Until the mid-twentieth century, people knew little about this stone. It remained nameless decades after its discovery. There is only one deposit of this mineral on Earth, and every self-respecting collector dreams of getting their hands on a specimen of this stone. Meanwhile, many people have no idea that low-quality gems can be perilous.

Charoite, poetically called The Miracle of Siberia, is one of the rarest gems in the world. It can be found only in the remote areas of northern taiga in the mouth of the Chara River. According to legends, its waters are the tears of a local beauty. She sacrificed herself to save her native land. The girl faced a difficult choice – either to marry a man she didn’t love or watch her loved ones die. Nature took pity on the beautiful girl and turned her soul into a mesmerizing purple stone. This legend still lives in the names of both Chara and charoit – they are derivatives from the word ‘chary’ meaning enchantment or charms.

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Charoite History

Charoite was discovered twice. The very first charoite gemstone was found in 1948 in Yakutia, a remote Siberian region. At first, it was confused with another mineral, cummingtonite schist. In the early 1970s, scientists decided to take a closer look at the stone. To determine its class and origin, Russian geologists embarked on a journey to the Louvre. The renowned museum possessed the widest collection of gems from all over the world. After examining the find, French scientists admitted that they had not met such a mineral before. They offered to buy it for the Louvre collection but the Russian delegation refused. In 1977, the purple mineral was officially dubbed charoite.

Metaphysical Properties of Charoite

The mineral is complex calcium, barium, potassium, and strontium hydrogen silicate. In addition to the statement color due to various metal admixtures, it displays a gorgeous silky sheen. Some specimens boast the cat’s eye effect and a pearlescent tint. Charoite is a fairly hard stone (its hardness is 6 on the Mohs scale), and it retains its color even when it’s exposed to a temperature exceeding 1000 °C.

Charoite is highly valued for its attractive appearance and ease of cutting. There are a few decorative varieties of the gem and all of them differ in hues as well as grain and fiber patterns. Cutting and polishing are able to bring out the unique swirly texture of each specimen.

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Charoite Colors

The Lilac miracle of Siberia, Angel silica, a Stone of Transformation – the gem got these monikers due to its rich purple color and a wide variety of patterns. These patterns display intricate swirls of white, honey, lavender, and lilac hues.

The stone owes its signature purple color to manganese. Along with that, a mixture of manganese with iron provides pink and cherry colors while a brown-honey shade is a result of ferric iron inclusion.

Charoite delivers a wide range of patterns, but those that make you gasp in admiration are radiant and landscape ones. Radiant designs contain a very small share of inclusions. They are also renowned for their pearly sheen. In other specimens, you can notice intricate shapes and swirls resembling a river running through rocks. These landscape patterns are made up of purple and green blotches combined with black and yellow veins.

Despite the fact that charoite is a popular choice for jewelry and crafts, it should be dealt with cautiously. Some of its varieties are radioactive. You can recognize a dangerous stone by small yellow freckles. These specks are none other than thorium, one of the radioactive elements. You shouldn’t worry about anything when you purchase charoite from Kenkengems though. All our products are thoroughly examined and tested to ensure complete safety.

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Charoite Price

Charoite’s value keeps rising every year. A few factors contribute to its constantly creeping cost. Firstly, it is impossible to artificially improve the texture of the gem because it does not lend itself to dying. A gem able to blow your socks off is selected among thousands of specimens. Also, the fact that the Russian government sets limits on charoite production (no more than 100 thousand tons per year) fuels the interest in the mineral. Its extraction is associated with lots of challenges since it is carried out in the extreme cold on the top of a mountain in an earthquake-prone area.

Due to these reasons, charoite is priced relatively high. Small cabochon cut stones will cost you $ 50-80 per piece.

The Magical and Healing Properties of Charoite

Charoite is a relatively young mineral since its official history begins in the mid-20th century. Nevertheless, esotericists and lithotherapists have already acknowledged its curing and metaphysic properties. Since charoite is able to absorb and accumulate energy, it is used in the treatment of various infections. Press a charoite plate against a sore or inflamed place and it will help "pull out" infection. Along with that, massage using charoite stones relieves migraines and fever. It also has a strong calming effect on the nervous system and will come in handy to curb stress and promote relaxation.

Psychics and soothsayers use charoite to get to know the forces of nature. Charoite amulets and decorative items bring harmony and understanding to families. To take advantage of their powers, you should place them in a kitchen or living room, i.e. a place you visit frequently. If you have a charoite stone in the bedroom, it will do its best to improve your love life.

Charoite is recommended to creative personalities and thinkers. It creates the right set of mind for creative exploration, promotes concentration, and sets your fantasy free. A charoite ball is a felicitous gift for scientists, scholars, writers, artists, and individuals whose walk of life is art.

From an Astrological standpoint, charoite is the stone of Venus. Hence it’s best suited to Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. Other Zodiac signs should carefully analyze their sensations when wearing the purple stone to understand whether it is a good fit. charoite gemstone beads for necklace

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Charoite for Jewelry Making

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