July Birthstone

July Birthstone, Ruby

Passion, fire, heat, blood – all of this is about ruby, the July birthstone. The reddest of the precious stones is ideal for the Fire element. Leos born in the second month of summer will find a protector and patron in this beautiful jewel. Cancers, although they belong to a different element, can also take advantage of the gem's properties. A symbol of vitality, the mineral is not just an addition to fashion jewelry, it is a powerful talisman able to change the fate of its owner.

The Significance of Ruby, July Birthstone

July birthstone, ruby is worth all the praise in the world. It is called a king of precious stones and a royal gem. For the first time, it is mentioned in Indian texts that date back to 2300 BC. Ancient Indians believed that the stone was a mighty talisman and protector that came to the rescue even when surrounded by enemies. The stone was so highly esteemed that Indians refused to sell it to foreigners.

As international trade spread, rubies appeared in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc. Only clergy and nobility could afford this incredibly gorgeous stone. It embellished jewelry, crowns, religious items, as well as books and household items. The Turks and Iranians believed that a single glance at the red stone ensured protection from evil. In Medieval Europe, rubies inspired knights and gave them valor and strength in battles.

July birthstone is Ruby

What Does Ruby Birthstone Symbolize?

July birthstone, Ruby is credited with many incredible features. Buddhists revere it more than other jewels. They believe that the stone generates a sense of superiority, greatness, as well as provides power to rule over people. Along with that, ruby safeguards against negative emotions, evil energy, and spells. A person who wears ruby jewelry is ready for self-development and the accumulation of inner strength. On top of that, the mineral helps restore the thirst for life and relieves mental anguish.

The scarlet gem has long been perceived as a symbol of love, passion, and harmony between paramours. Along with that, ruby is beneficial only to people with a pure heart. Envious, deceitful, and vicious individuals can expect nothing but troubles from rubies.

In terms of healing properties, the gem helps defeat insomnia and the disorders of the nervous system. Also, it is known for its ability to relieve fatigue and restore emotional balance. In lithotherapy, its curing effect is used to treat hypertension, epilepsy, bronchial asthma, and blood diseases.

Although ruby is the patron saint of Cancer and Leo, you shouldn’t think that it unconditionally fits these signs. It favors only strong-willed individuals and leaders. If you are not afraid to take responsibility, the stone will support you every step of the way as you move towards your goal. However, if you harbor evil and negativity in your soul, you should not rely on its assistance and protection.

July birthstone is ruby, it is beautiful red gemstone

Types of July birthstone, Ruby

Ruby is one of the hardest minerals. With 9 on the Mohs scale, it is second to diamond in terms of hardness. At the same time, the mineral is quite fragile - if you hit it with something heavy, it will expose its shell-like fracture. The red color rubies are famous for is the action of chromium ions. Without these admixtures, aluminum oxide (that's what ruby is from a chemical point of view) would be colorless.

Although ruby is one of four precious stones, not every specimen is truly precious. Some stones are ornamental due to opacity, cloudiness, dull appearance, or impurities. They are less common in jewelry-making. Instead, they are valued as embellishment for utensils, vases, accessories, etc.

The most expensive variety of ruby is called pigeon’s blood. The story of the name’s origin is not the most pleasant. A Swiss gemologist compared the stone’s color with the blood of a pigeon he had just shot. Vibrant red with a purple tint, this variety of ruby is also called Burmese since the largest deposits are located in Myanmar (formerly Burma).

Star ruby is another much-loved variety of the gemstone. After cutting, some specimens display a perfect shimmering six-beam star. In mineralogy, this phenomenon is called asterism. Star rubies can be of any color, which largely depends on the location of a deposit field. Normally, these minerals are opaque. Transparent rubies boasting the same effect are hard to come by. It comes as no surprise that they are extremely expensive.

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Natural, Enhanced, and Artificial Ruby Birthstone

Nature provides a very sparse supply of pure rubies providing rich colors. The majority of genuine rubies are dull, cloudy, or too light. Also, it is not uncommon for these gems to contain impurities. All these factors negatively impact the value of the mineral. It goes without saying that people have been trying to improve the appearance of the precious mineral for decades. Refined and enhanced rubies are those that have undergone some kind of treatment. The most popular methods include heat treatment, thermal diffusion staining, impregnation, and irradiation. Heat treatment, for instance, is a popular procedure to enhance the effect of asterism, remove an unwanted undertone, and boost the visual impact of a specimen. Despite all these manipulations, enhanced rubies remain natural, genuine, and precious.

Due to the fact that a ruby’s chemical composition is quite simple, scientists have learned to synthesize it in a laboratory. There are several ways to produce artificial rubies - flame fusion, crystal pulling, or flux growth. However, the hydrothermal method is the only way to achieve an appearance akin to natural rubies. Oftentimes, hydrothermal rubies are even more beautiful than real ones because they are devoid of impurities. However, such specimens lack magical and healing properties and can hardly be deemed as a talisman for those born in July.

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