Sphene is a truly spectacular gemstone. Due to strong optical dispersion, faceted sphenes shine like a diamond. While providing diamond-like radiance, its price is not nearly as high as that of the precious stone. This means that sphene can become a shining star of your gem collection and you don’t even need to break the bank.

Sphene Meaning and History

Sphene got its name from a renowned French mineralogist Rene Gayuy in 1801. The Greek word ‘sphenos’ means wedge, and it accurately describes the signature wedge shape of the crystals. A few years before that, in 1795 to be exact, the chemist Martin Klaproth suggested a different name for the green gem – titanite. No, it wasn’t a node to the mighty Titans. Everything is simpler – this mineral contains titanium in its composition. Today, the terms sphene and titanite are used interchangeably to refer to the same mineral. Sometimes, the gem is also called ligurite (its deposits in Italy are located in Liguria) and greenovite.

Sphene has been known for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, it was endowed with magical properties. The Egyptians used to put sphene collars on their sacred animals, cats, to protect them from evil and injuries. Priests used the stone as an amulet. It was set in the sacred temple of the god Ra. Shining brightly in sunrays, it as if exhibited a piece of the sun brought to the Earth by the deity.

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Sphene Metaphysical Properties and Chemical Properties

Based on its composition, Sphene belongs to the family of silicates. More precisely, it is titanium and calcium oxide. It rarely occurs in the pure form. Instead, the mineral features a variety of inclusions. These inclusions give it a wide range of colors. For example, yellow, brown, and green Sphene has iron ions, manganese gives pink colors, emerald-like gems emerge due to chromium, while blue and purple are the actions of sodium and cerium. Green and yellow-green varieties, which are also called chrome Sphene, are the most valuable.

More often than not, sphene is opaque or translucent, although jewelry-grade crystals are transparent. Due to strong dispersion, faceted titanite boasts a diamond luster and even iridescence. Specimens having rich colors may display dichroism.

As a mineral, sphene is widespread but pure crystals of jewelry quality are less common. This is one of the reasons why sphene-embellished jewelry is a rarity. The other reason is the stone’s fragility and softness - it has only 5.0-5.5 on the mineral hardness scale.

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Shpene Deposits

Despite the widespread occurrence, sphene accumulations are small in the deposit fields. It emerges in volcanic rocks (granites, andesites, etc.) in the form of single flattened wedge-shaped crystals and twin intergrowths. Occasionally, it creates acicular and granular aggregates.

The best gem-quality titanite stones are found in the Alpine mountains - in Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. The Alpine veins provide beautiful multifaceted crystals of a pale emerald color. Large yellow and reddish specimens are mined in Italy (Saint Marchelle, Piedmont). Other well-known deposits are located in the United States (California, Massachusetts, Colorado, etc.), Canada, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

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Sphene Value

Titanite stones larger than two carats are hard to come by. The most important factors that affect the value of the mineral are its clarity, color, and dispersion. Yellow, bright orange, green, as well as specimens that display spectacular dispersion are appreciated the most. Some of the most beautiful and valuable gems come from Brazil, India, and Baja California.

Sphene Healing Properties

It is believed that green sphene has a positive effect on vision. Along with that, it is able to relieve migraines and headaches caused by spasms of the cerebral vessels. Courtesy of sphene, you can get rid of hypertension, reduce nervous tension, and mental discomfort. If you’re stressed or having mental disorders, the mineral is a must.

Lithotherapists suggest yellow sphene to treat digestive organs and remove toxins. The gem is capable of improving appetite, speeding up metabolic processes, and boosting brain activity.

Regardless of its color, sphene can help relieve toothache and inflammation in the oral cavity, prevent the development of joint and bone diseases, as well as support the immune system and vitality of the whole body.

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Sphene Magic Properties

Witches, sorcerers, and mediums highly appreciate sphene’s magical properties. They cannot do without it to master new spells or techniques. They say that the stone opens the third eye and helps clearly see the world around us, especially the parts that are hidden.

Along with that, sphene assists people who have nothing to do with magic or superhuman abilities. If you choose sphene as your talisman, you can enhance your organizational skills, improve concentration, and develop intuition. In the most incomprehensible way, the stone helps to establish contacts with people on whom you can rely in difficult situations.

Sphene’s abilities largely depend on the type and quality of items it embellishes. For example, a gold ring featuring sphene inlays is a source of wealth, success, and luck, especially in love matters. Sphene earrings have a beneficial effect on intuition. If you decide to wear the gem as a pendant or necklace, you can improve your aura and protect it from negativity. Astrologers consider this stone to be versatile. It suits any sign of the zodiac. Regardless of your element, it will help in good endeavors and safeguard against envious people.

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