Crystal Quartz

Crystal Quartz

Quartz isn’t by any means a rare mineral. However, it comes in so many colors, shapes, and even structures that it’s hard to believe that simple silica can be so multifaceted and so beautiful. Normally, quartz provides some sort of color but crystal quartz is different. Some of its specimens are as clear as a tear. Others are as white as the first snow. Once you lay your eye on this magnificence, you will never want to part with it.

Crystal Quartz History and Significance

It is impossible to say for sure when our ancestors first discovered crystal quartz. One of the legends says that people considered white quartz to be water frozen at the behest of powerful gods. Pagan deities, amazed at the beauty of icy peaks, immortalized them in the stone.
Archaeological excavations indicate that people have been using crystal quartz for at least 7,000 years. Our ancestors utilized the mineral to craft tools, household items, and ornaments. They also made use of its magical properties in various rituals and rites.
In Ancient Greece, there was a belief that rock crystal is the tears of gods. The Japanese recognized white quartz as the frozen breath and saliva of a dragon. In Europe, this mineral is often called the Arabian and Bohemian diamond.
Mineralogists believe that crystal quartz owes its name to Theophrastus, a Greek scientist. The Greek word ‘crystallus’ translates as ‘ice’. Crystals are mentioned in Greek literature, specifically, in the Iliad and Odyssey.

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Crystal Quartz Physicochemical Properties

Crystal Quartz is natural silica; more precisely, it is silicon dioxide. It is the most abundant mineral on earth. Thanks to the various impurities contained in quartz, we can enjoy a great range of gemstones - agate, amethyst, citrine, and many others. Colorless quartz exists as well and it is either transparent or white. It is these varieties that are called crystal quartz.
Pure inclusion-less minerals are relatively rare and highly prized in the jewelry industry. In nature, these crystals have a form of a prism or trapezoid. There are also doubly terminated crystals with a pointed tip on both sides.
Crystal quartz has a high hardness of 7.0 on the Mohs scale. However, due to its relatively low density, the mineral is brittle and easy to crack. Crystals are clear or translucent, colorless or with a gentle pinkish, lilac, or golden tint. They have a glassy luster and have the property of transmitting ultraviolet light.
One of the most intriguing properties of crystal quartz is its piezoelectric effect. Simply put, it is able to generate electromagnetic waves. They occur because the electrical axes of the mineral are laid in the same direction. As a result, the ends of the electric axes create vibrations.
Along with that, white quartz is able to purify water and improve its properties. The stone alters the structure of water making it look similar to water from mountain springs. If you heat crystal quartz and then put it in the water, a rapidly cooling surface will squeeze the heated core. Thanks to the piezoelectric effect, this will result in oxygen ion emission. After contacting oxygen atoms, they turn into ozone. This property is widely used in ozone therapy.

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Crystal Quartz Types

Rock crystal, Crystal quartz is a clear colorless mineral. Occasionally, it can display subtle pink, golden, and purple hues.

Milky Quartz

Milky quartz (snow quartz, quartzite) is an opaque or translucent white mineral featuring microscopic water bubbles that cause cloudiness. It has a uniform color with a slight yellowish tinge.

Sugar Quartz

Sugar quartz has an interesting surface texture occurring due to the phenomena of micro-crystalline facets. In other words, it looks like the mineral is covered with sugar crystals.

Frosted Quartz

Frosted quartz is a transparent mineral with white internal patterns resembling a frosted window.

Iridescent quartz

Iridescent quartz - these crystals are either clear or translucent with a beautiful rainbow glow. This type of white quartz is known since the 1950s. Currently, it is found only in India and Argentina. Iridescent quartz has many names - iris quartz, adularescent quartz, rainbow quartz, schiller quartz, bingemite, and anandalite.

All these crystal quartz stones occur naturally. Apart from that, there are man-made varieties of white or clear quartz. Synthetic quartz (also called Smelt Quartz) is made of quartz sand under high pressure and temperatures of over 600 C. Unlike natural quartz, it doesn’t have a crystalline structure. Although the chemical composition of natural and artificial quartz is the same, the latter has no healing or magical properties.

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Crystal Quartz Healing Properties and Magical Properties

White and clear quartz lends itself to spiritual healing. It conducts energy vibrations and is able to accumulate the energy of the positive spectrum. Thanks to its soft energy, you can use it to balance your inner contradictions and gain more patience. It is believed that crystal quartz favors females but the truth is that everyone can take advantage of its metaphysical and healing powers. It is especially beneficial to Scorpions and Libra. On the other hand, Gemini and Virgo should use it carefully.
In folk medicine and lithotherapy, crystal quartz is a go-to solution to treat diseases of respiratory organs and the heart. Quartz water shows potential for rejuvenation; therefore, it is used for cosmetic purposes. Washing with quartz-infused water helps keep the skin in good shape, improve its color, and remove acne.
White quartz is also a reliable assistant in magic rituals. Many centuries ago, priests used the stone to kindle a sacrificial fire. They believed that it was a guide to the kingdom of the dead. For this reason, tomb chambers were often lined with quartz crystals.

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Crystal Quartz for Jewelry making

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