Kunzite meaning and properties


You haven’t heard of kunzite? That’s fine, the stone isn’t well-known outside the circles of diehard gemstone enthusiasts. At the same time, it has been loved by the rich and powerful since the day it was brought to light. Living in the shade of glorious gems, kunzite, nevertheless, is gaining ground as a fashionable must-have. It’s time for you to learn more about this purple marvel – this post will help you to do so.

Kunzite meaning

History and Meaning of Kunzite

You won't come across kunzite in legends, myths, and traditions. It’s simply because the tern kunzite didn’t exist at the time. It wasn’t even recognized as a gemstone in its own right since people often confused it with amethyst or rose quartz.

The first data regarding the stone appears only at the end of the 19th century when two American prospectors, father and son Sinclair, discovered it in California. They took their founding for tourmaline but to be sure, they gave the stone for examination to the famous gemologist George Frederick Kunz. This happened in 1902.

Having studied the gem, Kunz realized that it was something new and hitherto unknown. After giving it the proper description, he entered the history of mineralogy as the "father" of kunzite. He, being also an employee of the Tiffany jewelry house, convinced its owners to promote the gem. The first collection was sold out with a bang, and the stone caught the attention of crème de la crème of the society on both sides of the Atlantic.

Still, kunzite can't compete with precious stones in popularity. It reached its peak in 1996 when Sotheby's sold a Van Cleef Arpels ring with 47-carat kunzite surrounded by 20 diamonds for $410,000. This ring, made in the 1960s, was supposed to be a gift from George Kennedy to his wife Jacqueline. Unfortunately, the President was assassinated before he could deliver it, so Jacqueline Kennedy received it only after her husband's death.

Kunzite properties, crystal meaning

Physical and Chemical Properties of Kunzite

Kunzite is a transparent or translucent mineral of delicate pink, lilac, or purple color. It is a variety of spodumene, an aluminum and lithium silicate with the chemical formula LiAl (Si2O6). The gem owes its color range to the impurities of manganese. At the same time, manganese is to blame for one of the most significant shortcomings of the mineral - when heated or exposed to direct sunlight, the stone fades. The mineral has a couple of cousins – green stones featuring the same chemical composition are called hiddenites, and yellow peers are dubbed triphane.

Although purple is the statement color of the mineral, it occurs in a wide range of shades: lilac, pale purple, violet-pink, bluish, and even colorless. Some specimens boast dichroism meaning they can change their hue at different viewing angles. Another distinguishing feature of natural kunzites is internal vertical strokes.

Gem-quality minerals provide transparency (although most specimens are translucent) and are quite hard (6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale). At the same time, they have perfect cleavage in two directions, which, coupled with its brittleness, makes kunzite fairly difficult to cut.

Kunzite value and price

Deposits and Value of Kunzite

Kunzites of superlative quality are mined in Brazil (Minas Gerais), the USA (California), Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and a handful of other countries. The mineral is formed in granite pegmatites with a high content of aluminum, sodium, and lithium compounds. Individual crystals can exceed 10 meters in length and weigh several tons.

The finest rough kunzites cost around $5-50 per carat. The prices of cut stones under 5 carats start at $10 per carat, while large specimens can be purchased for $15-20 per carat.

Kunzite healing properties

Kunzite Healing Properties

Traditional medicine, folk healers, and lithotherapy benefit from the strong medicinal virtues of kunzite. The mineral affects a person at the energy level and nourishes both a healer and a patient. The action of the purple mineral is versatile but its forte is the improvement of the functioning of the following organs and systems in the human body:

• vessels;
• heart;
• brain and spinal cord;
• lungs.

Kunzite boosts blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, relieves pain, and has a mild antiseptic effect. It is an efficient remedy to treat cold and flu, diminish allergic reactions, relieve spasms, and combat infection. That being said, you should use it in combination with conventional treatment. It does not conflict with medicines. Instead, it enhances their efficiency and lowers the risk of side effects. Besides that, kunzite is able to help accelerate regenerative processes in the tissues damaged by surgery or infection. It is also of great use for those who suffer from depression, neurosis, and psychosis. Regular meditation or gazing at the mineral improves sleep, relieves nightmares, and provides peace of mind.

Kunzite metaphysical properties

Kunzite Metaphysical Properties

Kunzite is one of the strongest energy boosters among minerals. The vibrations of the stone are able to affect the worldview and self-awareness of its wearer and sharpen their feelings. Kunzite lends itself well to meditation. Its properties make it easier to enter a trance, steady the flows of energy, as well as normalize breathing and heartbeat.

Kunzite amulets activate intellectual abilities and talents along with enhancing logical thinking. They give inspiration to creative individuals, as well as bolster their enthusiasm and perseverance to manage new skills or move towards the set goal. Thanks to the exposure to kunzite, a person who owns it can improve their self-esteem and gain faith in themselves. The stone is an excellent motivator.

When you change a place of living, whether it is moving across the street or relocation to another country, the stone will facilitate adaptation and attract benevolent people. Those who wear kunzite items for quite some time notice that they become the better version of themselves. That’s because the gem awakens positive traits in people as well as reduces the need for lies and negative emotions. Kunzite talismans are sort of a shield protecting from negativity, evil eye, and misfortune. Such talismans are even suitable for children.

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