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As a cousin of regular coal, shungite shares a deep black color with it. However, unlike the fuel mineral, it is harder and won’t leave dust or smear on your hands. A rare black gem is steeped in myths and legends. The most incredible of them says that the royal dynasty of the Romanovs owes its emergence to this mineral. Whether you believe it such legends or not, it is impossible to deny shungite’s allure. Jewelry and amulets flashing this mysterious gemstone have a beneficial effect not only on your style but also your health and fate.

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Two Types of Shungite

Shungite occurred in the Precambrian period. It is rather difficult to establish the exact age of the gem. According to some researchers, the age of shungite deposits may exceed 2 billion years!

There are two types of shungite featuring a slightly different chemical composition. Lustrous shungite features 60–98% carbon. Possessing strong decorative qualities, it is a valuable material for the manufacture of jewelry, figurines, talismans, souvenirs, etc. Matte shungite has less than 40% of carbon and a large proportion of impurities. Due to these admixtures, this type of shungite displays a dark gray and even brown color. Matte shungite has no value for jewelry production. Instead, it is used in metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, rubber industry, etc.

The History of Shungite

The very first description of the black mineral dates back to 1792. In 1877, Doctor of Mineralogy and Geology, Alexander Inostrantsev, determined that the sample he had been examining was a new member of the non-crystalline carbon family. It was he who gave the mineral its name, which is a node to the Karelian (a region in Russia bordering on Finland) village of Shunga where the rock was first found.

Even before scientists established the nature of the mineral, people had been taking benefits of its miraculous power for centuries. According to one of the legends, the great-grandmother of Peter the Great, being in exile near Lake Onega, drank water from one of its sources. The water turned out to be healing and cured the empress of infertility. Soon the woman gave birth to a son, the future emperor Mikhail Romanov. Later, the empress's grandson, Peter the Great, initiated the search for miraculous Karelian springs. He also ordered his soldiers to wear black stones found nearby the lake and use them to purify water during military campaigns. Today, spring waters enriched by shungite are in the heart of popular Karelian resorts. Shungite waters attract people who seek to cure their body and soul.

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Shungite Deposits

Shungite is a fairly rare stone. The main industrial production is carried out on the northern side of Lake Onega. According to experts, an approximate volume of the mineral from all Karelian deposit fields is about 1 billion tons. In addition, a large amount of shungite was found in Kazakhstan. Researchers believe that a potential stone reserve equals 50 million tons.

The Healing Properties of Shungite

Shungite is highly valued for its water purifying capabilities. History has preserved evidence that the stone was widely used in the Russian imperial army to prevent dysentery. Its absorbing capacity is 30 times higher than that of activated charcoal. Not only to purify, but shungite is able to enrich the water with health-promoting ions. Shungite-infused water treats various allergies, bronchial asthma, chronic gastritis, and diabetes. It is able to alleviate the symptoms of gallbladder, pancreas, intestines, kidney, and liver disorders.
Lithotherapy recommends shungite stones to reap numerous health benefits. You may apply the mineral to improve skin conditions, strengthen the heart and blood vessels, as well as remove pain in joints and spine. Shungite affecting the chest area can help defeat respiratory diseases. Meditation combined with shungite exposure is an effective way to get rid of insomnia, mental disorders, and chronic fatigue.

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The Magical Properties of Shungite

The black mineral has the ability to accumulate beneficial energy and protect against negativity. It is an excellent conductor of subtle energies and a solution to enhance a human biofield via external influences. If you rock shungite gemstones for a long time, you may notice your intuition getting stronger. That being said, shungite should be used in moderation because its energy is so great that it may be overwhelming. For this reason, you shouldn’t give this mineral to children.

Shungite talismans are widespread among the indigenous population of Karelia. People rely on it to find peace of mind, ensure protection against dark forces, and find good luck, especially in love matters. The black stone is a popular attribute in occult rituals. The so-called ‘magic pyramid’ is an indispensable element of rituals for making wishes come true. You don’t have to practice magic to benefit from a shungite-made pyramid though. If you place this amulet near a computer, it will significantly bring down its radiation. Besides that, shungite pyramids are the best protectors for your hearth and home. Overall, a shape of a shungite amulet can enhance its powers and focus them in a certain direction. Round amulets are able to bring harmony to love relationships and cube ones are just what the doctor ordered to promote business endeavors.

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