Gemstone cherished by the indigenous population of both Americas had been completely overlooked for centuries in the Old World. Luckily, it made scientists pay attention and when they did, they were delighted with its unique qualities. Glowing in ultraviolet and changing its color in sunlight, sodalite is appealing to pundits, gem collectors, and, of course, fashionistas. If you’re looking for a unique gem with unique properties, sodalite fits the bill.

Sodalite stone

The History and Meaning of Sodalite

The stone’s name consists of two words: soda, which is short for sodium (indeed, this chemical element is part of the mineral) and the Greek ‘lithos’ meaning stone. Sodalite has a few alternative names including alomite and Princess Blue (old trade names for sodalites mined in Canada), afghanite, and hackmanite.

The first mentions of sodalite date back to 1811 when the Scottish chemist Thomas Thomson conducted a series of experiments with a specimen found in Greenland. He established that the gem is a chlorine-containing sodium aluminosilicate. Thomson proposed to classify this mineral as a feldspathoid.

Despite the fact that the stone is officially known for a little over 200 years, it has been used long before its scientific discovery. Ancient civilizations considered it a variety of lazurite and highly prized it for its aesthetic and magical properties. Egyptians crafted various ritual items and jewelry from this mineral. The Incas utilized it for wall and floor cladding in their temples and dwellings. They also carved small sculptures and figurines out of the stone. Besides this, they crushed minerals to get pigments of blue color.

After the conquest of America, the stone faded into oblivion. Colonizers simply did not see much value in it. As time has shown, it may have been for the better, since sodalite fields are few and far between. Therefore, the deposits in both Americas have not yet been depleted.

Sodalite meaning

Physicochemical Properties of Sodalite

Sodalite is a chlorine-containing sodium aluminosilicate formed in pegmatites and alkaline igneous rocks. Sodalite features a medium hardness of up to 6.0 on the Mohs scale but it is quite fragile. Other distinctive features of the gem are:

- glowing in ultraviolet light - blue stones appear orange when being exposed to UV radiation;

- poor cleavage, which is sometimes seen as cracks in the stone;

- when being polished, the stone acquires either a dull vitreous or waxy luster.

Sodalite is a transparent or translucent mineral featuring a white streak, i.e. it exhibits whitish spots and veins. These patterns are due to the admixture of calcite and albite. When it comes to colors, the most common variety of sodalite is royal blue. In addition, the stone can exhibit various shades of yellow, pink, red, green, and gray.

The most peculiar type of sodalite darkens when being exposed to daylight. This quality can be explained by the sorption properties of the mineral and its ion exchanging abilities. This phenomenon, called tenebrescence, is reversible, so the original color reoccurs in the dark. Crystals that change their color were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century by the Finnish geologist Viktor Hackman. In honor of their discoverer, they were called hackmanites.

Sodalite, Crystal Properties

Deposits of Sodalite

Sodalite is a rare rock-forming mineral. It igneous rocks, it crystallizes from sodium-rich magmas. In pegmatites, sodalite is quarried in the form of coarse-grained masses. The largest deposits of the mineral are located in Northern Namibia, Greenland, Brazil, the USA, Canada, southern Italy, and Russia. Fine specimens of the stone come from Myanmar and India.

When it comes to hackmanites, they are mined mainly in Myanmar and Greenland. Freshly quarried Greenlandic minerals are pale, but under the influence of daylight, they take on a purple hue. Stones from Myanmar originally have a creamy color that turns rich purple and rose-red in sunlight.

Sodalite is a rare rock-forming mineral.

Healing Properties of Sodalite

One of the most amazing properties of sodalite is its ability to alleviate the damaging effect of radiation and facilitate recovery after sunstroke. Lithotherapists recommend light blue sodalites to normalize blood pressure and the functioning of the heart.

Girls appreciate the mineral because it reduces appetite. Along with that, it helps cope with nervous excitation, relieves mental and physical tension, as well as conquers insomnia and nightmares.

Sodalite is closely associated with the Throat Chakra. It is indispensable for meditation in order to purify and activate the chakra. Its healing effect brings benefits to the thyroid gland. Wearing sodalite beads or necklaces can help improve the functioning of the gland and normalize hormone levels. On top of that, the gem stimulates the endocrine and lymphatic systems and speeds up metabolism. Traditional healers use the mineral to treat tumors. They lightly massage the affected area while whispering ancient healing prayers.

Prolonged exposure to sodalite has a few more benefits. The stone is able to strengthen bone tissue. Blue specimens can significantly improve vision if you spend a few minutes per day gazing at them.

Blue Sodalite Healing Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Sodalite

In the world of sorcerers and mediums, sodalite has earned a reputation as a conductor and amplifier of supernatural abilities. It is indispensable for beginners and seasoned psychics since it helps realize their capabilities. The mineral allows achieving a meditative state, and this property is highly valued by yogis.

According to astrologers, sodalite is most suitable for those born in April, May, and late November. That being said, the mineral never causes harm; therefore, can be of good use for all zodiac signs. It is especially beneficial to entrepreneurs, merchants, scientists, and teachers.

Blue sodalites foster courage, stamina, and endurance in those who own them. Besides that, they are able to develop quick-wittedness and extraordinary mental qualities. If you lack eloquence and persuasiveness, you can rely on the stones to help you find the right words in every situation. Lastly, the gem is known for being capable of cultivating intuition and prudence.

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties

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