Bronzite, the Meaning and Properties


Bronzite is a deceptive mineral. It does not contain a single gram of bronze, although his name suggests otherwise. Nevertheless, you won’t be disappointed if you add this stone to your collection. It looks spectacular and is able to bring pleasant surprises. Who knows, maybe you will be lucky to get a specimen containing traces of gold and even meteorites.

Bronzite stone, crystal meaning

The History and Meaning of Bronzite

The mineral has been known to researchers of igneous rocks for a long time. It is also mentioned in ancient legends and treatises on medicine under different names but similar descriptions and properties let us know that they were talking about the same stone. Researchers suggest that the ancient Romans utilized this particular mineral, ground into powder, to treat mental disorders. During the Middle Ages, bronzite-infused drugs were used to treat nervous diseases. Occasionally, polished stones were fashioned into amulets but due to the fact that uncut bronzite is not much different from rocks, people simply couldn't recognize it decorative values.

The stone owes its current name to the German mineralogist Dietrich Gustav Ludwig Karsten. Noticing a striking similarity of the stone with darkened bronze, Karsten called it bronzite. Under this name, he included the stone in his own catalog of minerals in 1807.

Today, bronzite is well-known in jewelry-making. It is cut en cabochon and used as an insert in bracelets, pendants, beads, and necklaces. Bronzite is also a popular material for souvenirs, all kinds of crafts, as well as furniture decorative elements and even countertops.

Bronzite, the Meaning

Mataphysical and Chemical Properties of Bronzite

Bronzite is a Fe2-rich variety of enstatite, a mineral belonging to the orthopyroxene group. If the iron content in a specimen exceeds 5%, it is classified as bronzite.

In addition to iron, bronzite features manganese, and its proportion affects its color – the mineral is available in bronze, brown-yellow, or brown-greenish tints. Coloration is not uniform. The stones exhibit different shades of the same color or flecks of brighter colors (such as golden) on a darker background. Most stones are opaque and acquire a metallic sheen when polished. Some stones may boast a cat's eye effect (chatoyancy).

There are a few varieties of bronzite based on its chemical composition. They are combined into two groups: terrestrial and lunar.

Terrestrial bronzites have earthy and green colors. The following varieties constitute this group:

• Festine. Featuring intergrowths of serpentine, this stone is valued for its rich green color and distinct sheen.
• Lime (calcium) bronzite provides a vibrant green tint.
• Aluminum bronzite – approximately 2% of aluminum in bronzite’s content gives the stone a grayish tint.

Lunar bronzites feature significant amounts of chromium and titanium.
Some specimens may contain traces of precious metals. Stones unearthed in the Caucasus accommodate copper and gold, and those found in the USA have a small content of silver.

Although the mineral has a magmatic origin, i.e. it was formed by volcanic eruptions, it is not uncommon for it to carry remnants of meteorites.

Bronzite cannot offer high hardness (it does not exceed 6.0 on the Mohs scale). Therefore, you should carefully choose items you wish to complement with the mineral. It is great for pendants, necklaces, earrings, brooches, i.e. objects that don't often encounter rubbing or impacts.

Bronzite, Healing Properties

Healing Properties of Bronzite

Lithotherapeutic virtues of bronzite are either poorly known to the general public or underestimated. Nevertheless, healers claim that the mineral has a wide range of beneficial effects:

Improves skin. Psoriasis, eczema, and redness will disappear after applying the stone to the skin areas that require treatment. Massage with bronzite balls is able to smooth out wrinkles, improve complexion, speed up blood circulation, and, eventually, facilitate the process of skin rejuvenation. Besides, the stone regulates the sebaceous glands and helps get rid of blackheads and acne.

Strengthens hair. Bronzite scalp massage can help make your hair strong and beautiful. It stimulates the hair follicles aiding them to absorb nutrients and grow faster. In addition, massage helps relax, relieve headaches, and improve cognition.

Relieves weather sensitivity. If you constantly wear a bronzite pendant, you will no longer experience drowsiness, aching joints, or migraines caused by changes of weather.

Defeats insomnia and, at the same time, invigorates. The stone is placed under the pillow to ensure sound sleep and nice dreams. In the morning, you are going to feel a charge of energy and feel good.

Treats thyroid disorders. Bronzite jewelry worn around the neck alleviates the symptoms of thyroid gland dysfunctions and slows down the development of diseases. At the same time, it cannot replace conservative treatment.

Bronzite, Metaphysical properties

Metaphysical Properties of Bronzite

They say that minerals that look like precious nuggets attract prosperity. If you’re an owner of a bronze-colored stone, you will never suffer from the lack of money. Wealth can come from various sides: excellent job opportunities, gifts, winning a lottery, etc.

Long with that, bronzite is able to improve your money-spending habits and financial savvy. It can teach you to spend less on unnecessary things and, instead, invest in things that bring benefits and pay off.

Bronzite is also capable of giving you virtues and sought-after traits. For instance, it awakens a craving for self-improvement and achieving goals. Aside from that, it rewards perseverance, eagerness, and vigor, sharpens intuition, as well as bestows the ability to resolve conflicts and negotiate. If you lack eloquence, you can also rely on the stone – it will boost your ability to convincingly convey your thoughts.

That being said, bronzite helps only those people who are willing to work hard to become a better self and realize their potential. If you are idle and do nothing but wait for good luck, even the strongest amulet will be of no use.

Bronzite beads for jewelry making

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