Jewels have always been on the ladies’ radar. But diamonds aren’t the only ‘girl’s best friends’. Jewelry showcasing other sparkling minerals can boast an ethereal beauty as well. Zircon is often called the younger brother of diamonds because of its radiant look. However, this gem is more mysterious and even beguiling. If you’re looking for a gemstone that is not only tantalizing but also thrilling, zircon is your best bet.

Zircon Meaning and History

The name Zircon derives from Persian ‘zargun’ that means gold-hued. It's likely that the Persians encountered only a certain variety of zircon since the mineral can also be green, blue, dark red, purple, brown, and even black. Gemologists speculate that zircon is one of the oldest minerals on the planet. Its age is approximately 4 billion years.
Although zircon is a lesser-known gem, it has been widely used around the globe. In India, the mineral is considered to be a companion of dragons. With its help, people tried to control the sun and the moon. Along with that, zircon is a talisman of travelers. They count on it to lead to a shelter and show the right way. Plus, it is able to protect from injuries. Women used the gem to ease childbirth, drive away evil spirits, enhance health, get wisdom, and attract good luck.
In England, zircon served as an embellishment for caskets, snuff boxes, and jewelry. Since the 1930s, the mineral is deployed in industry.
Zircon is found in volcanic, metaphorical, and marine rocks. Major mining sites are located in Madagascar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Mozambique, Australia, Russia, and India. 

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Zircon Metaphysicochemical Properties

Zircon belongs to the family of silicates. The inclusions it contains (iron, copper, zinc, titanium, etc.) affect its color and structure. The mineral can be transparent, translucent, and opaque. Please keep in mind that opaque (especially bright green) and large stones might be radioactive. Make sure to ask your vendor about safety certificates before purchasing zircon.
The gem does not corrode or tarnish. It is resistant to oxidation, heat, and is easy to cut. On the other hand, zircon powder easily ignites and even explodes.
Zircon is a fairly hard mineral scoring 7.0-8.0 on the Mohs scale. At the same time, it is rather fragile so we don’t recommend incorporating it into rings.

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Zircon Types and Colors

There are several types of zircon:

Matara (Matura) diamond is a clear and colorless mineral that looks like a precious gemstone. It was named after the town of Matara in Sri Lanka where it is mined.

Hyacinth (Jacinth) zircon is an orange, yellow, brown, or red variety of zircon. These stones are transparent and offer a higher hardness. The gem got its name due to its similarity to the flower.

Jargon features yellow and golden hues. It is also called Siamese zircon.

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Starlite zircon is a blue zircon. Its color is rarely of natural origin. More often than not, blue shades are the result of annealing.

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The brown variety of zircon is called malacon. It often contains radioactive inclusions.

It is not uncommon to come across heat-treated zircons. Brown crystals get heated to obtain blue, orange, yellow, and colorless gems. Interestingly, blue zircons reheated in an oxygen-rich environment acquire a golden hue. Heat-treated specimens offer stable colors. That being said, some orange and yellow zircons from Africa may turn brownish over time.

Zircon vs Zirconium vs Cubic Zirconia

You can often see the words zircon and zirconium used interchangeably on the Internet. However, these are two different materials. Zircon is a mineral and zirconium is a silvery metal. They have nothing in common except the coincidence of letters.
Besides that, zircon is often confused with cubic zirconia. This material is widely used in jewelry making and similarly to zirconia it is a mineral. However, it has an artificial origin. CZ crystals are grown in laboratories. Sometimes cubic zirconias are passed off as zircon because of their resemblance. However, you can easily tell one from another. Natural zircons have a kind of glossy, diamond-like shine.

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Zircon Healing Properties

It is believed that zircon is filled with the protective energy of Yang. For this reason, the mineral is highly valued among individuals practicing yoga. Zircons improve appetite, normalize the functioning of the thyroid and liver, as well as have a positive effect on the pituitary gland. This gem is ideal for people who strive to get peace of mind and overcome insomnia.
Different colors of zircons can affect the course of a particular disease in their own way. Blue is used to fight obesity while yellow and red specimens stimulate the liver and increase appetite. Black gems are an effective remedy against colds. It is also beneficial to those who suffer from nightmares.
Alternative medicine claims that zircon can cure coronary heart diseases and normalize high blood pressure. The stone protects against infectious diseases and injuries. It also facilitates childbirth and stops bleeding.

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Zircon Magical Properties

People have been wearing zircon amulets since the dawn of civilization believing they can help gain power and wisdom. It is a go-to mineral for sages. They rely on zircon to detect lies, enhance intuition, and develop foresight. Zircon is able to improve memory and observation as well as protect against deceivers. A zircon amulet attracts good luck and contributes to spiritual enrichment and wealth accumulation.
Today, zircon is a talisman of business people. It is capable of suggesting the right decision and showing the shortest path to success. Clear zircons promote mental development, spark interest in science, and help in trading.

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