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About Lemon Quartz

Lemon Quartz

Its juicy, filled with sunshine, color won’t leave you cold. Lemon quartz captivates with the brilliance of its facets and unsurpassed clarity. It combines the creativity of Mother Nature and the achievement of technological progress. Without further ado, let us prove to you that this gem is worthy of your collection.

Lemon Quartz Meaning, Properties

The History and Meaning of Lemon Quartz

Quartz is one of the most widespread minerals on Earth. It is available in so many colors that it’s impossible to count them. Yellow is one of them. The stone turns yellow because ions of iron hydroxide or iron oxide penetrate its crystal lattice.

Yellow quartz and lemon quartz are not the same stone, although they are related. The latter doesn’t really occur naturally. It is a result of irradiation and melting yellow quartz, amethyst, and iron minerals at high temperatures. Stones that occur during this process boast vibrant coloration that resembles fresh lemon peel, hence the name. Although saturated yellow is its statement color, the mineral can show a variety of citrus-like hues including green yellow, orange, orange-brown, and reddish. Some specimens even boast pleochroism, which is an ability to showcase different colors when a stone is viewed at different angles or under different lighting conditions. A particular color depends on the origin of quartz and other minerals used in the process. Brazilian quartz provides the signature lemon yellow color.

The history of lemon quartz begins in the late 20th century when gemologist Mark Liccini experimented with irradiation and heat-treatment of gemstones. The vibrant variety of quartz he obtained was called Ouro Verde, which means green gold in Portuguese. This is one of many trade names of lemon quartz. It is also known as lemon citrine, faux citrine, yellow quartzite, lemon topaz, Sun Stone, Light Stone, Apricosin, and the Coyote Stone.

It is not uncommon to confuse yellow and lemon quartz. Besides dissimilar occurrences, they provide different shades of yellow – the natural stone has a gentler, pale color. One more mineral that looks similar to lemon quartz is citrine. The majority of citrine stones are heated amethysts, although the stone can be found in nature. Specimens that emerged naturally are usually pale, and treated ones are brighter, with a barely noticeable reddish tint. That being said, many gem traders don’t really recognize lemon quartz in its own right. Rather, they use this name to refer to yellow quartz and citrine. Price-wise, all three stones are in the same range but they provide different properties.

Lemon Quartz, the Meaning

Metaphysical Properties of Lemon Quartz

Just like any stone of the large quartz family, lemon quartz is comprised of silicon dioxide. Its light refraction and transparency are almost ideal. Its luster is usually glassy, although specimens with a waxy surface exist as well. The mineral has an above-average hardness (7 on the Mohs scale), so you can incorporate it into rings, everyday jewelry, let alone pendants, necklaces, and earrings.

Its lemon yellow color results from a combination of three factors: iron admixtures naturally found in raw materials, heating, and irradiation. The latter is also responsible for the incredible brilliance of faceted gems.

Lemon quartz is piezoelectric and pyroelectric. When being exposed to voltage, pressure, or mechanical stressors (piezoelectricity) as well as heating (pyroelectricity), it is able to generate an electric charge.

While the majority of lemon quartz specimens are clear, some of them are translucent. Very rare, these non-transparent stones can display an optical phenomenon of chatoyancy or asterism. Both effects occur due to shimmering particles in the crystals of the minerals. The difference is that chatoyancy, otherwise known as cat’s eye, is a glimmering streak and asterism is a six or eight-pointed star.

Lemon Quartz, the Properties

Healing Properties of Lemon Quartz

Despite the fact that lemon quartz is a man-made gem, it is not deprived of healing and metaphysical virtues. On the contrary, it combines the beneficial properties of the stones that made it - quartz and amethyst.

Lithotherapists recommend getting lemon quartz if you suffer from frequent headaches, experience heart problems, have weakened immune systems, and are often under the weather. Items made of this stone put around your house will contribute to the overall health and well-being of all family members.

All varieties of quartz have antiseptic and rejuvenating properties. They made it possible for the mineral to be used as a filter for water purification and disinfection, as well as for cosmetic purposes and as an integral part of medical devices. Washing with quartz-infused water helps improve the condition of the skin, gives it elasticity, and removes imperfections such as inflammation or fine lines. Along with that, quartz minerals bolster the protective function of the body as well as increase its resistance to viral and infectious diseases.

It is also believed that lemon quartz has a beneficial effect on the digestive system as a whole and intestine in particular. It helps normalize gut microbiota, and this is the key to good health and strong immunity. Plus, the stone is of use for those who want to increase cognitive function, improve focus, and get rid of hyperactivity.

Lemon Quartz, Healing Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Lemon Quartz

Lemon quartz is able to store solar energy. It assists spiritual development, contributes to developing cheerfulness and finding inner harmony. As an amulet, the stone will prevent negative energy from affecting its wearer. It will hide them from the evil eye and negative emotions. Not only does it block adversity around its owner but also removes negativity from their thoughts, aids to cope with stress, relieves anxiety and depression, strengthens self-confidence, as well as brings peace of mind.

Esotericists claim that quartz, in combination with other precious crystals, contributes to the development of telepathic and parapsychological abilities, and can also predict the future. They also say that the stone helps its owner look into the depths of the spiritual world and comprehend it.

Besides that, lemon quartz promotes clarity of mind, helps in making important decisions, and shows who your real friends are. The mineral is often associated with good fortune. It is ‘prescribed’ to sensitive and insecure people. Make sure to choose lemon quartz in a silver setting because this precious metal enhances its positive vibrations.

Lemon Quartz Loose stones, its metaphysical properties

Lemon Quartz for Sale

This cheerful and brilliant gem deserves to complement your mineral collection. It will also come in handy for those who seek eye-catching inserts for their custom jewelry. KenKenGems meets the needs of both categories of buyers. Large one-of-a-kind lemon quartz stones will look exquisite should you put them on display. Beads made of this mineral lend themselves to crafting necklaces and bracelets. We also supply a wide selection of loose stones for your creative endeavors as well as pendants set in gold and silver for jewelry that packs a powerful punch.

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