Meteorites, colliding with the Earth, carry a destructive force. The same meteorites are able to create marvels from flame and dust. A space stone that fell into the arms of Mother Earth gave birth to the beautiful Moldavite stone. Forged from stellar matter and earthly debris, this mysterious mineral is a coveted asset for fashionistas, jewelers, collectors, and astronomy enthusiasts.

Moldavite owes its origin to a meteorite, which, according to scientists, came from space about 15 million years ago. When passing through the Earth's atmosphere, the extraterrestrial lump reached a tremendous temperature. After falling, hot rock pieces covered a radius of hundred kilometers. These meteorite fragments melted the earth's crust, got fused with it, and formed something completely new.

People who discovered fossilized meteorite pieces were amazed at their unearthly beauty. Their unusual green color was truly enchanting. These magnificent stones were found near the Moldau River, which flows through the Nördlinger Ries crater. The river inspired the name Moldavite.

Moldavite stones belong to the group of tektite minerals. All of them are the result of meteorite collisions and matter transformation under the influence of heat and pressure. Other well-known tektites are Libyan Desert Glass, Colombianite, Australite, Ivorite, and Black Tektites. With the exception of the latter, which is relatively abundant, all of these tektites are rare and are found only in certain places on Earth.

Moldavite, big sphere

Physical Properties of Moldavite

Moldavite boasts divine green hues: bottle green, forest green, olive, bluish-green, etc. Some specimens, especially those found in Moravia region in the Czech Republic, are brown and almost black. Moldavites are either clear or translucent with a glassy luster. Raw moldavites have bizarre surfaces displaying irregularities, bumps, and wrinkles. It was these statement features that made scientists believe in the extraterrestrial origin of the stone. After all, its surface looked similar to other meteorite finds.

Many moldavite specimens available for sale proudly display their raw natural texture. They are an excellent purchase for people seeking a talisman of an extraterrestrial origin. Along with that, you can also get your hands on processed moldavites, cut or polished en cabochon. Impact-born stones have a relatively high hardness - from 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. This allows creating multifaceted cuts that enhance the gem’s radiance. Some moldavites may contain inclusions or solidified gas bubbles. These features don’t reduce their price.

The Value of Moldavite

Moldavite is mined in the Czech Republic, although small deposits are also found in Germany and Austria. Being rare from the get-go, they are becoming even thinner on the ground due to depletion. One day people will find all the shards of the 15-million years old meteorite. If you’re considering purchasing moldavite, do it now when it’s still found buried under ground. The green extraterrestrial stone is a great investment thanks to its increasing rarity and raising value. A nugget or faceted stone bought today will easily multiply its investment cost in a few years.

Moldavite Magical Properties

People who believe in mysticism speculate that the lack of earthly properties endows the mineral with special energy. The magical properties of moldavite became possible due to the power bestowed by the universe itself.

Individuals who wear moldavite talismans or jewelry can count on the gem to provide patience. A Moldavite owner is able to look at things philosophically and get a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe. Besides that, the stone helps harness energy that is not associated with a person’s age. It gives vitality and health to elderly people while making the youth wiser.

Esoterics believe that moldavite is capable of evoking psychic abilities. The mineral can pave the way for cosmic knowledge and help establish a connection with the world of spirits. An individual who wears a moldavite stone fully adopts its energy. It aids to bring good luck and protection from evil spirits.

Moldavite Jewelry

Moldavite Healing Properties

From the very first day when people took moldavite in their hands, they noticed a positive impact on their body. Today, the mineral is widely used in the treatment for nerve conditions. In particular, it is able to:

  • improve sleep, eliminate insomnia, dispel nightmares;
  • remove stress without health consequences;
  • drive away fear, anxiety, and depression;
  • tame migraine and headaches;
  • decrease appetite and speed up metabolism to fight obesity.

Along with this, lithotherapists warn that improper use of the mineral can cause negative consequences. For example, moldavite may promote bile accumulation.

Moldavite and Zodiac Signs

Astrologers claim that moldavite is compatible with practically every Zodiac sign. It came from above; hence it has a connection with the Air Element. It was born in flame, so it patronizes signs belonging to the element of Fire. Finally, the green gemstone is a child of Mother Earth and a space stone, so it is beneficial to all Earth Zodiac elements. That being said, Water signs should wear moldavites carefully. If you start feeling fatigue or anxiety, it is perhaps yours and the stone’s energies contradict each other

The space stone does not bear evil or hostility. It is able to find certain traits of your character, especially if they are associated with your Zodiac sign, and enhance their manifestation. But the stone will do this only if you desire to nurture these features. Conversely, if you’d like to suppress some of your traits, moldavite will lend you a helping hand.

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Moldavite for sale

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