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Angelite – A Delicate Mineral of Ethereal Beauty


Angelite can boast neither great hardness nor long history. Its potential in jewelry-making is very limited - if you don’t treat it right, it will turn into gypsum. Nevertheless, fashionistas and gemstone connoisseurs are vying to get their hands on a specimen of this stone. The secret is its ethereal beauty. Sky-blue, with angel wing patterns, angelite looks as if it had descended from heaven.

Angelite stone, the history and meaning

The History and Meaning of Angelite

The mineral was first discovered in the Alps, nearby the Austrian town of Tirol, to be exact. After studying these specimens, gemologists came to the conclusion that they were a variety of anhydrite. Back then, the blue stone was of little interest. Everything changed in 1987 when the mineral was found in South America. Pale blue Peruvian specimens accompanied other minerals in deposit fields.

According to the official classification of minerals, the stone is called anhydrite. However, marketers felt that stones with such a dissonant name would be difficult to sell. That’s why they suggested another name - angelite. Continuing the centuries-old tradition of using dead languages to dub minerals, they banked on the ancient Greek "aggelos" meaning angel or angelic. The word refers to the mineral's most common color, light blue, associated with the sky and white veins resembling angel wings.

Researchers believe that angelite has been known to mankind for many centuries. Unfortunately, there is no material evidence for their assumptions due to the softness and fragility of the mineral. Today, angelite is used to create various jewelry items, accessories, crafts, souvenirs, household items, etc.

Angelite Crystal Properties

Metaphysico-Chemical Properties of Angelite

Angelite is a modification of anhydrous calcium sulfate. It occurs as a fine-grained mass but may also have a prismatic shape or coalesced crystals on a substrate. The origin of the stone is sedimentary - it is the result of dehydration of gypsum rocks. A prolonged introduction to water reverses this process and angelite transforms into gypsum. The mineral absorbs moisture, increases in size, and loses its luster. Speaking of luster, it can be pearly, waxy, and glassy.

Like other varieties of anhydrite, angelite is a soft mineral with a hardness of 3.0 or 3.5 on the Mohs scale. Accordingly, the stone is easily scratched. This circumstance, as well as intolerance to water, makes the mineral unsuitable for everyday jewelry, especially rings, unless they are covered with protective enamel. Along with that, angelite is an outstanding option for necklaces, earrings, and pendants since its sky-blue color draws attention from near and far.

To distinguish between angelite and anhydrite, the former is applied to blue or gray-blue specimens, while the latter can have, in addition to the above colors, lilac, beige, and even reddish hues. At the same time, the colors are not uniform, they are grainy or feathery interspersed with patches of white, milky, or light gray.

Angelite metaphysical properties

Deposits and Price of Angelite

Large deposits of angelite are found in the USA, Peru, smaller ones are in Italy, Chile, Mexico, and Austria. That being said, the stone is far from being widespread. Nevertheless, it is not very expensive. A strand of AAA round stones costs less than 10 dollars in our store.

Angelite price and deposit

Healing Properties of Angelite

There is little information about the healing properties of this stone. After all, it’s been around for a little over 30 years. What we can tell for sure is that it has a positive effect on the nervous system and mental state. Most importantly, it helps you believe in the result of treatment, and that’s half the battle to defeat your ailments. The mineral also facilitates neurohumoral regulation, which results in strengthening immunity as well as improving the body's defense mechanisms and its ability to resist diseases.

Lithotherapists believe that the stone causes pain. But do not jump to a conclusion - it does not want to harm you. On the contrary, it lets you know that something is not ok with your health thus helping discover illnesses at early stages.

Angelite, the healing properties

Metaphysical Properties of Angelite

Angelite is a fragile, soft, and short-lived mineral but these qualities don’t diminish its magical powers. Astrologers claim that the stone is a link between a person and a heavenly patron. To ensure its help and protection, you should perform a simple ritual using angelite. Warm it in your palms and say: "My guarding angel, be with me. You are ahead, I am behind you". After that, you can ask it to fulfill your desire. But remember that the stone can make only one wish come true, so choose carefully.

If you don’t have a particular request to angelite, it will serve you well as a talisman that attracts good into your life. At the same time, if you have evil intentions, bad thoughts, or you don’t treat people right, the stone isn’t going to help you. It will rather use its powers against you.

Angelite is a patron saint of newborn babies. Pit it in a cradle and it will protect a baby from adversity, negativity, and evil. It will also ensure its development as a compassionate, kind, and good-natured person.

Angelite metaphysical properties

Angelite for Sale

If you’re interested in exclusivity but don’t want to pay a lofty price, angelite is the right thing. You don’t have to break the bank to purchase high-quality angelite beads or one-of-a-kind stones. Here, at KenKenGems, we have beautiful bead strands that cost under 10 dollars. We also provide half-strands and loose stones cut en cabochon and faceted (such as cubes or round cuts). Along with that, we are happy to offer fancy cuts including angel wings, carved drops, hearts, roses, and others. No matter what you choose, unparalleled quality, competitive price, and fast shipping are guaranteed.

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