June Birthstone

June Birthstone

If you were born in June, you have a gorgeous choice of birthstones. June birthstone, an enchanting moonstone, luxurious pearl, and charming alexandrite are powerful talismans for Gemini and Cancer. Apart from being beautiful, these gems provide generous healing and metaphysical properties. Let’s see what June birthstones are capable of.

Triumvirate of Gemstones

Pearls and moonstones have been known since ancient times, but the history of alexandrite starts only a couple of centuries ago. The stone was found in the 19th century in Russia at an emerald mining site. Due to similarities in color, the stone was initially mistaken for an emerald. However, it turned out that the mineral was harder than emerald. Plus, under artificial lighting, it changed its color to red. In, 1834, the gem was given to Tsar Alexander II for his 16th birthday. Since that, it became officially known as alexandrite. Alexandrite quickly gained the fame of or a royal stone due to its rarity and luxurious look.

June Birthstone is Alexandrite

Pearl, on the other hand, are not that rare in nature. Anyone who has decent diving skills can try to catch a pearl-bearing clam. That being said, the traditional method of pearl mining is now a thing of the past. Today, the overwhelming majority of these gems are cultivated. Specialized pearl farms grow organic stones in a controlled environment. One clam can produce a dozen pearls, although recent trends focus on quality rather than quantity. It takes about seven years to grow a medium-sized pearl, and all these years a mollusk must be looked after and turned over to ensure a round shape of a pearl. This painstaking process is the reason why pearls are not the cheapest of gemstones. That being said, the price for pearls that grow in the wild is even loftier.

June Birthstone is Pearl

If you want to get your hands on a birthstone that looks kind of like a pearl you should consider a moonstone. This opaque white mineral is lit with an intense blue glow. This optical effect is known as adularescence. You can also find multi-colored specimens but they are valued only as ornamental stones. Moonstone accurately conveys the cold glow of the moon, and to take this similarity to a new level, it is worth wearing the stone in a silver setting. Many people believe that moonstone’s radiance becomes even more beautiful on full moon nights. Well, to find out whether it is true or not, you need to get one of these mysterious stones for your gem collection.

June Birthstone is Moonstone

June Birthstone Magical Properties

Every stone talisman of June provides magical properties to one degree or another.

Alexandrite is considered a stone of fortune-telling. When changing its color to red, it foreshadows troubles or illnesses. This same color change is the reason that the stone became a symbol of the two extremes of love: passion and jealousy.

The stone has an ambiguous impact on a person’s fate. On the one hand, it can subjugate the weak and fill their lives with misfortunes. On the other hand, it endows a strong person with the courage to overcome adversity.

If you’re looking for a symbol of health, beauty, wealth, and love, your stone of choice is pearl. This mineral is a patron saint of all women. Men, unless they are priests or healthcare professionals, are unlikely to benefit from pearl’s magic. It is believed that pearls are able to promote the feminine Yin energy. At the same time, they teach us to use the element of Water for physical and spiritual healing. Legends say that Nefertiti and Cleopatra added crushed pearls to wine to preserve their beauty and gain magical powers.

As patron saints of women, pearl beads will protect young girls from temptations. Large gems are beneficial to married women helping them wisely manage family and work matters.

Moonstone is a perfect talisman for those who have strong willpower. The mineral is prized for its ability to bring the desired outcome in every endeavor. Moonstone is a poor choice for indecisive and fretful individuals because it may enhance these features.

It is believed that moonstone helps its owner find their soul mate and carry the feeling of love through their lives. Along with that, the stone will come in handy for creative individuals since it helps realize their potential.

June Birthstone, white moonstone cabochons

June Birthstone Healing Properties

Like many other minerals, June birthstones have the potential to strengthen the body and heal diseases. Healers deem alexandrite as a model of the circulatory system where blue is venous blood and red is arterial. Because of its association with blood, the stone is beneficial to treat the diseases of the heart and blood vessels as well as remove toxins.

Combining the powers of the Water and Earth elements, pearls are capable of bringing balance to the nervous system and strengthening immunity. If you notice discoloration in your pear, this it is its way to tell you about an approaching ailment. Therefore, pearls become an excellent solution to detect diseases at an early stage. Besides that, if you regularly wear pearl jewelry, you can reduce irritability and anger as well as remove chronic stress and fatigue. On top of that, organic minerals have the potential to treat kidney, skin, and bladder diseases.

When it comes to moonstone, they have a beneficial effect on the genitourinary system and digestive function. Similar to pearls, they are able to affect women’s health. In particular, they facilitate childbirth. Moonstones in a silver setting can help control outbursts of anger, ease epileptic seizures, and cure insomnia.

Freshwater pearls are also June birthstone, this is for jewelry making

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June Birthstone is moonstone, pearl, and Alexandrite

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