed that the pink gem was the petrified juice of Mother Earth herself. Its mission was to encourage everyone to live in harmony with the beauty of nature.

Rose Quartz gemstone for jewelry

Rose Quartz MetaPhysical Properties and Chemical Properties

Although quartz is one of the most common minerals, its rose variation is quite rare. When we say rose, we imply a variety of delicate colors from milky-pink to lilac-red. The color depends on the inclusions of titanium, manganese, or iron. When being exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet radiation, the mineral loses the intensity of its color, and when it is heated over the temperature of 300 C, it becomes colorless. Most of the crystals are cloudy and covered with a web of cracks. Some specimens have dark areas that occur because quartz crystals grow into each other. Perfect specimens with clear edges are hard to come by.
Some rose quartz stones boast asterism. They display a six-pointed shimmering star that appears due to inclusions of rutile. There is also cat's eye quartz that carries the so-called central eye. It is similar to asterism but has a single beam.
Rose quartz earns 7.0 points on the Mohs scale meaning it is a pretty hard mineral. At the same time, the stone is fragile. Due to this brittleness, large transparent stones are rarely given faceted cuts. More often than not, they are cut en cabochon.

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Where is Rose Quartz From?

Rose quartz is mined alongside rock crystals and other minerals. The largest deposits are located in Madagascar. On top of that, production is carried out in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Poland, Russia, Japan, Kazakhstan, India, the USA, and Brazil. Depending on the deposit, the color of quartz may vary from milky pink interspersed with white to purple.

Star Rose Quartz cabochons for ring

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

The mild healing energy of the stone is able to alleviate the symptoms of various mental disorders. As you contemplate rose quartz, you can tame anxiety, steady your nerves, flush bad thoughts out of your mind, and forget about all the things that make you nervous. To enhance the calming effect and make it long-lasting, you should sleep with the stone under your pillow.
Healers and lithotherapists claim that rose quartz jewelry is beneficial to women. It is because it positively affects the reproductive system, improves well-being during pregnancy, and reduces the risk of post-pregnancy depression.
Besides that, rose quartz is capable of speeding up bone regeneration. Its pain suppression ability is very helpful in rheumatism treatment. The healing action of the gem is pretty versatile. It will come in handy to normalize the operation of the heart muscle, brain, kidneys, and gastrointestinal gland.
Due to its beneficial impact on the cardiovascular system, rose quartz is ‘prescribed’ to individuals who suffered a heart attack. The gem is also of good use if you often use a computer. Its positive energy neutralizes harmful radiation and reduces eyestrain.

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Rose Quartz for Sale

Rose Quartz Magic Properties

Rose quartz is an excellent conductor of feelings and romance. Using this property, our ancestors tried to enhance their appeal and attractiveness in the eyes of a beholder. As a symbol of love, the gem helps find a soul mate and live happily ever after.
Besides that, rose quartz is a powerful opponent of negative energy. It helps get rid of sadness and brings optimism. If you’re looking for harmony with the world around and peace of mind, you can fully rely on this beautiful gem. On top of that, soft vibrations that the mineral radiates are able to enhance such qualities as kindness, forgiveness, thoughtfulness, compassion, etc. The stone’s optimism-evoking properties are so strong that it is not recommended to wear it every day. Otherwise, there is a risk that you stop taking life seriously.
Apart from that, rose quartz is able to impact its owner’s emotions. It helps cope with stress and old mental traumas. With its help, you can resolve internal conflicts and stop worrying about little things. Not for nothing is rose quartz called the healer of the soul and heart.
This crystal is also an ideal talisman for creative people. Its energy will assist to get the right mood when creating something new.

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Rose Quartz for Jewelry making

Rose Quartz for Sale

Rose quartz is an excellent gift to a woman in your life. As a symbol of love, it will become a meaningful talisman or a highlight of custom-made jewelry. KenKenGems supplies a great variety of gems she’ll love to wear. Pink hearts, ethereal tear-drop pendants, beads, loose stones, and many more options await you in our catalog. Exceptionally beautiful, they please the eye and are easy on your pocket.

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