Milky Quartz meaning and properties

Milky Quartz

The stone of marvelous beauty, milky quartz is loved around the globe. Generations after generations take advantage of its numerous healing and metaphysical properties, and its aesthetical value cannot be praised enough. Are you ready to make this gorgeous gem your talisman or a striking inlay for your jewelry? Then go ahead and learn more about its attraction.

Milky quartz meaning, this gemstone is a milky quartz

History and Meaning of Milky Quartz

Milk quartz, like its peers from the quartz family, has a long and glorious history. It is known for at least 7 thousand years. The first in-depth attempt to provide a detailed description of the stone and its magical properties was made by Alfonso X in his Lapidario (XIII century). The mineral was described as strong, hard, and pebble-shaped. Found along river banks, quartz was said to curb and cool passions, hence it was used for anti-love spells and potions. At the same time, the stone was believed to endow its owner with the ability to endure thirst. It also embellished temples, had the significance of a talisman, and, of course, was utilized for jewelry and crafts.

From the records of anthropologist Michael Harner, who studied the traditions of the Indians living in the Ecuadorian Andes, it is known that the mineral was a companion of shamans in their wanderings. Due to its properties to restrain bodily impulses, it became a must-have for hermits and mystics who wanted to focus on spiritual matters through constraining carnal desires.

The word quartz itself is of Eastern European origin. Basically, it is a distorted word ‘kwardy’ standing for hard.

Milky Quartz properties, crystal properties

Physico-Chemical Properties of Milky Quartz

The chemical formula of milky quartz is quite simple - it is silicon dioxide. Exactly the same chemical composition is inherent in rock crystal. However, the latter is absolutely pure and transparent while milky quartz is white, creamy, grayish, and yellowish. This color range as well as translucence occurs due to minute bubbles of gas that the crystals capture as they grow. Besides, this is not uncommon for milky quartz to feature chromophores and lime impurities, which give it a subtle tint as well as a greasy luster uncharacteristic for other types of quartz.

Perhaps the most scintillating variety of the gem is sugar or snow quartz. Its name speaks for itself – it is as white as snow, translucent, and permeated with delicate opaque patterns.

The stone is fairly hard (7.0 on the Mohs scale) and strong meaning it is a great choice for jewelry, including items intended for everyday wear. It is resistant to household chemicals, acids, and alkali. Also, the mineral can boast piezoelectric properties, i.e. it is able to generate electromagnetic waves. It occurs due to the fact that its electrical axes lie in the same direction. As a result, the ends of the axes are come together and create vibrations.

Milky quartz is widespread throughout the world but jewelry-grade specimens predominantly come from Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, The USA, Russia, etc. At the same time, the mineral can be synthesized in a laboratory. You won’t be able to tell natural and synthetic stones apart since their chemical and physical properties are the same. That being said, man-made quartz can’t provide any healing or metaphysical virtues.

Milky Quartz Healing properties

Milky Quartz Healing Properties

Milky quartz is highly revered in traditional medicine and lithotherapy. Perhaps the most common way to make use of its healing properties is to prepare quartz water. The mineral is immersed in purified water for a day, and then this water is consumed daily. With its help, you can normalize the functioning of many systems, organs, and processes in your body as well as slow down aging.

Milky quartz lends itself to the treatment of various skin diseases. Acne, hives, and eczema disappear if you introduce your skin to the mineral via massage or daily washing with quartz-infused water. Also, the mineral is able to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns.

Milky quartz is an all-around healer offering its versatile medicinal properties to everyone who chooses it as its talisman or piece of jewelry. Among its most valuable virtues are:

• saturates cells with oxygen;
• protects against flu and colds,
• strengthens the immune system;
• prevents allergic reactions;
• promotes the proper operation of the endocrine system;
• improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract;
• helps restore memory;
• has a positive effect on the functioning of the central nervous system;
• relieves absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.

Milky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Milky Quartz Metaphysical Properties

As for the magical aspect, milky quartz stone can boast tremendous power. For centuries, fortunetellers, psychics, and witches have been using it to craft magical objects, including crystal balls that can predict the future. It is also indispensable during spiritualistic séances as a guide to the world of the dead. Meditation with milky quartz can help your astral body travel through subtle matters.

The mineral is suitable for all zodiac signs except Virgo and Gemini. To everyone else, it will give cheerfulness, vigor, and strength to cope with any challenging circumstances. Milky quartz is especially beneficial to females. Crystals make their owners more emotional but don’t cause mood swings. At the same time, it is a talisman of mothers. It helps enhance the bond between a mother and her child and protects a little one from the evil eye.

Milky quartz jewelry is able to make its owner more appealing and assists in establishing a strong connection with other people. Overall, quartz aids to maintain relationships as well as avoid cheating and misunderstandings.

When combined with silver, quartz helps attract good luck and increase wealth. A ring featuring the white gem facilitates goal-accomplishing and making dreams come true. Moreover, the stone is considered a symbol of wisdom; hence, it is of great use for people involved in mental activity. It helps concentrate on important things, improves analytical thinking, frees the mind from unnecessary thoughts, as well as provides peace of mind.

Milky Quartz for Sale

Milky Quartz for Sale

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Milky Quartz beads and cabochons for jewelry making

Milky Quartz Beads and Cabochons for Jewelry Making