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Tourmaline: Magnetizing Gemstone with Strong Curing Powers


Tourmaline is as beautiful as it is powerful. Its color range equals its healing and metaphysical properties – the stone is generous in every aspect. Whether you’d like to explore its abilities to heal the body and soul or play with its magnetic quality, KenKenGems offers a great many fabulous options.

Tourmaline Meaning and History

No other gemstone can offer as many color varieties as tourmaline. Despite the widespread use all over the world - the Queen of Egypt Cleopatra herself had a crown embellished with tourmaline, although the red mineral was mistaken for a ruby – it is still unclear who first discovered the mineral and gave it a scientific explanation.
Many believe that "Curious Reflections on Sleepless Nights" (1707) by Johann Georg Schmidt is the first source of information about the stone. Others consider it was Paul Hermann who first described tourmaline. Herman was a practicing physician in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) from 1672 to 1677. While being there, he gathered a collection of minerals, described most of them, and created a catalog, which was published in 1711 after his death. In this catalog, the gemstone was dubbed as ‘chrysolite tourmaline from the island of Ceylon.
Be that as it may, tourmaline was brought to Europe from Ceylon by the Dutch in the early 18th century. The name it received comes from the Sinhalese tourmali, which means a stone that attracts ash. The name acknowledges the gem’s piezoelectric and pyro-electric properties - it generates an electric charge under pressure and when heated. The Dutch often used these properties to extract ash from their pipes. The French also appreciated these properties, for which they called tourmaline the Ceylon magnet.

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Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties and Chemical Properties

Tourmaline offers a tremendous range of colors, which are the result of numerous admixtures. Pure and transparent tourmaline is composed of aluminum and boron silicate. When chromium, iron, manganese, or other chemical elements interfere, the stone acquires a certain color. For instance, green is the action of chromium, iron provides blue and even black shades, etc.
Along with tourmalines displaying a specific color, you can come across bi-color varieties. The same tourmaline crystal may display areas of different colors or shades. Light-colored tourmaline with a dark tip is sometimes called Moor's head, and those with a red finishing are Turk's heads.
The color distribution is often zonal. Some Brazilian tourmalines feature a red core bordered by light green, which then transitions into dark green. These varieties are called watermelon tourmaline. Gems mined in South Africa have a reverse color sequence – they exhibit a green core surrounded by a red halo.
The mineral is highly prized in jewelry-making due to its rich color palette and decent hardness – 7.0-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Unfortunately, the stone is pretty brittle. You should wear tourmaline jewelry carefully and store it in a box separate from other items.
One of the most peculiar features of the stone is its ability to generate electricity. Rub it between your palms and bring it to your hair – tourmaline will draw it like a magnet. By the way, this is one of the ways to distinguish genuine tourmaline from a fake.
Some tourmalines boast an amazing effect called pleochroism, i.e. they change their hue depending on the lighting. For example, a pink stone turns dark brown under artificial light and green will take on a red tint.

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Tourmaline Colors and Varieties

Tourmaline provides myriads of color options. Besides all the colors of the rainbow, it can be black, colorless, monochromatic, and bi-colored.

The most common varieties of tourmaline deserved to have their own names:
Dravite is known for its warm colors ranging from yellow to dark brown;
Paraiba tourmaline is stunning light blue stones mined in Brazil and Africa. These minerals appear perfectly transparent. Paraiba tourmaline is considered one of the most expensive gemstones in the world;
Sibirite offers crimson, lilac-red, and red-violet colors;
Schorl is opaque or translucent stone colored black due to high iron content. Schorl is rarely found in jewelry but it is esteemed among healers and sorcerers;
Elboit is named after the island of Elba in Italy where it was first found. Due to the number of colors, and some samples are even multicolored, Elboite has its own varieties.
achroite – is a rare colorless tourmaline;
rubellite – looks similar to rubies due to its vibrant red color;
indigolite – this stone displays various shades of blue;
verdelite – it is emerald green tourmaline;
watermelon tourmaline is red on the inside and green in its outer layers.

Cat's eye tourmaline comes in a variety of colors but only green and pink specimens have a distinct shimmering streak. This effect occurs due to the inclusions of fibrous minerals. Some tourmalines take on different tints under natural and artificial lighting. Such stones are normally referred to as chameleons.

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Tourmaline Healing Properties

It is believed that tourmaline can provide tremendous health benefits. Each variety of the mineral is able to saturate cells with oxygen and remove free radicals. This property is attributed to the mineral’s ability to accumulate electric charge.
You should consider tourmaline of a specific color based on your needs because the stone’s actions and properties may vary.
Green tourmaline rejuvenates the body and stimulates the immune system. Also, it is capable of treating kidneys, liver, and heart diseases. Indigolites, i.e. blue tourmalines eliminate disruptions of the hormonal system and normalize metabolic processes. Such a stone will come in handy for losing weight. Paraiba tourmaline is able to affect the reproductive system. It increases sex drive and helps cure infertility. If you need to improve the functioning of the heart and circulatory system, you can rely on red minerals. Yellow stones demonstrate a calming effect as well as relieve stress and anxiety. You can use yellow tourmaline to treat insomnia and depression.

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Tourmaline Magical Properties

Red and pink tourmalines symbolize love and loyalty. With an amulet featuring such stones, women may appear more attractive. It is also helpful to strengthen relationships and find mutual understanding.
Green tourmaline is a godsend for creative individuals. It brings inspiration and promotes creative efforts. Like any other green gem, tourmaline of this color ensures strong protection against negativity.
Schorl aka black tourmaline is a guardian angel of children. Not only does it protect against malevolent gazes but it also prevents bruises, bumps, and injuries. Give your fidget such an amulet and they are going to be safe and sound.
Indigolites are beneficial to students. They enhance the craving for knowledge and improve mental performance. On top of that, they help find the truth and draw the right conclusions. Paraiba tourmalines, which are blue as well, lend themselves to establishing a connection with higher powers and developing spirituality and intuition.
You can bank on colorless stones to achieve balance and tranquility. These stones are especially helpful for meditation. Multi-colored specimens act as good luck talismans and success magnets.

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Tourmaline for Sale

Tourmaline is a fairly affordable gemstone, although especially stunning specimens (those offering deep colors and pronounced color transitions) may cost hundreds of dollars. In KenKenGems’ catalog, you will find a plethora of scintillating one-of-a-kind tourmalines of any color of the rainbow. Use them as an exhibit of your gemstone collection, talisman, or jewelry inlay to make a statement - tourmaline fits for any purpose. Besides large unique stones, we supple tourmaline beads in strands and half strands, loose gems, as well as jewels in gold and silver settings.

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