Chrysoprase meaning and properties


Chrysoprase is the stone of great rulers and eminent commanders. It is appreciated by healers and artists, not to mention mineral collectors. Its green color is said to hypnotize, soothe, and heal. Find out if this is true with a collection of chrysoprase stones brought to you by KenKenGems. But first, it is worth learning more about the gem.

Chrysoprase stone meaning

The History and Meaning of Chrysoprase

Stones similar in description to chrysoprase are mentioned in the annals of Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Our ancestors endowed the stone with the properties of a talisman and amulet, and the powers that be of the ancient world waged wars to get their hands on the deposits of the mineral.

The ruler of ancient Macedonia, Commander Alexander the Great, wore chrysoprase on his belt as an amulet. He believed that it would help him in battles and save from injury. According to legends, once Alexander dropped his stone into a river and died the next day. The Prussian king Frederick the Great relied on the power of chrysoprase as well. He had the stone in his ring and crown. The gem was supposed to enhance the strength and wisdom of the king.

The stone experienced a renaissance during the era of classicism in the 18th century. Excavations of ancient settlements and familiarity with mythology revived interest in the green stone. It was used as a jewelry, ornamental, and facing material. Chrysoprase mosaic decorating the walls of grand buildings has been preserved in the cities of European countries. For example, the well-known St. Wenceslas Cathedral in the Czech Republic bears decorative elements made of chrysoprase. Besides that, tables encrusted with the green stone have been preserved in the Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany.

As for the name of the mineral, it consists of two Ancient Greek words: krisos meaning golden and prason for leek. In addition, you may encounter different spellings of the stone's name - chrysoprase, chrysophrase, and chrysoprasus.

Chrysoprase healing properties

Physico-Chemical Properties of Chrysoprase

Chrysoprase is a semi-precious gemstone that is a variety of quartz. To be exact, it is a little brother of agate, onyx, carnelian, and many other gems belonging to the chalcedony group. They have a common chemical formula - SiO2 (silicon oxide) - and similar physical properties:

• hardness is 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale;
• density 2.6 g/cm3;
• glassy or greasy luster;
• conchoidal fracture;
• translucent and opaque specimens.

Chalcedony is prized for its fancy patterns and amazing color combinations. But it is not the case when chrysoprase is concerned. Its key feature is uniform greenish hues. The mineral owes its color rage to the inclusions of nickel.

Like all chalcedony stones, the green mineral fades in the sun. But you can restore its color without exerting too much effort – it suffices to wrap it in a piece of wet cloth for 10-15 minutes.
Translucent stones of an emerald green tint possess the most value. These jewelry-grade specimens are used to craft fine jewelry. Apple-colored gems are a little cheaper. Such stones are hazier and can have opaque areas. They can be found both in handicrafts and exquisite jewelry. The cheapest are opaque turquoise-colored chrysoprase exhibiting various inclusions. Such stones are used to create figurines, crafts, accessories, household items, etc.

Chrysoprase is fairly easy to cut but it is almost impossible to polish to mirror sheen. Therefore, unlike other gemstones, chrysoprase rarely has faceted cuts. More often than not, it is available as oval cabochons, hearts, as well as fancy shapes.

Chrysoprase beads, it is green stone

Deposits of Chrysoprase

In most cases, chrysoprase layers are found during the development of nickel and cobalt deposits. Overall, the mineral is quite rare.

To date, the largest fields of chrysoprase are located in Australia, Brazil, Tanzania, Sierra Nevada Mountains in the USA, as well as in Western Siberia and Kazakhstan. Not so long ago, deposits were discovered in India and Madagascar. In Europe, the stone is mined in the Balkan Peninsula and Romania.

Chrysoprase crystal Metaphysical properties

Chrysoprase Healing Properties

The vibrant green color of chrysoprase lends itself well to color therapy. Green is known for its calming effect and the ability to remove mental strain. Besides that, contemplation of green minerals with powerful vibrations is able to alleviate insomnia, stress, and depression. In weather sensitive persons, the mineral is capable of reducing the impact of magnetic storms and normalizing blood pressure. As you gaze at the mineral, you are also able to improve your eyesight and endocrine system.

Lithotherapists ‘prescribe’ the stone for colds. To reap its healing benefits, you should put it in pure cold water for several hours and then use it to stay hydrated. The same infusion helps with sexual issues since it can restore hormonal balance.

When using chrysoprase for medicinal purposes, you should follow certain precautions. It is not recommended wearing the stone all the time, nor should you drink chrysoprase-infused water every day, since it may promote the development of gallstones or other side effects. It’s best that you take a short break after every 10-14 days of exposure to chrysoprase healing powers.

Chrysoprase healing properties

Chrysoprase Metaphysical Properties

Chrysoprase is known as a symbol of good luck, success, prosperity, and love. So, if you choose the green stone as your amulet, it will generously reward you with the aforementioned, plus, it is able to safeguard against the evil eye.

Chrysoprase is a ‘picky’ stone. It is willing to patronize only active and enterprising people who are used to bringing things to completion. As an amulet, chrysoprase ensures success in all endeavors. Apart from that, it improves mood, makes their owners more attractive in the eye of a beholder, develops intuition, and helps make difficult decisions. Chrysoprase figurines installed around the house purge it of negative energy and attract prosperity.

Jewelry featuring chrysoprase inlays is able to protect its wearer from adversity, misfortune, curses, and even lies. These properties are the strongest when the stone is set in silver.

Emerald-green chrysoprase is a talisman of inventors, bankers, traders, and business people. It assists in achieving their goals, gaining success, and accumulating wealth. Besides that, such stones patronize those individuals who need to rely on their creativity to succeed.

Apple-colored chrysoprase is the patron saint of lovers. The mineral will speed up long-awaited encounters for those who have not yet found their best half.

Chrysoprase for Sale

Chrysoprase for Sale

Chrysoprase is a great choice if you fancy vibrant green colors. We make it available in so many shapes, forms, cuts, and sizes. Our affordable loose stones and strands lend themselves to custom jewelry while large individual pieces will please gem collectors. We also deliver chrysoprase pendants in gold settings that accentuate their beauty as well as in silver that promotes their magic and healing properties. No matter which chrysoprase stones you choose, you can count on high quality and budget-friendly price tags.

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