What kind of store is kenkengems.com?
kenkengems.com is an online store that mainly sells gemstone beads, and jewelry making supplies.We deliver high quality gemstone beads selected by professional buyers from Japan to all over the world!...Read more
Why is kenkengems.com trusted by so many customers?
First,we actually go to many stone factory and check the quality of our products at that location.
Secondly, we buy in bulk from stone mills to sell our products at wholesale prices. We sell both corporate and individual orders at the wholesale prices shown on our site.
Finally, our store uses Shopify, a great ecommerce platform that is highly rated by the world. We also accept Paypal and Stripe credit card payments. Therefore,We are never in contact with the customer's financial credentials, such as billing information.  
How do I place an order?
Browse the site until you find a product you like.
Select the size and other options that apply to your product.
Press the "Add to Cart" button.
Continue browsing and repeat for each product you wish to purchase.
When ready to purchase a product, navigate to the cart button in the top right corner of the website, accessible from all pages.
Proceed to checkout to make your payment and place your order.

Enter your billing and shipping addresses. If they are the same, you will be prompted to enter only one of them.
Enter a secure payment method, either PayPal or credit card.
Can you ship worldwide?
We can ship all over the world.
All products will be shipped from Japan using FEDEX and DHL.
Please contact us if your country is not in the checkout process.
How much is the shipping fee?
Shipping fees are based on the weight of the product and vary by destination country and shipping company. Please check our shipping page for details. >>Shipping infomation

All our products are shipped to you from Japan.
Will I need to pay taxes and customs fees?
Importation of products from Japan may be subject to taxes and customs fees in the country of destination.
These additional costs are the responsibility of the customer.
The price of the product, excluding shipping charges, will appear on the invoice.
I would like to cancel my order, how can I do that?
We do not accept cancellations of orders. Please make sure you do not make a mistake in the number or size of your order.
How can I return my order?
We do not accept returns unless there is a serious defect in the product or shipping.
Please check our return policy for more information.
>>Return policy
What should I do if I don't receive my order?
Check your tracking number on the carrier's website. If the situation is undeliverable there is a possibility of customs trouble, please contact us with the shipping company in your country.You can check the tracking number in the shipping email or in My Account.
One or several items have been broken during the delivery.
We pack tightly, but if there is any damage in transit, please contact customer service. Please send us a image so that we can check the damage and we can respond smoothly.
The quantity of items I received is different from the order.
If this has happened to you, please accept our apology. Please contact us and we will fix it as soon as possible. 
How do I contact customer service?
If you have any comments or requests, please feel free to contact us by email or "Contact US" form.
email: shop@kenkengems.com

Questions about sales units and notations

About the length of beaded products.
Most bead products are sold by the "strand".1 strand varies in length depending on the product.Product titles are followed by a description of 1strand, such as "(aprx.15inch / 38cm)".
About sales units such as half strand, 1/4 strand, etc.
We offer a more minimal unit of sale than 1strand, half the length of 1strand and a quarter, giving our customers a wider range of choices. And we also sell 5strand/10strand sets, and those are at a higher discount. Please select the sales unit from the pull-down menu on the product page.
Do you have wholesale pricing or special offers for businesses?
We are a wholesaler, so the prices listed on our site are wholesale prices. As a rule, we do not offer discounts or special offers. However, if our inventory cannot accommodate your order, or for large orders of 100str or more or 5000USD or more, please contact us using the Contact Us form.
What is the country of origin of each stone?
Stones whose value changes depending on where they are mined are listed with their country of origin in the product title. Stones that can be mined in multiple regions of the world or whose value does not change depending on where they are mined are not listed. However, typical mining locations are listed in the stone's description on the collection page.
What is the material of the metal parts without the material listed?
Most products labeled "metal parts" have a copper alloy core. 18KGP and 925 silver rhodium plating is applied to the copper alloy in most cases.