Smoky Quartz Meaning and Properties

Smoky Quartz

Its appearance delights and the play of light in its facets hypnotizes. Smoky quartz has an army of admirers: gemstone connoisseurs, fashionistas, lithotherapists, sorceress, psychics, all these people got to benefit from its numerous virtues. You, too, can make them work to your advantage.

Smoky Quartz meaning, crystal meaning

The History and Meaning of Smoky Quartz

Since ancient times, smoky quartz has been used to craft jewelry, ritual figurines, and religious accessories. Its unusual gray-brown color gave these items greater mystery and eye-catching quality. Despite its widespread application in the ancient world, people were unsure about the origin of the mineral, and this caused confusion with its names.

In some European countries, the stone was called rauch topaz - rauch means smoke in German. It is clear why the stone is ‘rauch’ but why is it topaz? It’s simple, due to its luxurious color it was considered a variety of noble yellow topaz. It took centuries for mineralogists to establish that the stone actually belongs to the widespread and not so precious class of quartz.

When it became clear that rauch topaz is not topaz at all, the stone took on some other names - smoky rock crystal or rauch rock crystal. Again, they are not entirely accurate. Rock crystal is a colorless transparent mineral and smoky quartz, although also clear, has a very recognizable color.

Cairngorm is another ancient name for the stone. It occurred because deposits were found in Scotland, in the Cairngorm Mountains. Scottish highlanders used to wear this beautiful stone on their clothes. For this reason, smoky quartz was also called Scottish stone or Scottish topaz.

Apart from this, the stone is commonly known as Morion. According to one of the versions explaining the origin of the world, it came from the Greek ‘morion’ standing for hideous or baneful. The other hypothesis says that the name is a derivative from the old French ‘moreau’ denoting black.

Sometimes, smoky quartz is called the "Stone of the Dead". May it not put you off. The mineral received this moniker because it facilitates establishing contacts with the world of spirits. Ancient sorcerers valued this quality and used it in their rituals. In India and Tibet, the gem was considered sacred, which is confirmed by its local name The Stone of Buddha.

Smoky quartz properties

Metaphysical and Chemical Properties of Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz is a crystalline variety of quartz, the second most abundant mineral on earth. This variety is the closest relative of rock crystal, amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz.

The mineral differs from its counterparts in its transparency and a wide range of colors from light shades of gray and amber to dark chocolate. The darkest type of smoky quartz is morion, which is almost black and opaque. The stone got its statement colors due to admixtures of iron and aluminum. Without them, it would be as transparent as rock crystal. Among other common admixtures, the most curious are the tiny needles of rutile. This mineral gives smoky quartz a mild shimmering effect.

Oftentimes, the dominating color is complemented by golden hues. When you look at the stone, it seems darker at the base and almost clear closer to the edges. This creates an illusion of greater depth and dimension, and the stone’s vitreous luster enhances this effect.

The color of this mineral is not resistant to heat. If it is heated to a temperature of 320 degrees, it becomes colorless. Some specimens of smoky quartz boast a slight alexandrite effect – their color looks different, shifting from greenish to purple, in the natural and artificial lighting.

Smoky quartz is quite brittle but scratch-resistant due to its hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. It can be a ring stone but only for items that you don't wear every day. As for jewelry that is less prone to wear and tear, smoky quartz will look spectacular in modest brooches and massive necklaces alike.

Smoky Quartz Healing Properties and Benefits

Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz

Jewelry and talismans featuring smoky quartz are capable of improving the functioning of the adrenal glands, kidneys, and pancreas. They also increase libido and have a beneficial effect on reproductive function. When it comes to mental health, they calm, relieve stress, and steady the nerves. To reap the stone’s benefits, you should just hold it in your hands until you feel better.

The ancient Indians relied on smoky quartz to flush negative energy and toxins from the body. Indian legends even mention bowls carved from a single piece of the mineral used for purifying and charging the water. Drinking this miraculous water was supposed to cure all diseases.

Smoky quartz plays an important role in the treatment of mental disorders. It tames the deepest depressions, relieves delusional and obsessive ideas, as well as protects against suicidal tendencies.

Smoky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Smoky Quartz

Sorcerers of the past revered smoky quartz as one the most powerful stones, especially when it came to its dark side. They used the mineral in the rituals of black and white magic, especially designed to communicate with the spirits of the dead and cast love spells.

Medieval manuscripts reveal numerous magical experiments with smoky quartz. Alchemists believed that it could help them comprehend the secrets of the universe. Court ladies also found it useful since it supposedly helped to bewitch prosperous men.

Psychics warn that beginners shouldn’t use smoky quartz to conduct black magic rituals. This extremely powerful stone can distort the reality of the physical world and lead into an illusory space. To gain control over the power of the stone, you need to be an experienced magician.

When smoky quartz affects human energy, it causes light intoxication. The sharpness of sensations and the flight of fantasy it provides is beneficial to artists, poets, and other creative individuals. The same intoxicating feeling can substitute drugs thus helping fight addiction. At the same time, the mineral can act as an anesthetic.

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