Guide to Iolite

This gemstone is as beautiful as it is mysterious. It can disguise itself as another gemstone. It teams up with sunstone to make a unique two-tone jewel. It boasts a magnetizing ability to change its color. Long story short, this gem is everything but ordinary. The hero of this post is iolite, a sapphire-like stone that has a lot to offer to a gem connoisseur.

The History of Iolite

The stunningly beautiful iolite has many alternative names - dichroite, water sapphire, violet stone, etc. Its commercial name, iolite, is derived from the Greek ‘io’ meaning violet and ‘lithos’ standing for stone.
In mineralogy, the stone is known as cordierite. It was named after the French geologist and mining engineer Pierre Cordier who discovered its dichroism effect. Dichroism is the ability to change color depending on the direction of the light or viewing angle.
The first mentions of the violet gem, dubbed the stone of sailors, are found in Scandinavian poetic legends. Historians who studied these legends suggested that Vikings had valued the mysterious stone as a talisman. However, it later turned out that iolite was dubbed as a compass.
It is believed that the legendary ruler of Greenland Leif Ericsson the Happy had created a unique optical lens that helped determine the position of the sun even on cloudy and rainy days. Presumably, this iolite-made lens aided him to reach the shores of Central America. He did it five centuries ahead of Columbus.

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Iolite Metaphysicochemical Properties

Iolite is a complex aluminosilicate of magnesium and iron. Its crystals are prismatic with a rectangular cross-section. More often than not, the stone is clear or translucent with a beautiful glassy luster. Some examples boast a cat's eye effect.
Absolutely clear and impurity-less iolites are extremely rare. You are likely to come across specimens featuring some kind of inclusion. Iolite interspersed with hematite obtains a brown tint. Magnetite admixtures give the minerals beautiful shine and sparkle. Sometimes, the mineral contains microparticles of zircon and apatite, which result in yellow sparks. It is the sign of genuine iolite.

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Iolite Colors

Since gem-quality iolites offer statement dark purple and deep blue colors, they are often used as a sapphire imitation. Hence, the other name of the mineral is false sapphire. Thanks to dichroism, faceted iolite can feature various shades of blue or purple ranging from electric to practically colorless.

Depending on its composition and color, iolite is available in a few varieties:
• Light blue iolites are known as water sapphires;
• Gems with a deep blue color are called lynx sapphires;
• Crystals of a rich cherry color due to Lepidocrocite admixture have a trade name bloodshot iolite. On top of a different color, these specimens feature a scattering of small metallic plates producing a sparkling schiller effect termed aventurescence.
• Iolite sunstone is a combination of iolite and sunstone. The gems are intergrown with each other so one side of such a specimen is blue or purple and the other is yellow or orange.
• Dark purple, almost black, gems are dubbed ink iolite.

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Iolite Deposits

Natural iolite belongs to semi-precious gemstones. Specimens of the highest quality come from Norway. Besides their luster and color intensity, they are prized for size reaching up to 12 cm in diameter. Slightly smaller iolites are mined in Russia. There are also deposits in South and North America (Brazil, USA, and Canada). Stones supplied from Tanzania, India, Namibia and Madagascar offer excellent quality and purity. Valuable bloodshot iolite sunstone is found in Sri Lanka.

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Iolite Healing Properties

Iolite’s rich blue-violet color promotes concentration, tranquility, and distraction from unpleasant thoughts. This quality helped it cement its status as a go-to mineral in lithotherapy. Iolite is recommended to absent-minded, overly emotional, anxious, and depressed individuals. It is able to steady the nerves as well as regain self-control and clarity of thoughts. It is also a powerful solution against obsessions, fears, and dizziness.
To get the desired peace of mind and relaxation, lithotherapists suggest warming iolite in your hands for 10-15 minutes. While doing it, observe the play of light and the powerful blue-purple color. ‘Diving’ into the depths of the stone helps relieve nervous tension.
Healers believe that iolite is able to fight insomnia and nightmares. It suffices to put the stone at the head of the bed to make use of its calming effect.
Iolite is also helpful to detoxify your body. Put iolite in pure water for 24 hours and then drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Iolite kills germs and improves the functioning of the digestive system. It also resets the liver and helps it remove harmful substances from the body.

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Iolite Magic Properties

Iolite helps a person to control their emotions. It gives confidence, dispels fears, and helps overcome depression. Along with that, it allows finding a way out of difficult situations. The mineral instills hope, encourages, and inspires.
Iolite is said to bring prosperity. It is an excellent choice for individuals who have debts or want to improve their finances. As a talisman, the mineral saves from the evil eye and helps introduce proper order in life.
Iolite is often called ‘the stone of the muses’. It has a positive effect on the creative side of the mind and allows thinking outside of the box. On top of that, it is effective in establishing harmony in relationships. It lends itself to resolving conflicts between people and finding a common language.

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