Tektite meaning and Tektite properties


Sometimes, devastating catastrophes end in great discoveries. Who would have thought that meteorites could bring not only destruction but also new creations? Colliding with the Earth, they use the power of fire and pressure to convert familiar minerals into something that did not exist before. This something is tektite, and it is a hero of today's post.

Tektite meaning

History and Meaning of Tektite

The term ‘tektite’ is a distorted ancient Greek ‘tektos’ standing for molten. This name was proposed by the Austrian geologist Eduard Suess at the beginning of the 20th century. He studied black stones found in the Czech Republic and concluded that they were fragments of meteorites. However, further studies of tektite showed that they had a different chemical composition. That being said, tektites wouldn’t exist without the ‘help’ of the giant extraterrestrial cobblestones.

American geologist Virgil E. Barnes considered tektite to be a subspecies of fulgurite formed during a lightning strike. According to the hypothesis of Russian researchers, tektites were of extraterrestrial origin and emerged from the matter of comets. L. J. Spencer was the first to suggest that tektite is ‘impact glass’ forming as a result of the melting of the earth's crust when meteorites fall to the ground.

Tektites have a multitude of alternative or trade names. As a rule, these stones are named after the area they were found in.

One of the most well-known green tektites, moldavite, was discovered in the basin of the Moldau River in what is now the Czech Republic. The family of tektites also includes black australites (found in Australia), stones of Malaysian origin are called malaysianites, ivorites are quarried on the Ivory Coast in Ghana, Bediasite are from the land of the Bedias Native Americans (USA, The Chesapeake Bay impact crater), green georgiatites are Georgia natives, etc. It’s also worth mentioning Libyan Desert Glass and Siberian protvanites that offer translucence and pure colors (yellow and bottle green respectively).

Tektite tpes, this is green tektite called Moldavite

Physical and Chemical Properties of Tektite

The chemical composition of tektite is similar to igneous sedimentary rock. The mineral contains a high proportion of silicon dioxide (68 - 82%) and almost no water. The formation of tektite occurs during high-energy heating followed by rapid cooling. Some specimens display the traces of high-speed gas streams, which left microscopic cavities filled with methane, hydrogen, and carbon dioxide. Apart from this, tektites feature a large proportion of aluminum oxide and trace amounts of chromium, magnesium, cobalt, nickel, etc. More often than not, these admixtures color tektites black, although you can also come across green and brown specimens.
Unlike gems, which are normally cut or polished, tektites sport various shapes and sizes stemming from meteorite impacts: chips, dumbbells, teardrops, hollow thin-walled balls, disks, plates, pears, beans, etc. There are also complex, sculpture-like stones showcasing a striated and indented surface. Since tektites are vitreous masses, they also have a vitreous luster. They are either transparent or translucent with a hardness of 6.0-7.0 on the Mohs scale.

Tektite Healing Properties

Tektite Healing Properties

Tektite is widely used in traditional and Chinese medicine. It is believed that the stone is able to reduce the adverse effects of stress, overstrain, and fatigue. Along with that, it allows a person to concentrate, reflect, and get rid of fears.

Tektite improves metabolic processes in the body, normalizes blood circulation, as well as reduces blood pressure and removes headaches. In addition, it doubles as a means to treat and prevent eye diseases and colds. To benefit from these healing properties, you should be in constant contact with the stone – touch it, wear it as your talisman, use it to ‘charge’ water, etc.

Lithotherapists praise tektite for its ability to affect the nervous system, restore a healthy sleep, reduce negative consequences of stress, and prevent nervous breakdowns.

Tektite Metaphysical Properties

Tektite Metaphysical Properties

Tektite is a stone of the utmost importance for sorcerers and magicians. Its properties are considered unique due to the combination of four elements - wind (the flight of a meteorite through the atmosphere), fire (impact), earth (surface), and water. For a person who chooses tektite as its talisman, it becomes a protector and good luck bringer. Along with that, it grants wisdom and doesn’t let you do the things you might regret later.

Back in the Stone Age, shamans noticed that some black stones resembled animals, birds, and even people. In their eyes, those were magical stones that help communicate with the spirits. Our ancestors believed that these gems had been sent to Earth from the sky, and their properties were supernatural. It is also known that Tutankhamun's tomb accommodated a scarab-like pectoral featuring a tektite inlay. Historians speculate that this amulet was supposed to protect the heart and soul of the pharaoh.

Modern sorcerers claim that tektite stones can open portals to the past. The aura of the stone is so strong that it helps drive away the evil eye as well as warns against possible mistakes and miscalculations. Having this glass-like mineral as you talisman facilitates the search for truth and knowledge of one's own inner world. It also has a positive effect on human karma. The magic of the stone promotes discoveries and comprehension, it assists in the achievement of one’s goals, as well as helps find spiritual and emotional balance.

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