Kyanite, meaning and properties


Kyanite, blue gemstones are some of the spectacular creations of Mother Nature. They resemble the purity of the sky, the depths of the sea, and the tenderness of forget-me-not flowers. Blue topaz embellishes Royal crowns, weapons of nobility carry turquoise, the greatest people in history wore jewelry adorned with aquamarine… Kyanite, on the other hand, has been off the radar this whole time. But things are about to change. Let’s take a closer look at the blue crystal and its unique features.

The Meaning and Physical Properties of Kyanite

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Kyanite is aluminum silicate formed in metamorphic pegmatites and sedimentary rock. The signature features of the stone are its beautiful silky shine and a range of iridescent blue shades. The word kyanite itself refers to the Greek ‘kyanos’ meaning blue. The stone got its name from a renowned German mineralogist A. Werner in 1789. In addition to blue, kyanites are found in purple, almost black, gray, green, and yellow varieties. The color depends on inclusions of titanium, manganese, chromium, iron, graphite, and others.

Rene Gayuy, a well-known French mineralogist, dabbed the stone differently - disthene. In Greek, ‘di’ means two, and ‘destenos’ is strength. The gemstone received this name for its physical properties - its hardness is dissimilar in different directions. The transverse hardness of kyanite is 7 on the Mohs scale but along the length, its hardness is only 4.

The History of Kyanite

It is clear that kyanite formed in the earth's crust thousands, if not millions, years ago. The mineral became what it is under tremendous pressure, which means that its deposits lie at great depth. Thus, kyanite wasn’t widely known to our ancestors. Those who got to come across kyanite crystals often confused them with sapphires.

The glorious history of kyanite begins only in the 20th century. Due to its refractory properties, it found wide industrial application. It contributes to the manufacture of heat- and chemically resistant materials including insulators, crucibles, car spark plugs, as well as ceramics and sanitary ware. For its heavy-duty properties, it was even awarded the title “the stone of the new millennium’.

Today, kyanite is also used in jewelry as an alternative to expensive blue stones, especially sapphires. It won’t be difficult for an expert jeweler to distinguish sapphire from kyanite though - the latter has a complex coronitic polycrystalline internal structure.

The Value of Kyanite

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There are two types of kyanite used in jewelry – translucent and ornamental kyanite. The first type offers blue, gray-blue, and light blue finishes. Cut gem-quality kyanite is quite rare since different hardness along and across the crystal makes faceting a tall order. For this reason, the value of faceted kyanites varies from $150 to $300 per carat. Deep blue crystals have the highest value.

Ornamental kyanite is priced a bit lower. Kyanite cabochons can be purchased for $100-150 per carat. At the same time, polished kyanite delivers a beautiful silky and pearlescent luster, it shimmers in various shades of blue, and contains a complex crystalline pattern. Some kyanite specimens even offer a subtle cat's eye effect.

The Healing Properties of Kyanite

Centuries ago, healers noticed the ability of kyanite to bolster energy, eliminate nervousness, relieve insomnia, as well as improve well-being. They also believed that kyanite normalized blood pressure, improved memory, curbed stress, and improved mood.

Modern lithotherapists claim that kyanite is capable of improving the functioning of the kidneys and genitourinary system. On top of that, the stone is effective for curing infectious diseases and joint problems. Nutritionists say that kyanite can speed up metabolism and promote weight loss. Overall, the blue gem contributes to maintaining a healthy body by positively affecting the heart, throat, crown, and solar chakras.

Kyanite healing properties

Kyanite - Magical Properties

Kyanite stone is one of the few minerals insensitive to negative vibrations. It successfully resists hostile and harmful influences. Instead, it is capable of accumulating high-frequency positive energy. This unique property makes the stone indispensable for professions who interact with people - clerks, healthcare workers, teachers, etc.

People who have psychic abilities noticed extraordinary powers of the blue stone. They say that it is able to create an aura around the one who wears it to protect them from the evil eye, slanderers, and ill-wishers. Along with that, kyanite provides a surge of energy to achieve ambitious goals and overcome obstacles. It promotes the desire to self-improve, enhances determination and concentration, and helps climb the career ladder. Kyanite amulets are a great choice for people focusing on success: entrepreneurs, lawyers, managers, and so on. It helps see more options, removes hurdles, facilitates decision-making, and shows the shortest path to prosperity.

Kyanite is also beneficial for couples in love. It protects their feelings, increases mutual understanding, and aids to avoid disagreements and delusions. If you’re a hot-tempered or anxious person, you can take advantage of the calming and soothing effect of the gemstone. It is able to restore peace of mind in difficult situations.

Kyanite is a sort of compass for travelers. Our ancestors attached the stone to a rope and it showed them north. Besides that, it helps develop traits essential for adventurers such as caution, prudence, self-control, intuition, and savvy.

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Kyanite Birthstone

Kyanite is an excellent amulet for impressionable Cancers, fluctuating Libra, and overly modest Pisces. The stone is supposed to awaken self-confidence and the ability to overcome hardship in them. On top of that, it promotes optimism and encourages taking active steps. Kyanite jewelry is recommended to Sagittarius and Gemini since it helps focus on the main thing and protects them from rash decisions.

Taurus and Aries signs can get kyanite talismans to bolster their energy and creativity. Besides that, the gem helps find a common language with other zodiac signs. Those born under the Aquarius sign can rely on the blue jewel to save themselves from negativity, both internal and external. The only zodiac sign that is unlikely to benefit from the miraculous properties of kyanite is Capricorn.

Kyanite for Jewelry Making

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