March Birthstone

March Birthstone: Aquamarine and Bloodstone

March is the first month of spring. It marks the awakening of nature and the first warm days of the year. March is associated with thaw and frequent rains. Perhaps that is why March birthstone is aquamarine, the stone that represents the water element. At the same time, March brings the long-awaited warmth and breathes life into plants. Now it is clear why another talisman of March is the Bloodstone, which combines the colors of green shoots and the warmth of the sun.

March Birthstone | Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a gem of the beryl family. Its very name pinpoints its connection with the see. In Latin, ‘aqua’ stands for water and ‘marinus’ means sea. Such an apt name was given by the Roman writer Pliny the Elder. Pliny was the first to recognize the similarities between beryls, emeralds, and aquamarines. Now we know that emeralds and aquamarines are both beryls, the only difference is in their colors.

People who lived in antiquity loved and appreciated the stone. In the Sumerian culture, aquamarine symbolized health, happiness, and youth. In Rome, aquamarine was a talisman of sailors and the gem of the god Poseidon himself. On top of that, it personified sincere love and devotion. In the Middle Ages, the stone was endowed with the power to revive feelings between spouses.

Aquamarine gained particular popularity in the 18th century with the advent of the Rococo style. Known for the admiration of pastel colors, the style glorified aquamarine along with multi-colored topaz.

March Birthstone, Meaning and Properties

Aquamarine Birthstone Metaphysical Properties

Aquamarines offer various shades of blue: light blue, bluish-green, gray-blue, etc. A specific color depends on the content of iron ions. When the stone is exposed to sunlight, it loses the brightness and depth of its color. On the other hand, if a stone is heated above 400 °C, its color gets much more pronounced. Most inexpensive aquamarines boasting saturated hues are heat-treated. Besides clear aquamarines, you can come across specimens offering asterism or the cat's eye effect. Such gems are extremely rare and of particular value.

Although aquamarine is a fairly hard stone (it gained 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale), it is very fragile and easy to damage.

March Birthstone, Meaning and Properties

Aquamarine Birthstone Healing Properties and Magical Properties

Aquamarine is able to activate the throat chakra (Vishudha) and thus it allows its owner to be more convincing and eloquent. The blue stone is highly appreciated for its protective qualities. It safeguards from betrayal and deception. Along with that, it improves self-awareness and aspiration for higher purposes.

Sailors caught in the storm used aquamarine to pacify the elements. Modern travelers rely on the stone to make their journey across rivers, seas, and oceans trouble-free. Aquamarine jewelry is an enhancer of family ties. It protects the bond between people from envy, jealousy, and hardship.

It is believed that aquamarine is a reflection of a person’s soul. If its owner's soul is pure, the gem is clear and spotless. However, if a storm is raging in their soul, aquamarine turns dark. In a similar vein, the gem reacts to the changes of weather.

When it comes to healing properties, aquamarine is widely used to reduce mental strain and anxiety, enhance immunity, and treat the diseases of the respiratory system, throat, kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach, and thyroid gland. People who opt for aquamarine are able to get rid of bad thoughts and doubts. In the same way, they can flush toxins out of their bodies. Plus, the gem helps improve metabolism and restores the sharpness of vision.

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March Birthstone | Bloodstone

The first mention of bloodstone dates back to the 1st millennium BC. In Ancient Egypt, the mineral was considered the most beautiful of semi-precious stones. Egyptians poetically called it the pearl of the earth and used it for crafting jewelry, decorative bowls, vases, figurine, etc. Bloodstone amulets were praised in the Leiden papyrus of the 3rd century A.D. The author claimed that there was nothing more powerful than an amulet made of this gem because it was able to suppress the anger of kings, open closed doors, overcome walls, and solve mysteries.

The most well-known legend about bloodstone says that blood from the wounds of Jesus dripped onto emerald grass and turned into stone. Since then, the mineral has been considered a symbol of nobility. Its calling is to inspire and comfort those who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. Medieval sculptors used the stone to depict the bloody traces of thorns on Jesus’ head.

March Birthstone is Bloodstone, crystal

Bloodstone Birthstone Metaphysical Properties

In terms of chemical composition, bloodstone is silicon dioxide. By the way, the mineral’s official name is heliotrope, which is comprised of two Greek words – helios, which means the sun, and trepein – to turn or reflect. Bloodstone occurs in two varieties – opaque (jasper bloodstone) and translucent (chalcedony bloodstone). Its statement color is dark green, sometimes dark blue-green, and it is a result of the admixtures of chlorite or amphibole. Some specimens offer a solid green color but more often than not, the mineral has ‘spots of blood’, hence its name. In fact, these spots are inclusions of hematite. Most of the time, the sports are red but yellow spots occur as well. Such specimens are called Plasma.

Heliotrope features a hexagonal crystal structure. It is a hard and strong gem of the 7th level on the Mohs scale. The gem has a vitreous luster but it is fairly difficult to polish. When cutting bloodstone en cabochon, jewelers sometimes leave a small part of the gem unpolished to emphasize its natural beauty.

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Bloodstone Birthstone Healing Properties and Magical Properties

The unusual mineral is very popular with those who practice ceremonial magic. According to these people, bloodstone is able to reward a worthy person with such gifts as insight, spiritual intuition, and comprehension of the truth.

In alternative medicine, it is a stimulant of the immune system and a surefire way to fight infections and toxins. It is also known for its power to prevent colds, flu, and inflammations. If you recover after a serious illness, you can rely on the gem to boost regeneration, rejuvenate the body, and bring vitality. The mineral is able to affect almost every organ and system in a human body including the spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, and intestines. For this reason, it is valued as a versatile remedy in lithotherapy. Apart from that, it is a powerful solution to improve blood circulation, treat blood diseases (such as anemia and leukemia), and prevent tumors.

It is believed that bloodstone’s energy is in sync with women’s. Ladies count on the gem to optimize hormonal balance, prevent miscarriage, as well as get strength and protection during childbirth. Besides that, folk healers claim that the gem helps relieve period pain and improve well-being in menopause.

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If you are lucky to be born in March, you have two beautiful birthstones. Aquamarine conveys the softness and coolness of water while bloodstone represents the fertility and healing power of the earth. Whichever of these dissimilar minerals appeals to you, you can find it in the KenKenGems catalog. We scour the world to find the best specimens and deliver them to you. Whether you enjoy jewelry-ready stones or you need a meaningful talisman, we tickle all the boxes. Go ahead and browse through our catalogs, a great selection of gemstones is waiting for you.

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