Looking like a spall of the sun, citrine possesses a piece of its energy. Despite an ethereal appearance, it came into being in the loins of Mother Earth. For a long time, it was messing with people pretending to be something else. Luckily, today we know all about the younger brother of precious amethyst. The citrus-colored stone is catnip for gem collectors and DIY jewelry enthusiasts. You, too, can get to know it better with a generous citrine collection brought to you by KenKenGems.

The History of Citrine

Surprisingly, the gemstone known since antiquity got its name only in the 18th century. Prior to this, the yellowish stone adorning the jewelry of nobility was believed to be a variety of topaz. These gems had a few names - golden topaz, Spanish topaz, etc. As history proved, they were just a misnomer. Only in 1747, the Swedish chemist and mineralogist Johan Gottschalk Wallerius put everything in its place. He discovered that the gem in question and topaz had nothing in common. It was he who classified the mineral as quartz and dubbed it citrine.
The mineral earned its name due to its statement lemon-like color. The word ‘citrine’ is a derivative from the Latin ‘citrus’ that actually means lemon.
People gave citrine a different name, the gem of a merchant. According to legends, if you have such a stone with you, your pockets are going to be full of money. Citrine was highly prized in ancient Greece and Rome. Only affluent people and the nobility were allowed to wear it. Besides that, citrine has long been considered the patron saint of gamblers. It was believed that it attracted good luck even in the riskiest business.

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Citrine Metaphysical Properties

Citrine is one of the many varieties of quartz. In fact, it is silicon dioxide featuring a range of admixtures namely trivalent iron or trivalent aluminum with a substituted lithium or hydrogen atom. The mineral owes its signature color to these impurities.
More often than not, citrine exhibits a range of yellow colors - honey, greenish, champagne, etc. The stone is transparent, fairly hard (7 on the Mohs scale), with a glassy sheen, and the pleochroism effect (it has different colors when being observed at different angles).
Citrine is sensitive to sunlight. It loses its color intensity and can become completely colorless when being exposed to radiance. It is not uncommon to come across citrine featured darkened areas or inclusions of opaque quartz. Normally, such stones are on the lower end of the price. Citrine of the highest value offers a deep color, complete clarity, and pronounced pleochroism.

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Citrine for sale

Citrine colors

Natural citrine is quite rare in comparison to other types of quartz. It is found in Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, the USA, Russia, Spain, France, etc. Along with that, it is possible to create citrine artificially by heating other minerals to a temperature of 300-400 C and higher. Most often, donor minerals are smoky quartz (it turns into a vibrant yellow citrine), morion, or amethyst (the result of their transformation is orange and brown-ish gems).
You can recognize heat-treated gems by amazingly rich colors. Red or orange citrines aren’t the creations of Mother Nature. Genuine citrine is usually paler than its artificial counterparts but its clarity has no equal. In addition to color, heating changes the physical properties of quartz. Such stones lose one of their most amazing properties, pleochroism, i.e. the ability to change shades depending on the viewing angles. Besides, they become more fragile and soft.

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Healing Properties of Citrine

Citrine’s healing properties have been known since time immemorial. It was the favorite remedy of ancient Indians. They used it to heal all sorts of ailments associated with the gastrointestinal tract, the genitourinary system, and eyesight. Citrine is a powerful energy purifier able to normalize chakras and conduct spirituality through energy centers. It has the strongest impact on the Solar Plexus (Manipura) chakra. Meditation with citrine fills the body with light and vitality. Energetically, the stone is most compatible with the Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.
Lithotherapists recommend citrine to improve brain function as well as to prevent a number of diseases. Elixirs infused with citrine are said to be effective to ease the syndromes of menopause. Citrine jewelry or a talisman worn every day contributes to the normalization of all body functions and life processes. It also activates rejuvenation and toxin removal.
The yellow mineral improves the endocrine system, helps the skin to look young and fresh, as well as alleviates allergies. Thanks to its warm solar energy, the stone aids people to defeat their complexes, reinforce their faith in themselves, and teaches to live in harmony with the world.

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Magical Properties of Citrine

Ancient sorcerers used citrine to bolster their magical powers. According to esotericists, citrine paired with other potent gems helps develop psychic abilities. Astrologers endow citrine with prophetic properties.
Citrine lends itself to crafting talismans and charms, which are widely used in different regions of the world. It was believed that the gem protected its owner from snake bites and scorpion stings. In many cultures, citrine was considered to be the stone of abundance and wealth. People counted on it to attract success in business. The mineral is also able to enhance self-confidence and generosity.

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