Tiger's Eye, stone meaning and properties

Tiger's Eye

Tiger’s eye is as unique and appealing as the predator it was named after, but it is more beautiful than it is dangerous. The stone is adored all over the world for its captivating patterns and the powers of an amulet. Read further to find out all about this charming mineral: its origin, properties, and meaning.

Tiger's Eye meaning

History and Meaning of Tiger’s Eye

It is authentically known that the ancient Indians were the first to notice the golden-brown stone. It happened about 6 thousand years ago. They recognized the similarity of the mineral with the eyes of a tiger as well as its affinity with the Sun. They also noted that warriors wearing amulets made of tiger's eye stones had left battlefields unharmed. Tiger’s eyes were deemed as offerings for the most revered Indian gods Shiva and Vishnu.

Indian gems were brought to Ancient Egypt with merchants. Similar to Indians, Egyptians associated the gem with the sun and the supreme god Ra. They used tiger's eye inlays to represent the solar disk above the deity's head.

Tiger’s eye stones were also found in the mines of the Roman Empire. The soldiers of the invincible army were convinced that the stone gave them strength, sharpened attention, and warned of danger. It was common to engrave the initials of a soldier on the stone to turn it into a talisman.

In the Middle Ages, tiger's eye was considered a woman's stone. Ladies believed that the gem could save from the righteous anger of a husband returning from a military campaign and discovering an unexpected addition to the family. The Age of Enlightenment brought tiger's eye back to men. A ring with a massive yellow-brown stone was a merchant talisman. Aristocrats ordered tiger eye jewelry to try and save their possessions from riots and wars. Ladies kept snuff in silver boxes trimmed with the stone – this considered to be both beautiful and healthy.

Tiger’s eye is steeped in legends trying to explain its origin. One of them says that Satan himself created the stone to find minions on earth. Allegedly, tiger's eye attracted people who emitted a special glow.

Tigers Eye Properties, this is red Tiger's Eye

Physiochemical Properties of Tiger’s Eye

The tiger's eye stone is a mineral belonging to the quartz group and featuring bands of yellow, black, and brown as well as subtle iridescence. While containing predominantly silicon dioxide, it features longitudinally located impurities of crocidolite (asbestos) that create the tiger's eye pattern. The gem is one of the so-called eye stones, which, when cut, display a pattern resembling the eye of an animal. The most popular cut for this type is a domed cabochon, which allows showcasing its patterns in all their glory.

Tiger’s eye is an opaque or translucent stone with a silky sheen. It is hard enough (7.0 on the Mohs scale) to be used as a stone ring and an inlay in everyday jewelry.

Tiger's Eye types and value

Types of Tiger's Eye Stones

The most common variety of the gemstone is dominated by yellow and brown hues. In the bright light, they gleam akin to polished gold. Hence, an alternative name for such specimens is golden tiger’s eye. Along with that, the jewel has the following noteworthy varieties:
• Hawk’s eye;
• Bull’s eye.

Hawk’s eye is a stone offering a bluish-gray tint. It contains a lower portion of iron inclusions than gold tiger's eye. Iridescent grey, bluish, and black stripes with minute pink inclusions make hawk's eye a sought-after asset. It is rare and, therefore, highly valued.

The bull's eye stone can be obtained by heating tiger's eye. This process changes its typical color to a brownish-red tint. Alternatively, this variety is known as red tiger's eye. Treatment of bull's eye with hydrochloric acid reveals the appealing cat's eye effect (chatoyancy) aka a shimmering stripe emerging on the surface of a stone.

In addition to this, there is a green tiger's eye (which color occurs as a result of acid treatment), yellow, and pink.

Tiger's Eye Healing Properties

Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

Tiger's eye is widely used in folk medicine - it is an excellent remedy to promptly restore the body after a surgery or stroke. It also helps cure such complex diseases as psoriasis, asthma, rheumatism, and joint inflammation. Tiger eye jewelry is beneficial to people suffering from overeating since it is able to reduce hunger and clean the system of toxins. In hypertensive patients, it is capable of lowering blood pressure.

Ancient healers believed that the tiger's eye transformed solar energy and directed it into the human body in the form of a healing force. In India, for instance, this beautiful mineral was ‘prescribed’ to people who have poor health.

According to ancient Indian Vedic beliefs, tiger's eye has a positive effect on the solar plexus chakra. Tiger's eye, as a prominent representative of the quartz family, is able to cleanse the solar plexus chakra and ensure its normal functioning. You can also carve a personal symbol on a stone and contemplate it regularly to dive into deep meditation for spiritual development.

Tiger’s eye talismans and jewelry, if you wear them regularly, help improve sleep, dispel depression, as well as drive away nightmares and unreasonable fears. Tiger's eye is also of great use for people who experience chronic fatigue.

Tiger's Eye Metaphysical Properties, this is natural green color Tiger's Eye.

Tiger's Eye Metaphysical Properties

Since time immemorial, the gem has been used by witches and sorcerers to craft amulets and magic items. Thanks to its powerful energy, it protects its owner from evil spirits, dark forces, and ill-wishers. They say that it can even stop death.

Today, the magic of the mineral is used to find confidence. With its help, you can become more reasonable and think clearly. If you tend to make snap decisions, the stone will teach you patience and strategic thinking.

It does not matter how you wear the mineral but the closer it is to your body, the stronger it is. Therefore, beads and bracelets freed of metal settings are the strongest. Such a talisman is great protection against the evil eye, spells, and even the tricks of ill-wishers. In addition, it is capable of bringing financial wellbeing. There is a belief that if you put it in a piggy bank, it will try to multiply your savings. That being said, tiger's eye carefully chooses whom to help. The mineral prefers active and purposeful people.

Tiger’s Eye for Sale, this is dyed pink color Tigers Eye

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