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[Video][One of a kind] Labradorite Sphere, Round 69mm 1pc NO.30[Video][One of a kind] Labradorite Sphere, Round 69mm 1pc NO.30
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[Video] Labradorite AAA- Round 10-11mm Bracelet[Video] Labradorite AAA- Round 10-11mm Bracelet
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About Labradorite


Labradorite is a stone of mystery, enigma, and paradoxes. It was found in North America a little over two centuries ago but ancient legends pinpoint that mankind knew about the gem long before the discovery of the New World.

History of Labradorite

The stone has been a magnet for looks since antiquity. The ancient Greeks, who brought it from Finland, were delighted with its extraordinary radiance. They also noticed its incredible magical power.

The official history of the mineral begins only in 1770 after a deposit on the Labrador Peninsula in Canada was found. Geologists carried out a purposeful search for the gems because they were widespread among the indigenous population. Labrador natives used iridescent stones as jewelry and attributes for their rituals. When asked where they found such beautiful jewels, the Labrador aborigines replied that they had simply picked them up from the ground.

The stone displaying every color of the rainbow immediately sparked the interest of fashionistas. Labradorite-embellished earrings and necklaces appeared in the jewelry arsenal of every self-respecting European beauty. In England, the gem was considered the best choice for young ladies. Eventually, labradorite became as popular as pearls.

Labradorite cabochon

Physical Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite is a rock with a rare iridescence quality, i.e. it displays a multitude of glowing colors similar to gasoline in the water or an interior of a mollusk shell. This iridescence is so unique that it got its own name, labradorescence. The sparkling colors range from light blue to deep purple and green. This optical effect gives the stone a rich and luxurious texture.

From a geologic point of view, labradorite is one of the varieties of granite. It has a coarse-grained structure and a large number of plagioclase inclusions. Plagioclase has the largest share in its composition (50-70%), the rest is silicon dioxide, quartz, pyroxene, feldspar, and others.

The gem has a volcanic origin. It belongs to the class of igneous rocks formed during the period of volcanic activity. It is none other than solidified lava that acquired its statement structure due to a variety of sediments.

The combination of medium hardness (6.0 on the Mohs scale), ease of cutting, and a high aesthetic value make it very popular with jewelers and gem collectors. Raw labradorite stones don’t look particularly impressive. However, give them a proper cut and they’ll exhibit their statement schiller in full measure.Labradorite round beads

Types of Labradorite

In its pure form, plagioclase, the main component of labradorite, is extremely rare. Typically, plagioclase is surrounded by a tightly welded array of crystalline inclusions. The number and nature of these inclusions define labradorite’s color and texture.


Sunstone is transparent or translucent labradorite boasting pretty shimmer courtesy of hematite inclusions. Staying true to its name, this stone features a wide range of warm colors – yellow, red, orange, etc.


Spectrolite is a rare and luxurious variety of labradorite mined in Finland. It is known for lots of iridescent components and a gorgeous play of light. Its name suggests that the stone showcases a wide spectrum of colors.

Rainbow moonstone

Rainbow moonstone carries shimmering colors encapsulated within a blue stone. They are mined only in Madagascar, that’s why they are otherwise known as Madagascar Moonstones.


Andesine is a clear or translucent jewel offering a wide range of yellow and reddish shades. It is not exactly labradorite although its trade name is Red Labradorite. To make it look similar to the stone, it is artificially enhanced.

Spectrolite Labradorite from Finland

Labradorite Value

Impurities in gems tend to decrease their value. However, this is not the case with labradorite. It is these tiny inclusions that let the stone display its unique shimmering radiance. The more light-reflecting admixtures a specimen has, the stronger its labradorescence.

Labradorite for sale is available in clear and opaque varieties. The latter is more valuable since it provides the most stunning play of colors. That being said, a proper cut can help realize the potential of transparent stones to the fullest. Clear jewelry-grade gems normally boast sheen-enhancing multifaceted cuts while opaque counterparts look the most impressive as cabochons. Overall, labradorite is an affordable gem so even the most gorgeous specimens won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Blue labradorite for necklace

Healing Properties of Labradorite

Labradorite’s potential to heal diseases and health conditions is tremendous. Folk healers use it to treat cardiovascular diseases, disorders of metabolic processes, and arthritis. Besides that, the gem is able to unclog blood vessels, remove toxins, promote fracture healing, cure infertility, and alleviate rheumatic pains. It is also popular with lithotherapists to treat severe eye diseases, especially those leading to loss of vision (namely, cataracts and glaucoma). On top of that, the iridescent gemstone has a therapeutic effect on the central nervous system. With its help, you are able to treat insomnia and relieve stress.

Magic Properties of Labradorite

Our ancestors believed that labradorite was the reflection of the dark side of the moon. Hence, it was filled with its magic. According to ancient Greeks, the stone was a gift from the Hyperboreans, mythical people who once inhabited the Earth. They gave the gem a unique property - it endows good people with happiness and prosperity but punishes those who seed evil.

People have noticed that as the new moon approaches, labradorite starts emitting stronger radiance and its colors get more vibrant. This time of the month, the stone is the most powerful.

To take its powers one step further, you should consider setting labradorite in silver. It is a stone of mature people. Those under the age of thirty are unlikely to feel its beneficial effect. But if you're past your thirty, you can rely on the gem to facilitate self-development, including personal growth and the expansion of consciousness. Labradorite talismans are the best bet for creative individuals and those who face risk daily (stunts, police officers, firefighters, etc.

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Labradorite carving cabochon for ring

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