Absolutely clear, shrouded in mystery, rare despite its centuries-old history, ametrine is a marvel to behold. The thing that separates it from the rest is a unique mix of warm and cold colors. Purple like amethyst and yellow akin to citrine, it is a stone of a dual nature. Not only did it borrow its features from the gems but also their names: ‘ame’ refers to amethyst and ‘trine” - to citrine.

The History of Ametrine

An old legend says that the very first ametrine belonged to the Spanish conqueror Felipe de Urriola y Goitia. In the 16th century, Bolivia was a Spanish colony, but the two nations were blood enemies. Despite this, Don Felipe fell in love with the princess of an Indian tribe, and his feelings were mutual.
The Spaniard wanted to take his beloved one back to his motherland but the girl’s tribe was against it. Then Felipe suggested eloping. Unfortunately, his plan fell short and his paramour was killed by a fellow tribesman. Before she died, the girl handed her lover a two-tone stone of extraordinary beauty. She told him that the gem symbolized her heart: one half of it belonged to her people, and the other half to the man she loved.
Heartbroken, Felipe had to return home alone. He couldn’t bear the sight of the stone reminding him of his loss. He decided to present it as a gift to the Queen of Spain.
Despite the fact that the stone has been known since ancient times, it isn’t as common as its cousins citrine and amethyst. It is due to the fact that its motherland, Bolivia, had banned ametrine export. The few and far between specimens available before the ban was lifted in 1989 had been smuggled in. Now that ametrine is freely exported, you can get a jewel worthy of a queen for your gemstone collection. By the way, the stone’s alternative name, Bolivian, is a nod to its homeland.

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Ametrine Metaphysicochemical Properties

Ametrine is a two-color variety of microcrystalline quartz aka silicon oxide. Varying temperatures occurring as the mineral underwent crystallization caused an unusual blend of colors. Moreover, iron in its composition favors the zonal distribution of colors, i.e. amethyst and citrine patches alternate. Large ametrine minerals display a particularly stunning play of colors. They have six multi-colored sectors - three of them belong to amethyst, and the rest to citrine. In terms of color, amethyst parts vary from deep purple to almost colorless. Citrine, in turn, may showcase yellow, golden, orange, greenish, and even light brown hues.
Ametrine features one more peculiar optical property - dichroism. If you look at the crystal from different angles, you’ll notice a subtle color change.
The fascinating stone has a commendable hardness equal to 7 on the Mohs scale. The mineral is easy to cut, and more often than not, it carries fancy facet arrangements to set off its alluring two-tone color.

Ametrine Value

Ametrine is a gem of enormous beauty but luckily, not an enormous price. You can get a small natural ametrine for less than $10. However, there are multiple factors that affect the price of a particular specimen. It goes without saying that ametrines offering complex, fancy, and custom cuts are more expensive than generic ones. Perfect clarity, vibrancy, and a beautiful color scheme add to the value as well. Gems that display saturated yellow and purple tones in approximately equal proportions carry the loftiest price. On the other hand, if a stone displays an inclination towards one of the colors or its colors are dull, it becomes more budget-friendly.

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Ametrine Healing properties

According to lithotherapists, ametrine provides a boost of energy and strengthens the immune system. Along with that, the mineral has a positive effect on the psychophysical health of a person through driving away depression and melancholy, sleep normalization, and fear relief.
You can also affect certain systems of your body by targeting them with ametrine. Worn around the neck, ametrine as if sucks toxins out of the blood. If you have earrings made of this precious mineral, they will help relieve headaches. Long beads that reach below the chest have a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. This mineral is of great use to people who suffer from gastritis, pyelonephritis, and cystitis. Put ametrine on the left hand and it will spread its healing effect across the entire body.

Ametrine Mystical Properties

Ametrine is highly revered as a stone of peace and balance. According to an ancient legend, Native Americans relied on this beautiful mineral to stop conflicts and wars between tribes. Using its vibrations, priests could communicate with the gods and asked them for mercy. Interestingly, they tended to pick predominantly purple stones which were supposed to provide relaxation and facilitate connection with the world of the spirits.
Not only priests but also alchemists utilized ametrine for their mysterious rituals. The mineral doubled as a medium through which they summoned spirits, learned the secrets of the Universe, and communicated with supernatural entities. Modern sorcerers and psychics share the appreciation of ametrine with their predecessors. They believe that the two-tone gem promotes intuition and enhances their psychic abilities. In their rituals, they deploy large crystals featuring at least four carats.
Ametrine jewelry and talismans are an excellent choice for people who stand out against the crowd. If you have a high internal motivation, strive for development and knowledge, and never rest on your laurels, this stone is just what you need.

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Ametrine Birthstone

Ametrine is a benevolent gemstone compatible with any Zodiac sign. That being said, its beneficial effect has the strongest manifestation with Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Ametrine jewelry gives the fire element signs calmness and prudence they may otherwise lack. On top of that, it helps eliminate aggression, agitation, and irrationality. Virgos should interact with ametrine with caution since continuous contact with the gem is able to make them apathetic and cowardly. If you want to understand whether ametrine is the right fit, you need to press it against your skin. Discomfort or burning might be a sign that the stone rejects you.

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