September Birthstone, Sapphire

September Birthstone

Not every zodiac sign can boast a precious stone as its patron saint. Virgo and Libra, whose reign is in September, are able to reap the fabulous benefits of owning sapphire. The September birthstone is a feast for the eye, to say the least, but did you know that it is also a good luck symbol and natural-born healer? You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn more about this blue marvel of nature.

A Little Bit About September Birthstone

There are a couple of versions trying to explain the origin of the word sapphire. One of them says that it came from the ancient Greek sappheiros standing for a blue stone. According to a different hypothesis, sapphire is a distorted ancient Indian ‘canipriya’, which is translated as beloved by Saturn.

Our distant ancestors had little knowledge about the nature of minerals. They believed that any gem that displayed a rich blue color was sapphire. Today, we know that not every blue stone is sapphire, and not every sapphire is blue.

Together with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds, sapphires constitute a group of precious stones. The gem is none other than one of the varieties of corundum. It is common to refer to dark blue corundum as sapphire, although the stone can display a number of colors including yellow, orange, green, and pink. Colorless sapphires are found as well. Corundum also exists in red color but such specimens are officially recognized as rubies. All of these varieties have the same chemical formula, Al2O3, but they differ in the content of admixtures. When it comes to blue sapphire specifically, their color is due to the inclusions of titanium and iron in its molecular structure.

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Luxurious Types of Sapphire

Sapphires are available as clear, translucent, and opaque. Regardless of their clarity, the gems are very hard – they score 9.0 on the scale of hardness for minerals. Occasionally, opaque sapphires demonstrate a six-pointed star when being cut en cabochon. This optical phenomenon known as asterism is possible due to light-reflecting particles of titanium oxide. Star sapphires are very rare and valuable.

The world’s most sought-after and beautiful specimens are called Kashmir sapphires. They were named like this to honor the place they were originally found in (Kashmir is a historical area of India and Pakistan). Most of Kashmir’s diamonds were unearthed more than 100 years ago and today no large-scale mining is carried out in old deposit fields. Otherwise known as blue velvet, Kashmir sapphires provide superior quality and an intense cornflower hue that does not change depending on the lighting. Gemstones that come from Myanmar and Sri Lanka come close in terms of quality yet they lack the title of King of the Sapphire world.

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September Birthstone and Its Power

Such a beautiful gem hides lots of secrets. It is willing to share some of them with Virgo and Libra, astrological signs of September since sapphire is a patron saint of the month.

September birthstone, sapphire talismans and pieces of jewelry are of great use if you want to achieve inner balance, find peace of mind, as well as gain sobriety and reasonableness. Overall, the stone is able to enhance cognition and boost brain activity, not for nothing is it called the talisman of the sages. Those who enlist the support of the stone can learn to think outside the box and find the right solutions in the most difficult situations.

Some legends say that sapphires are a petrified drink of immortality. People who have a chance to be around these stones note a surge of energy, vitality, and strength. At the same time, some cultures still believe that sapphires have power over people; hence, they lend themselves to leaders and rulers. If you have a big heart and pure soul, sapphire will become your faithful companion. They say that it helps find friends and promotes selflessness. Monks used to rely on the stone to reject earthly joys and find satisfaction in a modest lifestyle.

September birthstone, blue sapphire gemstone

September Birthstone Color Matters

The magical and healing properties of sapphire largely depend on its color. When choosing a particular color of the mineral, ask yourself what you would want to improve in your physical, mental, and spiritual life.

Blue sapphires are a symbol of fidelity and purity. It is not surprising that sapphires of this specific color are chosen for engagement rings (the iconic ring of Lady Diana's features a stunning blue sapphire). This variety of corundum is said to ward off betrayal, slander, and quarrels. On top of that, the mineral is a keeper of eternal love and wisdom. When it comes to its medicinal properties, it is able to eliminate headaches and heart issues, as well as improve vision.

Yellow sapphire is a powerful symbol of protection. The sunny stone will go all out to safeguard its wearer from malevolent gazes, slander, jinxes, and curses. If you notice that your stone lost its vibrancy or glow, this might be a sign that it had diverted adversity. Apart from that, yellow sapphires are known for boosting self-confidence as well as relieving anxiety and depression. Not every yellow sapphire is good enough to become a talisman. If it has defects or was obtained by dishonest means, then it will work against its owner by turning positive energy into negative.

Those who wear pink sapphire need to learn positive thinking. These rare stones can hear the desires or thoughts of their owners and fulfill them. If you have a positive attitude towards life, the stone will bring lots of benefits. And vice versa, evil thoughts will result in misfortunes and bad luck.

Green sapphires are recommended to individuals with poor eyesight. Besides restoring visual acuity, the mineral promotes sound sleep. It also enhances such positive traits as thoughtfulness, compassion, and kindness.

Black sapphires are filled with ‘white’ energy. They become excellent talismans against evil spirits, bad intentions, and intrigues. Black sapphire brings joy back to one’s life, casts out depression, gives confidence, and nurtures optimism.

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