Nature is capable of creating masterpieces. Looking at the bloodstone from afar, you could never tell that it is hard and cold. On the contrary, it looks warm and alive, as if sprinkled with fresh blood. No, it is not an alien from outer space, not a comer from other worlds. It was created from fire, water, and earth millions of years ago. Our ancestors admired it and endowed it with inconceivable powers. Just like thousands of years ago, we still try to solve the mystery of bloodstone.

Bloodstone Meaning and Properties

Bloodstone The Meaning and History

In mineralogy, bloodstone is known as heliotrope. This is the word of the ancient Greek origin comprised of two parts – ‘helios’, which means the sun, and ‘tropos’ standing for turn or rotate. So, you can interpret heliotrope as rotating with the sun or even turning away from the sun.

Bloodstones are mentioned in Christian scriptures. They say that the mineral is a witness to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The first bloodstone appeared when the blood of Christ fell on the jasper under the cross. Hence, it is not uncommon to call bloodstone jasper, although it is incorrect from a mineralogical point of view.

The very first mentions of the speckled green stone are found in the ancient Egyptian papyruses dating back to the 1st millennium BC. Amazed by the extraordinary beauty of the stone, Egyptians called it a pearl of the earth. They used the mineral to craft jewelry, decorative items, figurines, vases, bowls, seals, etc. Millennia later, the stone has not lost its significance for seal making. The Louvre, for example, has a magnificent seal of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II carved from bloodstone.

Ancient legends say that heliotrope can control the movement of heavenly bodies and the weather. A papyrus of the 3rd century A.D. praises bloodstone as the most powerful mineral in the world. The author believed that bloodstone was capable of winning the favor of rulers and solving any issues.

Bloodstone History

Metaphysical Properties of Bloodstone

Heliotrope aka the bloodstone is a mineral belonging to the group of quartz, one of the varieties of chalcedony. Just like other types of quartz, it is of volcanic origin. It is born in low temperatures in the presence of water. When lava flows along the slopes of volcanoes and meets the water, its temperature drops dramatically. In these instants, cavities and hollows occur where heliotropes are formed.

From a chemical point of view, the mineral is silicon dioxide with visible inclusions of hematite. These inclusions give the stone its statement base color and contrasting splatters.

The mineral is predominantly green, although various admixtures in its chemical composition and lighting can change the color to blue and almost black. The color is unstable and may lose its saturation with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Bloodstones are opaque, sometimes translucent, and as if covered with wax. The natural shape of the mineral is either octagon with irregular edges or oval.

Bloodstone, Crystal Properties

Types of Bloodstone

Depending on its color, bloodstone is available in these varieties:

African bloodstone (alternatively known as Setonite) is green chalcedony featuring scarlet and burgundy spots. Red inclusions can be located on the surface or shine through from the inside.

Indian bloodstone lends colors from dark green to bluish-green. Its specks are red, white, and yellow. Sometimes, it contains inclusions of jasper and moss agate.

Plasma is a rare variety of green heliotrope featuring golden, white, and brown freckles.

African Bloodstone

Bloodstone Healing Properties

The gem’s ability to positively impact the whole body is widely used in lithotherapy. In particular, the vibrations of the bloodstone affect the heart and blood vessels and accelerate the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. People who suffer from metabolic disorders and atherosclerosis can take advantage of the gem’s properties to improve the flow of nutrients to the vital organs.

Thanks to the inclusions of iron oxide, bloodstone is capable of increasing the level of hemoglobin, removing decay products and viruses from the blood, and stopping bleeding.

Along with that, bloodstone stimulates the immune system as well as heals diseases of the genitourinary system, kidneys, liver, bladder, and intestines. In case of food poisoning, bloodstone infused water will help flush toxins out of the system. It also has an analgesic effect that relieves period pain.

To top that off, the stone lends itself to promoting mental health. Its appearance and energy have a restorative effect on the exhausted mind.

Bloodstone Healing Properties

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties

Since ancient times, heliotrope has been one of the stones that hold a special place in magic and alchemy. When being used in rites, magic rituals, and ceremonies, it helps enhance the power of words and spells. In the Middle Ages, magicians and sorcerers wore bloodstone bracelets and rings to boost their own energy. Since the gemstone is a conductor between the Earth and the Cosmos, alchemists relied on it to try and comprehend the laws of the Universe.

The stone was popular with the clergy as well. In Christianity, heliotrope was used to craft church utensils and embellishment including cups, candlesticks, and thimble crosses. It was believed that the stone held the blood of the Savior and thus it helped wash away sinfulness.

In everyday life, you can make use of bloodstone to boost your determination, energy, and creativity. It is especially beneficial to individuals who know how to set specific goals and know what to do to achieve them. The gem is able to teach its owner to focus on solving problems. If you’re a student, you ought to get bloodstone. It acts like a sponge absorbing knowledge, especially if it concerns philosophy, psychology, foreign languages, and medicine.

Bloodstone Metaphysical Properties

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