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K2 Azurite in Granite

K2 Azurite is found in a single place on Earth, the snow-smothered peaks of the K-2 Mountain, the eponymous gem is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The stone is born at a high altitude in the kingdom of cold and barren granite rocks. Despite the harsh environment, K2 Azurite radiates allure and lordly quality. As one of the rarest gemstones, it is sough after by jewelers, collectors, and gem enthusiasts alike.
The gem known as K2 has many alternative names – K2 Azurite, K2 Granite, Raindrop Azurite, and others. It is also occasionally called K2 Jasper but it has nothing to do with this stone.
Only Pakistan mines these magnificent gems, although geologists believe there are deposits on China’s side of the K2 Mountain, too. Because mining is carried out in extreme conditions of a high altitude, dense snow, and temperatures below zero degrees Celsius, the supply of K2 azurites is very limited.

K2 Azurite Granite meaning

What is K2 Azurite?

It is not for nothing that the gem is called K2 Azurite or K2 granite because it features both minerals. From a geological standpoint, K2 stones are azurite orbs enclosed in the mass of granite. Blue azurite looks spectacular on the background of white granite. From afar, blue inclusions resemble splashes but if you look closer, you’ll notice that these are tiny balls from a few millimeters to a couple of centimeters in diameter.

It is hard to believe that the bond of azurite and granite may occur naturally since both stones rarely exist next to each other. To most people, K2 gems look like artificially dyed pieces of granite. However, azurite in granite is a genuine creation of nature. The most believable theory describing the rock’s origin says that azurite droplets penetrated cracks and pores in granites during a secondary melt. Sometimes, granite carries malachite droplets instead of azurite. In this case, instead of blue orbs, you’ll see green ones.

Granite is an ingenious rock and the primary material of K2 stones. Its white variety is composed of fine grains of quartz, plagioclase, sodium, muscovite, and biotite. Sometimes black biotite grains are arranged into stripes, and this kind of pattern is called granite gneiss. K2 granites are normally bright white, grayish, or bluish but you can also come across specimens with yellow and red hues.

Azurite is the secondary material of K2 gems, and it added itself to granite after the mother rock had been solidified. Its name refers to the Persian word ‘lazward’ meaning blue. Azurite is basically copper carbonate, and its signature color is the action of copper.

K2 Azurite in Granite properties

Raindrop Azurite in Jewelry

K2 azurite is a fairly soft material, which hardness varies from 3.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs scale. It is easily cut and polished but it quickly acquires scratches. You’re unlikely to see the stone in rings or bracelets because of its brittleness. If you’re considering mounting a large gem into a ring, make sure to choose closed settings or protective resins.

That being said, azurite granite is a nice choice for pendants, rings, pins, and other pieces of jewelry that don’t really interact with hard objects. More often than not, Raindrop Azurite has shapes of polished beads, ovals, or slabs. It is rarely faceted, and all such cuts will feature softly rounded facets.

K2 Azurite Value

The gem is rare and valuable but not precious. Hence its price isn’t sky-high. High-quality specimens typically cost $30-40 per pound, i.e. their value is on a par with jasper and agate. The most sought-after K2 stones provide a snow-white granite background dotted with randomly placed azurites dissimilar in size.

K2 Azurite rough

Healing Properties of K2 Azurite Granite

The stone has the ability to affect the head, brain, and mind. Lithotherapists use it to remove the head-associated manifestations of various diseases including migraines, headaches, dizziness, and tinnitus. Along with that, its curing effect spreads all over the body. Reaching the liver, it helps remove toxins. It strengthens the heart muscle and is able to unclog blood vessels. In cosmetology, K2 azurite is a potent remedy to treat disorders and conditions affecting the skin and hair.K2 Azurite jewelry

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Spiritual and Mystical Properties of Raindrop Azurite

Azurite will serve you well if you’re looking for enlightenment. It is able to help find a connection with the divine entities and bolster our reception of their wisdom. The stone gives more control over the spiritual development of a person and removes any obstacles on the way to a better self.

It is said that the stone found deep in the mountains is capable of enhancing psychic and fortunetelling abilities. Hence it is a talisman of those who read tarot cards and runes. It helps clearly see the difference between things we know and believe in. Azurite captured in granite has a strong connection with the Crown and Third Eye chakras, the Wind element, and it patronizes Libra and Sagittarius astrological signs.

You can rely on K2 azurite if you want to eradicate irrational fears. It helps us understand why we have these fears and how to overcome them. In the same way, it deals with negative emotions including melancholia, sadness, and anger. Instead of letting them control our lives, it teaches us to control them as well as makes us more perceptive to positivity.

With azurite in granite, you may develop critical thinking. It also facilitates the search for truth. These qualities make the stone a desired asset for scientists, researchers, explorers, scholars, creative thinkers, etc.

K2 Granite Azurite healing properties

K2 Azurite Granite for sale

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