Chalcedony is a multifaceted mineral boasting over 100 varieties. It is impossible to accurately describe its appearance as it can be of any color under the sun, and the range of its patterns is simply mind-blowing. If you appreciate a wealth of choice and diversity, chalcedony is the right mineral for your worldview.

Chalcedony stone meaning

The History and Meaning of Chalcedony

Chalcedony has been mined since ancient times. For the first time, it was found in the vicinity of the town of Chalcedon in Ancient Greece on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. Those stones provided many colors and patterns but they had identical properties. Therefore, they got the same name that honored the place of their discovery. Ancient Greeks used chalcedony to carve cameos, and they especially enjoyed blue and green specimens.

In the Middle Ages, Chalcedon was destroyed by barbarians and the extraction of chalcedony ceased. Interest in the gem rekindled only in the XVII-XIX centuries. It is said that Byron and Napoleon had rings inlaid with chalcedony.

Chalcedony has many mentions in myths and legends. John the Apostle, for instance, claimed that chalcedony adorned 3 of the 12 walls of the heavenly city of New Jerusalem.

Chalcedony meaning

Physical Properties and Chemical Properties of Chalcedony

The mineral is cryptocrystalline silica featuring intergrowths of quartz and moganite. The physical properties of chalcedony are similar to quartz: hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale, a waxy or greasy luster, and a lack of cleavage. Chalcedony stones are available as opaque and translucent.

Despite its medium hardness, the gem is fragile and requires careful maintenance. When you wear it, you should protect chalcedony from impacts.

Chalcedony Properties

The Varieties, colors of Chalcedony

Depending on the color and pattern, chalcedony exists in the following varieties:

Chrysoprase (Green Chalcedony)

Chrysoprase, it is natural green color chalcedony

This gem has a green tint stemming from admixtures of nickel and moganite. Chrysoprase itself is a combination of chalcedony, quartz, and tridymite.

Chrome chalcedony

Chrome chalcedony, it is similar to Chrysoprase chalcedony

Similar to chrysoprase, it displays a green color. However, this coloration occurs due to the influence of chromium instead of nickel. A rare variety of chrome chalcedony featuring a deep green color, sometimes with black stains, is called matorolite (mtorolite) and it’s found only in Zimbabwe.

Blue chalcedony (Aqua Chalcedony)

Blue Chalcedony, it is natural color chalcedony

This is a rare and valuable variety of the gem. It provides a gentle blue tint and layered patterns.

Cacholong (White Chalcedony)

Cacholong chalcedony, the variety of chalcedony

It has a milky white hue and partial transparency. Some gemologists classify it as opal because cacholong is basically a blend of opal with quartz and chalcedony. We sell it as "White onyx".

Carnelian (Orange Chalcedony)

Orange Chalcedony is called Carnelian

This gem is chalcedony with a wide range of reddish colors (red, orange, scarlet, brown, etc) due to the impact of iron oxide. Sardonyx, carnelian, and sarder are the varieties of carnelian.

Heliotrope Chalcedony

Heliotrope Chalcedony is known as Bloodstone

This alluring stone is green chalcedony exhibiting scarlet and yellow spots. Heliotrope is better known as bloodstone.

Agate Chalcedony

Chalcedony offering banded patterns is referred to as agate

Chalcedony offering banded patterns is referred to as agate. Nature provides a large number of agates, which differ in color (pink, black, grey, blue, and many others) and pattern (for instance, moss or landscape agate).

Pink chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony, this is natural color

Thanks to its gentle pink color, it is very popular in the jewelry industry. This picture is a natural pink chalcedony.

Chalcedony onyx

Chalcedony onyx, one of chalcedony variety

It alternates layers of quartz with chalcedony and other minerals. Such stones can be easily distinguished by their stripes of red, brown, black, and white colors.

Aquaprase Chalcedony

Aquaprase Chalcedony, it is new gemstone

Aquaprase is the latest addition to the chalcedony family. This bluish-green variety of the gem was found just several years ago in Africa.

Where Chalcedony is Found?

The stone is mined in India, Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, the United States, as well as many regions of Russia.

Germany boasts some of the oldest and best-known centers of chalcedony processing and cutting. Along with that, the country has large deposits of the mineral. Chalcedony is also mined in Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic, Poland, and some other locations.

Chalcedony colors

Healing Properties of Chalcedony

Chalcedony of any type and color is able to cure nervous exhaustion. However, you shouldn’t overuse the mineral since its long-term effect on the nervous system may negatively affect the psyche and disrupt blood circulation.

Blue chalcedony is of good use for people who have low blood pressure. Stones of red colors have the opposite effect, i.e. they reduce high arterial pressure. Apart from that, this variety is recommended to meteosensitive individuals. When worn regularly, red gems are able to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Green and pink chalcedony stones lend themselves to people who suffer from anxiety and insomnia. Their action promotes sound and deep sleep.

Chalcedony Stone Healing Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Chalcedony

Chalcedony lends powerful magical properties. Interestingly, the mineral is constantly expanding the range of its abilities. Centuries ago, it had just a couple of tricks up its sleeve and now it is almost almighty. It seems that the stone reveals more of its capabilities with the onset of every new era.

Chalcedony is a perfect choice for open-minded and cheerful people. It doesn’t get along with selfish individuals. The stone helps find new acquaintances as well as easily dispels sad thoughts and sorrows. Amulets featuring the gem can drive away evil spirits, ill-wishers, and adverse energies. They are indispensable for sleepwalkers and those who have frequent nightmares.

The mineral is a patron saint of art. If you’re into music, literature, acting, painting, etc., chalcedony is able to enhance your talents. They say that if you put this stone under your tongue, it will improve your ability to beautifully express your thoughts. It also helps speed up the thought process. Apart from that, chalcedony brings prosperity and promotes success if you work hard to achieve it.

Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties

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