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Is lilac your favorite color? Then the gem of your choice has to show it. Of all stones carrying this gentle color, lepidolite is perhaps the most curious. Owning it is pretty challenging since it is a softy. Still, it brings so many benefits on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level that you cannot say no to the opportunities. Here’s what you should know about lepidolite before you make it a star of your gemstone collection.

Lepidolite meaning

History and Meaning of Lepidolite

The first description of the mineral dates back to 1792. Its discoverer, the German chemist Heinrich Klaproth, originally called the stone lilialite due to its amazing color showcasing a range of lilac shades. Somewhat later, the stone was renamed landrin. Again, the name celebrated its purple and lilac color. Lepidolite received its current name only at the end of the 19th century. After examining the mineral in more detail, gemologists discovered that it was flake-like mica. This time, it was this original structure that inspired the gem’s name. The Greek ‘lepis’ means scale or flake, and ‘lithos’ stands for stone.

At the same time, lepidolite has several alternative names including Lavender Stone, Flower Sugilite, and Lithium Mica.

Since lepidolite is soft and fragile, it initially failed to spark interest among jewelers. However, the value of lepidolite cannot be underestimated. This mineral is a source of lithium, which is indispensable in the manufacture of lasers and batteries. In addition, lepidolite is associated with the discovery of the metal rubidium. In 1861, Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff were able to extract a small amount of rubidium salts from 150 kg of lepidolite. The new chemical element was abbreviated Rb.

Lepidolite properties

Physico-Chemical Properties of Lepidolite

Lithium mica aka lepidolite is found in igneous and sometimes hydrothermal rocks. Natural lepidolites are formed from igneous micas if they feature lithium metal. According to its chemical composition, the stone is a fluorine-containing aluminosilicate oftentimes interspersed with particles of rubidium, cesium, manganese, sodium, and diatomic iron.

The crystals of the mineral are monoclinic. Accumulations of lepidolite emerge as finely scaly masses, lamellar crystals, granular formations, and rosettes.

Natural lepidolite offers the colors of lilac and pink range. Along with that, it occurs in yellows, browns, grays, greens, whites, purples, and gray-violets. Moreover, you can come across black tourmaline lepidolite with is a black, purple, and lilac fusion of both minerals.

The luster of cut lepidolite is pearly or glass. Its hardness is low (2.5 on the Mohs scale). The individual flakes of lepidolite are as thin as leaves. They are flexible and can even be bent, after which they easily return to their original shape. At the same time, monolithic accumulations of lamellar scales are fairly solid. Due to its scaly structure, the gem is pretty hard to cut.

The mineral has the optical effect of pleochroism meaning its color changes at different viewing angles. In ultraviolet rays, it glows in pale yellow. One more curious phenomenon is observed when the stone is set on fire - the flame becomes carmine-red, while the lepidolite itself turns into white enamel.

Lepidolite healing properties

Lepidolite Healing Properties

Lepidolite has an extensive healing potential but it manifests its properties the utmost when it comes to the following:

1. Treatment of nervous system diseases.
2. Alleviation of pain.
3. Elimination of tension, both physical and mental.

Lithotheraphy makes use of lepidolite to treat psychosis, depression, and mental disorders. Its gentle vibrations carry harmony and tranquility. It is capable of stabilizing the phychoemotional state of a person, helping them find meaning in life, and dispelling negative thoughts.

The cause of neurosis and depression is often a nervous strain. Lepidolite lends itself to removing fatigue. The best way to benefit from this property is to put the stone in a pocket and hold it in your hands from time to time. Lepidolite-inlaid jewelry is up to this task as well.

If you have trouble sleeping or nightmares, lepidolite will get your mind to relax because insomnia is one of the syndromes of tension. At the same time, the stone stimulates muscle and blood vessels hence it can be used in the therapy intended for the cardiovascular system.

It is also believed that lithium, which the gem contains, eliminates pain. If you feel discomfort, the application of the mineral to the sore spot will bring relief. It acts as an analgesic and sedative.

Lepidolite metaphysical properties, this is purple Lepidolite.

Lepidolite Metaphysical Properties

Lepidolite is yet to reveal all of its amazing properties. The stone wasn’t found yesterday but many of its virtues are still unknown. Nevertheless, esotericists and sorcerers actively use it to curb negative emotions, restore family relationships, and find happiness in love.

One of the most valued properties of the gem is that it helps cope with negative emotions. It extinguishes anger and irritation. Instead, it enables its owner to find harmony through meditation and spiritual practices. And if you put a lit candle next to lepidolite, its power increases tenfold.

The energy of the stone allows maintaining good family relationships. In particular, it facilitates communication between lovers, strengthens their bond, lets partners understand the needs of each other, and brings harmony.

According to astrologers, lepidolite favors Libra. Libras tend to be inconsistent and full of doubts. As a result, many become irritated and depressed. Lepidolite patronizes this zodiac sign by making them more confident and decisive.

Opt for lepidolite set in gold if you want to get the most powerful talisman. The precious metal enhances the energy of the stone. It is most beneficial to creative individuals and those who’d like to realize their full potential. The stone removes doubt from their actions, helps them see the full picture, opens their mind and their eyes, and gently leads them to success. The vibrations of the gem are compatible with the yin energy; that’s why it makes a good choice for ladies.

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