Hackmanite meaning and properties


A stone able to change its color and glow in the dark – without any manipulations in a laboratory – deserves a lot of praise. Hackmanite is a newcomer on the gemstone market but it already bathes in admiration for its unique optical properties. While scientists are still speculating about the nature of its color-shifting properties, fashionistas and gemstone enthusiasts are vying to add the scintillating stone to their collections.

Hackmanite meaning

History and Meaning of Hackmanite

Hackmanite is a relatively young stone. The very first specimens were found in Greenland in 1896 during the expedition led by the geologist L.K. Bergstrom. However, the mineral obtained its name in honor of another geologist, Victor Axel Hackman, a professor at the University of Helsinki (Finland), who made an impressive contribution to the study of the mineral.

For more than a hundred years since its discovery, hackmanite has remained predominantly a collector's stone. It wasn't until 1991 that gem-quality transparent hackmanite was discovered at the Poudrette quarry, Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. Today, high-quality hackmanites are also found in Myanmar, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. They are highly prized by gemstone collectors and designers for their distinct optical qualities and unsurpassed aesthetic beauty.

Hackmanite properties

Physico-Chemical Properties of Hackmanite

Hackminite is a sulfur-bearing variety of sodalite belonging to the feldspathoid mineral group – it is similar to feldspar but its structure and silica composition is divergent.

The most curious property of hackmanite is tenebrescence (also known as photochromism). Under the influence of any source of ultraviolet light (the sun or a UV lamp), the stone changes its color.

When just being quarried, stones from Afghanistan and Myanmar are colorless, creamy white, pale purple, or violet-gray. However, once they are brought to a source of ultraviolet light and exposed for 5-10 minutes, they change their hue to a vibrant blue-violet. Hackmanite returns its original pallid appearance when exposure discontinues but it takes from fifteen minutes to six hours – this time is individual for every specimen. In addition, hackminites exposed to long-wavelength (365 nm) light turn neon-orange and glow in the dark.

It is not known for certain why the stones have this stunning optical effect, but recent research suggests that it is due to titanium impurities in combination with iron, sulfur, and potassium. It is worth noting that not all specimens of hackmanite can boast purple hues in ultraviolet light. The majority of stones will take on a grayish or greenish-white tint. Tenebrescence disappears irrevocably when the mineral is subjected to high temperatures. For this reason, hackmanite is never processed.

Gem-quality hackmanites are transparent or translucent, but most specimens are opaque. It is common for the mineral to carry white streaks or veins due to the inclusions of calcite. When being cut, it offers a vitreous luster but its fracture tends to be greasy. Hackmanite is neither hard (5.5-6.0 on the Mohs scale) nor dense, which makes it vulnerable to impacts and scratches. It is a poor choice as a ring stone but its best qualities will shine through if you incorporate it in earrings, brooches, necklaces, or pendants.

Hackmanite value and price

Hackmanite Value

The price for hackmanite largely depends on it its degree of clarity - opaque stones are cheap while transparent ones are rare hence costly.

Cabochons and beads made of opaque Greenlandic, Afghan, and Myanmar hackmanites cost from $5 to $50 per carat. You will have to shell out $500-$700 per carat to buy high-quality transparent stones of Afghan origin. Specimens coming from the Mont Saint-Hilaire mines are the most valuable since this mineral field is on the verge of depletion. You should expect to pay $2,000-$2,500 per carat to get pure pink hackmanites from this mine. Any kind of inclusions in hackmanite significantly reduces its price.

Hackmanite healing properties

Hackmanite Healing Properties

The healing potential of hackmanite isn’t yet fully revealed. It is known, however, that it affects the third eye, heart, and throat chakra. Therefore, it can be used to treat and improve the functioning of the organs and systems under the control of the said charkas.

When being worn as a necklace, it is able to deliver its healing vibrations to the thyroid gland. When its operation is normalized, it improves the immunity and protective properties of the body. Besides that, you are able to notice metabolism acceleration.

Should you pick hackmanite brooches or necklaces, you are capable of boosting the heart and vascular function. Prolonged exposure to hackmanite energy normalizes blood pressure and stabilizes heartbeat. This is an excellent prevention of heart attack and coronary disease, as well as protection of the circulatory system from blockage, plaques, and thrombosis.

You can work on the eye chakra by applying hackmanite to the eyelids for 15-20 minutes or washing your face with hackmanite-infused water in the morning (just put the stone in purified water overnight to prepare it). You can also wear hackmanite inlaid earrings but their exposure may be overwhelming if you opt for them as your everyday jewelry. Besides improving vision and treating eye diseases, the stone gives tranquility and sound sleep.

Hackmanite metaphysical properties

Hackmanite Metaphysical Properties

Hackmanite isn't a birthstone of any month. Hence, it is suitable for any astrological sign, but Sagittarius can reap the utmost benefits of owning it.

The mineral features vibrations of high frequency, which have a positive effect on the growth of awareness and personal evolution of its owner. The magical properties of hackmanite are associated with gaining balance, spiritual development, inner freedom, and joy. Hackmanite is able to cleanse the biofield and remove unpleasant thoughts. This property can be useful for people who want to get rid of obsessive thoughts and ideas.

Apart from that, the mineral helps people who want to find self-love and increase self-esteem. It dispels doubts and fears, and also aids to move towards the intended goal more confidently. The mineral, as it were, allows you to become an observer of your actions, and if you need to make a decision, it lets you see unexpected and even creative alternatives. In terms of interaction with others, the stone helps gain trust, mercy, and forgiveness. It is beneficial to judgmental or guilty individuals.

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