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Peridot is as old as Egyptian pyramids and Sumerian ziggurats. This stone once belonged to Nero, one of the most glorious Roman emperors. It is believed that it helped the ruler contemplate historical events and solve the most challenging tasks. Today, you don’t need to rule empires to get your hands on peridot. With KenKenGems, this fascinating gem is affordable to everyone.

The History and Meaning of Peridot

The word peridot goes back to the Greek ‘peridona’, which means ‘bringing abundance. There is one more version explaining the name’s origin. It says that period has Arabic roots and is probably a derivative from the word ‘faridat’ referring to any precious stone.
Peridot is a gem of many names. Its varieties are known as forsterites, Kashmir-peridots, chrysolites, and olivines. It was once believed that peridot and olivine were different minerals. However, after studying the properties of both gemstones, gemologists came to the conclusion that they are the same mineral.
Peridot crystals are found around the world but most frequently, they occur in volcanic rocks. Not so long ago, peridot inclusions were detected in meteorites. For the first time, water-polished gems were found in mountain streams. Matte, rounded, with a pleasant greenish hue, they resembled olive fruits; hence their name olivine.
Not far from the coast of the Red Sea, there lies an Egyptian island of Zabaragad. Having a volcanic origin, it became the first well-known deposit field of peridot. Beautiful gems emitting a green glow in the dark were poetically called ‘evening emerald’. Today, peridot is mined in South Africa, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Australia, Brazil, Russia, and the USA.
Historians claim that the stone has been known for more than 4000 years. It is even mentioned in the Bible. Legends say that peridot was Cleopatra’s favorite. She believed that the mineral attracted passion and wealth. That being said, the jewel rarely embellished jewelry. Instead, it adorned clothing and objects of worship. For instance, vibrant green crystals can be seen on the turbans of Turkish sultans and the clothes of Jewish priests.
At the beginning of the 19th century, peridot gained immense popularity in France. It was even dubbed ‘the male’s gem’ because it allegedly turned men into passionate lovers.

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Metaphysical Properties of Peridot

Peridot is an iron-magnesium orthosilicate. Nickel, iron, and chromium in its composition provide the signature green color. Peridot exists in a single color but its shades vary from golden-green to emerald, deep olive, and green-brown. The most valuable specimens feature bright, vibrant, and clear colors. Deep-green varieties of the gem are called lime peridot.
Peridots of the highest quality rarely exceed $350- $400 per carat. Gems that are available in abundance are priced from $1 to $20 per carat.
The hardness of the mineral is 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale. The stone does not tolerate high temperatures and is fairly difficult to cut because of its brittleness. Crystals have a glassy luster with a slight oily effect that distinguishes them from other minerals of similar color.

Peridot stone Metaphysical Properties

Types of Peridot

Star Peridot – a rare Burmese variety providing the optical effect of asterism. Because of needle-shaped inclusions, it seems like a six-pointed star is locked inside a gem.
Peridot Mesa - the Apache Indians who live in San Carlos (Arizona, USA) mine this gemstone by hand. Peridot Mesa is small (5-13 mm) individual grains occurring in basalt deposits. Although peridot is widespread throughout Arizona, gems mined exclusively by the Apache Indian Reservation have the right to be called Mesa.
Cat's eye peridot displays a rare for this gem phenomenon of chatoyancy. These specimens are usually opaque or translucent with a strong schiller that ensures a clearly distinguishable central eye.

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Healing Properties of Peridot

Traditional healers believe that peridot cures spine conditions and disorders, protects against colds, and improves vision. If you wear peridot every day, it will help normalize blood pressure and strengthen the heart muscle. Peridot beads are recommended for asthmatics since they are able to block asthma attacks. Pregnant women can also benefit from peridot’s healing properties. The gem is capable of relieving pain during labor and preventing various gynecological issues.
Vietnamese healers use peridot to treat stuttering in children. They also recommend wearing amulets featuring the green gem to cure liver diseases.
Peridot earrings are a beautiful remedy for migraines and headaches. The stone normalizes sleep, as well as drives away bad thoughts and nightmares. Plus, it helps control aggressiveness, anger, and jealousy.
The stone boasts a unique ability to heal wounds and normalize metabolic processes. Peridot stones will come in handy to recover after a stroke.

Peridot Healing Properties

Magic Properties of Peridot

The magical abilities of peridot increase tenfold if the stone is set in gold or placed on a gold stand. In particular, you can enhance its power to talk to spirits and see the future. Peridot was widespread among medieval fortune tellers and mediums.
At the same time, peridot never acts as an assistant of witches and sorcerers. Initially, the gem did not distinguish between good and evil. It could help any person to fulfill their desires by any possible means. However, as it interacted with people, it learned to understand their intentions. Since then, peridot helps only good people.
Moreover, it is believed that peridot talismans can ward off dark magic. Amulets featuring peridot have powerful protective properties. They safeguard against troubles and hardship and help avoid evil whether it comes from people or things beyond our understanding.

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Peridot for Sale

Everyone can benefit from peridot’s healing and metaphysical properties, let alone enjoy its beauty, with the widest selection of high-quality jewels delivered by KenKenGems. We supply peridot bracelets, pendants in gold and silver settings, strands, half-strands, as well as loose stones (drilled and undrilled) to help you craft mind-blowing pieces of jewelry. We are happy to offer cabochons along with faceted cuts – marquise, pear shape, oval, round, just to name a few. Feel free to browse through our selection of peridot stones, quality and attractive prices are guaranteed.

Peridot beads for sale

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