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Legends say that this stone was sent to us by an angel. Indeed, you can clearly discern angel wings in its patterns. Not only is seraphinite exquisite but also powerful when it comes to the matters of spirituality and humanity. Learn more about this gift of the heavens.

Seraphinite Meaning and Properties

The History and Meaning of Seraphinite

The mineral was first described in 1888 by the Russian mineralogist Nikolay Koksharov in his book “Materials for the Mineralogy of Russia”. He discovered green stones, which no one had seen before, in Siberia, not far from the shores of Lake Baikal.

The official name of the mineral - clinochlore - comes from the Greek words ‘klino’ for ‘to bow’ and ‘chloros’ meaning green. The name refers to its statement green color and the arrangement of crystals that are tilted at different angles.

At first, jewelers did not recognize the value of this stone although it became popular with collectors. Jewelers took a closer look at the mineral only after World War II. They found that the fibers of the stone resembled the wings of an angel. Since minerals with angelic names were already on the market, marketers came up with an equally remarkable name seraphinite referring to six-winged seraphs or seraphim angels, God's servers.

There are a couple of beautiful legends about the origin of the mineral. One day, a seraphim angel found out about a girl whose love had been betrayed. For the first time in his life, he burst into tears because angels were not allowed to help mortals. His tears fell on the ground and turned into green crystals. According to the other legend, seraphinite is a petrified feather of the supreme angel.

Seraphinite Meaning, crystal meaning

Mataphysico-Chemical Properties of Seraphinite

Seraphinite is a hydrothermal product of alteration of pyroxenes, biotites, and amphiboles. It can be formed in chlorite schists, serpentinites, marbles, calc-silicate rocks, amphibolites, and sometimes in igneous ultramafic rocks.

Seraphinite offers various shades of green ranging from olive to dark green. These colors distinguish the stone from clinochlore, which is also available in yellow, pink, lilac, or off-white. Its fibrous pattern, reminiscent of elegant lace or frosty stains on windows, appears due to inclusions of manganese, aluminum, and iron. These very fibers provide the effect of chatoyancy, otherwise known as the cat's eye. By itself, seraphinite is opaque but its patterns are translucent, which makes it seem as if the stone glows from within.

The mineral is very soft and fragile– its hardness is only 2.0-4.0 on the Mohs scale. The majority of stones are cut en cabochon since this shape is not as prone to cracking and chipping as faceted varieties. Polished seraphinites have a vitreous luster towards the edges but closer to the center, it appears rather resinous.

Seraphinite Properties

Types of Seraphinite

Today, we know a few types of seraphinite. These varieties differ from each other in color and, therefore, the content of elements.

• Chromian clinochlore (in Russia, it is known as Kochubeit). Its lilac-green color pinpoints the inclusion of chromium. This variety is pleochroic: stones look green in natural light and purple in artificial lighting. Occasionally, some specimens can have a pink or purple tint.

• Sheridanite is aluminum-rich seraphinite. The name is a nod to Sheridan (Wyoming, USA), a place where it was first discovered. Its color is slightly lighter and with a touch of grey.

• Leuchtenbergite. The content of iron gives this mineral a light green tint, almost yellowish. Some specimens can appear colorless. The name of the mineral honors Duke Maximilian of Leuchtenberg, the head of the corps of mining engineers of the Russian Empire in the 19th century.

Seraphinite healing properties

Healing Properties of Seraphinite

Seraphinite has long been known to the ingenious peoples of Siberia as a powerful healer. They revere the mineral for its ability to boost the regenerative processes in the human body. In particular, seraphinite is able to accelerate recovery from severe injuries and after surgeries as well as helps heal wounds, burns, and ulcers. At the same time, lithotherapy claims that the gem can treat cardiac diseases if you wear it on your chest. Put it under your pillow and you will know no headaches. Seraphinite bracelets are beneficial to normalize blood pressure.

Women appreciate seraphinite for its rejuvenating properties since it smoothes out wrinkles, removes skin redness, and even erases small scars. There are several ways to benefit from the stone’s rejuvenating virtues: massage, washing with seraphinite-infused water, and keeping it close to your body. In addition to this, folk healers suggest taking the stone in your hands and gazing at its patterns. After a few such sessions, not only will it improve your skin but also invigorate the entire body. It is also believed that the mineral enhances immunity and even treats mental disorders.

The gem has a calming and relaxing effect. It will help extinguish anger and relieve nervous tension as you contemplate it. Use it for meditation to find peace of mind, integrity, as well as harmony with yourself and the outside world.

Seraphinite Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical Properties of Seraphinite

Psychics say that seraphinite can help a person establish a connection with their guardian angel during a meditation. You can ask your patron to show you a way out of difficult situations and protect against adversity. Stones fashioned in beads or rosaries are best suited for meditation.

Even a single stone provides miraculous properties. In particular, it can affect a person on the emotional and personal level to awake such moral qualities as modesty, prudence, justice, mercy, kindness, and love for others. Although seraphinite is beneficial to everybody, it favors individuals who serve others - teachers, doctors, clergy, healers, etc. It gives them the strength to help people and change the world for the better.

You can have a seraphinite talisman in your home if you want to protect it from ill-wishers, the evil eye, and misfortunes. Such an item (or a few items if they are small in size) promotes harmony between people and attracts prosperity.

Seraphinite healing properties and metaphysical properties

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