Green Amethyst meaning and properties

Green Amethyst

You think that amethysts exist only in purple hues? Think again! A unique variety of the precious stone carries a magnetizing green color. However, the stone is so rare that it raises doubts - is it really the creation of Mother Nature? In this post, you’ll learn the truth about the origin of the mineral, its significance, as well as its numerous virtues.

Green Amethyst meaning

The History and Meaning of Green Amethyst

Let's start with the fact that green amethyst has an official name - prasiolite. This term is comprised of two words of ancient Greek origin - prason that stands for 'leek' and lithos, which means 'stone'. The mineral earned this name due to its hexagonal prismatic crystals as well as green color reminiscent of leek.

It is worth noting that the Ancient Greeks dubbed the mineral prasitis. It received its current formal name only in the middle of the 20th century. At the same time, it has many monikers - green quartz, emerald quartz, Indian emerald, vermarine, chrysoquartz, peridine, etc.

Green amethyst is actually a misnomer since amethyst exists only in purple hues. Although this term is incorrect from the standpoint of mineralogy, it stuck as a trade name.

Green amethyst was first discovered in Ancient Greece two thousand years ago and quickly became a popular material for making jewelry and amulets. It did not escape the attention of the Greeks that the green crystals quickly turned pale when exposed to sunlight. They explained this phenomenon by the will of the Gods.

Perhaps the best-known green amethyst is the one that was incorporated in the brooch of Catherine the Great. The piece of jewelry presented by the Polish King Stanisław II August Poniatowski became a favorite of the Empress. She wore it all her life believing that the gem was the source of her greatness.

Green Amethyst Properties

Physico-Chemical Properties of Green Amethyst

Green amethyst is a variety of crystalline quartz tinted in a wide range of green tones: emerald green, onion green, lemon green, minty, etc. While regular amethyst is purple due to impurities of cobalt, manganese, and iron, gemologists have not come to a consensus about the origin of the green color. Many believe that it is the result of the action of pigments of organic origin, others assume that iron ions have a hand in coloring the mineral.

Green amethyst is shrouded in mystery. It is not uncommon to hear that it doesn’t exist in nature. In fact, it is possible to unearth prasiolite but its deposits are few and far between. Some of the most well-known mines are located in the USA, India, Russia, and Poland. These specimens were formed in the process of natural heating of amethysts by volcanic lava.

Green amethyst is so rare and its demand far outstrips the supply. Fortunately, in 1950, scientists learned to produce man-made green amethysts. To do this, purple amethysts, as well as quartz and citrine, were annealed at temperatures over 500 C. That being said, not all aforementioned gemstones are suitable for creating prasiolite. More often than not, heated amethyst turns yellow (akin to citrine) and citrine becomes purple (just like amethyst). Only specimens that are quarried in Brazil (Minas Gerais), the USA (Arizona), and Poland have the necessary properties to become green amethyst after heat treatment.

One more way to obtain green amethysts is irradiation of purple amethysts. However, this method is less common than heating since such specimens are unstable – their color fades when they are exposed to temperatures exceeding 150 C.

Natural prasiolite can be either transparent or translucent, while processed stones are often transparent. Regardless of origin, the mineral is quite hard (7 on the Mohs scale) but brittle - when split, it exposes a conchoidal fracture. Polished stones show a vitreous luster.

Green Amethyst Healing Properties

Green Amethyst Healing Properties

Green amethyst is called the stone of natural strength, energy, and health. It is widely used in the treatment of various diseases but it is not able to work wonders on its own. Its best qualities are manifested in conjunction with drugs and medical procedures since it is capable of enhancing their action.

The mineral is beneficial to those who suffer from a high temperature or some kind of infection. To maximize its effect, it must be applied to bare skin.

If you have a severe headache, put on green amethyst earrings and pain will subside. The stone is so powerful that it is able to affect people nearby its wearer. If your friend flaunts a green amethysts ring, you can ask them to put a hand on your head and the stone will absorb your pain. Besides that, if you expose your head to the healing power of the green stone, you can improve your eyesight and hearing.

Green amethyst has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. Full-body massage featuring the polished mineral is able to remove toxins from the blood and normalize the heartbeat. In addition, it has aesthetic virtues – it increases muscle tone and eliminates fine wrinkles.

Green Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

Green Amethyst Metaphysical Properties

It is believed that prasiolite jewelry is a great gift for someone you love since it symbolizes fidelity, devotion, and the power of feelings. The stone is able to convey the wishes and emotions of the one who possesses it as well as materialize them. That being said, you shouldn’t present vantage or used green emeralds because they get attached to the first owner.

Various items featuring green amethyst manifest their powers differently. Rings, for example, are able to relieve gloomy thoughts and assist in achieving goals. A necklace or pendant protects its wearer from someone else's negativity, envy, evil eye, and hostility. A bracelet ensures a happy love life and clarity of thought. Earrings carrying the mineral promote wealth, strengthen the spirit, and improve mood.

Green amethyst is highly appreciated by sorcerers since it helps develop witchcraft abilities. Besides that, it patronizes people engaged in studies or intellectual activities. As a talisman, it boosts cognition, enhances memory, and improves imagination.

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