Pietersite meaning and properties


Born in the heat of the Namibian desert, the hero of today’s story is akin to a miniature galaxy, a painting of a talented artist, a burst of colors set in stone. While being a feast for the eye, it possesses the power of a healer, it gives spiritual enlightenment, and it is a potent amulet. Are you intrigued? Then, without further ado, let us present pietersite, a charming gemstone so rarely occurring in nature.

Pietersite meaning

History and Meaning of Pietersite

The stone’s history starts in 1962 when Sid Pieters found it on a farm in Windhoek, Namibia. Sid, as its discoverer, decided to immortalize the memory of his father, Louis Pieters, in the stone’s name. This is how we got pietersite. From the standpoint of gemology, pietersite is grayish-blue breccia aggregate. It is made of a couple of minerals with trade names hawk’s eye and tiger eye. The gem itself also belongs to the ‘eye stones’ with its moniker Eagle’s Eye.

Pietersite is one of the rarest gemstone around. To this day, it is mined in the same place in Namibia. In 1990, a small deposit was located in China (Qiaotouzhen County in the Hunan Province) but it has been depleted a few years later. When purchasing pietersite, you should be very careful and always as for certificate of origin. Because of its rarity and exceptional beauty, the gem is often counterfeited.

Pietersite properties

Chemical and Physical Properties of Pietersite

Pietersite is one of the many varieties of microcrystalline quartz. To be more exact, it is a chalcedony stone and it is often fused with jasper. It crystallizes in the crevices and hollows formed in jasper during its growth. If we give the mineral an in-depth look, it appears to be silicified riabeckite blended with a dash of amphibole minerals in various proportions.

The gem boasts an enchanting color range including deep blue, gold, brown, orange, ochre, and grey, all welded together in a swirly pattern resembling the works of abstractionists. When gazing at the stone, it seems like wild desert wind mixed the ground, foliage, and sand and scattered them across the night sky. Because of its undeniable artistic quality, pietersite is sometimes called The Tempest. But that’s not all, due to the inclusions of calcite, the gem acquires shimmering golden bursts and strokes that make it extra special.

Besides outstanding colors and patterns, the gem offers an eye-pleasing effect of chatoyancy (the cat’s eye), which is a shimmering streak occurring on cabochon-cut specimens.

Pietersite offers an average hardness of 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs scale and, just like any other quartz mineral, is fairly resilient. At the same time, it is sensitive to acids. You must be careful when having pietersite inlays in your rings and other pieces of jewelry since household chemicals may damage them.

Pietersite Healing Properties

Pietersite Healing Properties

The artistic and unique look of the mineral makes it a feast for the eyes. At the same time, the contemplation of this beauty brings a pronounced healing effect. They say that the stone gives a person joy, helps forget about difficulties, and instead encourages you to concentrate on the main thing. It improves your attitude towards yourself and life as well as makes your outlook more positive. These properties of the mineral are especially beneficial if you’re in a stressful environment or depressed.

When it comes to traditional medicine, the applications of the stone are countless. In particular, it is able to:

• restore the functioning of the heart and circulatory system;
• improve brain activity and memory. The effect is the strongest if you opt for pietersite earrings. Placing the gem under the pillow overnight provides a similar effect;
• normalize the operation of the central nervous system;
• cure mental pathologies and improve mood;
• relieve stress, remove physical strain, as well as eliminate nervousness, anxiety, panic, fears, and phobias;
• fight depression (especially if you opt for gold jewelry with pietersite inlays).

Pietersite Metaphysical Properties, crystal properties

Pietersite Metaphysical Properties

As we have already noted, pietersite is Tempest Stone. The unique properties of the gem allow connecting the etheric body with the spiritual being and letting the one who meditates reach the highest degree of awareness. When affecting the third eye alongside sacral and solar plexus chakras, it strengthens willpower, gives a boost of energy, and improves a person’s intuition. Esotericists claim that strong positive vibrations of the stone have a beneficial effect on one’s self-esteem.

Legends have it that the indigenous peoples of Africa have known pietersite for millennia. The sorcerers of African tribes used the stone to communicate with the world of spirits. Today, pietersite meditation can create a channel to other worlds. To do so, however, you should practice meditation every day.
Pietersite talismans are highly appreciated for their ability to protect their owners from negativity. Along with that, they safeguard the biofield, draw in success and recognition, bring out the best traits, as well as allow maintaining emotional balance even in the most challenging situations.
As a talisman, pietersite is ideal for people whose work is associated with stress and emotional strain: teachers, firefighters, police officers, etc. It is also of great use for individuals who wish to be more convincing and eloquent.
Among other beneficial metaphysical properties of pietersite are:
• promotion of courage, endurance, and self-confidence;
• enhancement of charm and appeal;
• facilitation with career advancement, revealing new talents and skill acquisition;
• warning of danger via getting heavier or darker;
• assistance in making the right choices.

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