December Birthstone

December Birthstone

December birthstone fully embodies the essence of the year’s last month. Blue tanzanite is a reflection of the ice-frosted sky and whimsical icicles. Green turquoise is the anticipation of Christmas filled with piney odor. Warm-colored zircon is like a cozy evening by a fireplace with a cup of mulled wine in the hands. All these gems are irresistibly beautiful and meaningful. Given to a friend born in December, they will make the most lasting impression.

The Stone of the 20th Century Tanzanite, December birthstone

While most gems have been known since antiquity, December birthstone tanzanite is a gem of the 20th century. Its story begins in 1967 when a Maasai warrior brought an unusual mineral, which he found at the foot of Kilimanjaro, to the office of a local prospector. Initially, this transparent 10,000-carat gem was mistaken for a sapphire. However, an examination by Tiffani & Co showed that this crystal was a hitherto unknown variety of the mineral zoisite, which is also mined in Africa. To honor the country in which it was discovered, Tanzania, the stone was named tanzanite.

The stone has many amazing qualities. The most peculiar of them is pleochroism, an optical phenomenon of multiple color transitions – from blue to yellow, red, and purple - when a stone is rotated. Besides that, some specimens boast an alexandrite effect. In daylight, they appear blue but under artificial lighting, they turn purple. There are also cat's eye tanzanites featuring a shimmering stripe.

Tanzanite's natural color ranges from sapphire blue to deep purple. On top of that, it exists in yellow, brownish, greenish, pink, lavender, colorless, and even white varieties but they are not as prized as blue gems. Many tanzanites go through heat treatment if their color is not deep enough.

Gem-quality tanzanite is extremely rare. Today, there is only one deposit of this mineral, and its reserves are rapidly shrinking. Moreover, over 90% of the crystals do not have the sought-after blue or purple color. As a result, fine-quality tanzanite can be as expensive as diamonds. The gem is a fabulous gift for someone born in December and also a great investment since its value grows every year.

Aside from this, the stone offers a number of mystical and healing properties. It is believed that tanzanite was found at the turn of the millennium for a reason. As a spiritual guide, it helps activate one’s hibernating abilities, allows understanding the meaning of life, and provides answers to the most important questions. Traditional healers advise looking at this stone to relieve eye strain and headaches.

December Birthstone, Tanzanite

Zircon, December birthstone, the Heath of a Volcano

December birthstone, zircon is a semi-precious mineral of volcanic origin. The dominating substance in its chemical composition is zirconium silicate. It is complete with various admixtures responsible for a wide range of colors. The gem’s name comes from the Persian ‘zargun’ meaning golden and it fully represents its statement color. Along with yellow, the stone is available in orange, red, dark green, and blue. Some varieties of zircon are so fascinating that they got their own names:

  • Hyacinth is a predominately red stone that occasionally exhibits brown, orange, golden, or yellow tints.
  • Jargon/ jargoon is yellow or greenish zircon of fine quality.
  • Starlite (Siamese zircon) boasts an amazing blue hue.
  • Azorite is an emerald-colored stone.
  • Matura diamond is a perfectly clear and colorless zircon that is often passed off as a diamond.

Zircon is a fairly hard gem (7.0-8.0 on the Mohs scale) providing a curious luminescence property. It glows when heated, irradiated with electrons, or exposed to ultraviolet. Some specimens boast pleochroism, i.e. the ability to exhibit various colors at different viewing angles. However, you should be careful when handling such zircons as they might be radioactive.

The gem isn't deprived of magical and medicinal properties. Hyacinths will benefit business people, travelers, and thinkers. Yellow stones are able to attract love and enhance sexual energy. Orange minerals boost the sexual appeal of their wearers. Green stones promote wealth and help find good investment options. Blue zircons bring a sense of harmony.

December Birthstone, zircon

Turquoise, December birthstone, the Stone of Victors

December birthstone, turquoise is a scintillating opaque semi-precious stone. It engages attention not only due to its beauty but also to an aura of mysticism surrounding it. The Persians considered turquoise to be a lucky stone that helped gain victories, ward off troubles, and bring prosperity. Shamans believe that turquoise is a living thing because it goes through multiple transformations. Young turquoise has a gentle blue color. As it matures, it acquires more depth. Old gemstones display green hues.

Due to their color-changing ability, the gem is used in fortune-telling. They say that it promotes psychic sensitivity and helps establish a connection with the world of spirits.

In the East, turquoise rings are powerful amulets that protect against evil. However, to make such a ring work, it should be given by a friend. There is even a saying: a stone given by a good hand brings happiness and good luck.

Turquoise was once a symbol of masculinity and a patron saint of all men. Today, however, the mineral has expanded its range of responsibility to assist men and women alike. With turquoise, you can overcome mental blocks, avoid ill-wishers, and improve your leadership qualities.

A specific color of turquoise significantly affects its way of affecting people. Blue gemstones are capable of bringing a balance between dreams and the real world. Esotericists say that such minerals help expand the boundaries of consciousness and comprehend secret knowledge. Along with that, turquoise promotes fidelity and faithfulness.

Green turquoise is widely used for magic rituals and fortune-telling. Gems enhanced by a witch or sorcerer become reliable talismans that drive away evil spirits, ward off danger, and protect from evil spirits. The energy of the stone interacts with one’s biofield and shields off negative influences. That being said, the mineral can punish its owner if they have bad intentions or evil thoughts.

December Birthstone, Turquoise

December Birthstones for Sale

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December Birthstone,blue color gemstones

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