August Birthstone Peridot

August Birthstone,Peridot

August birthstone claims two gemstones. Charming peridot renowned for its lime, almost neon green hue is a stylish and reliable talisman for those born in the last month of summer. Spinel, an alternative choice for Leos and Virgos, offers a range of contrasting colors. The stone has commendable qualities of its own and it is a powerful enhancer of vital energies. Whichever stone resonates with your personality, KenKenGems provides many options worthy of consideration.

The Meaning of Peridot Birthstone

Peridot is a French word that is actually a distorted version of the Arabic ‘faridat’ that stands for a precious stone. The gem of the quartz family has been known since 1500 BC. An Egyptian island Zabargad in the Red Sea became the first mining site. It preserved many records and artifacts concerning peridot production.

The mineral has a few alternative manes, and every one of them in one way or another pays homage to its range of colors. In Europe, peridot was known as chrysolite. The stone was often mistaken with chrysoberyl because both offer a rich yellow color. The Greek word chrysos means yellow or gold. Egyptians who had the largest peridot deposits in the ancient world called it yellow topaz or topazion. The biblical character Aaron had 12 gemstones on his breastplate including topaz. Today, however, scholars speculate that this topaz was actually yellow chrysolite.

Although yellow is quite common for peridot, its statement color is green including olive, yellowish-green, pistachio, and lime variations. The most precious color is termed ‘chartreuse’ due to its similarity with the eponymous herbal liqueur. Green peridot was sometimes called the poor man's emerald. The Romans poetically dubbed it ‘evening emerald’ because its color did not fade after dark.

Peridot had its heyday in medieval times after the crusaders had brought it to Europe. The mineral was admired by European royal courts and soon it found itself in the interiors of castles, palaces, temples, and cathedrals. For instance, the gem adorns the shrine of the Three Holy Kings in the Cologne Cathedral.

August birthstone is peridot

The Power of Peridot Talismans

Since time immemorial, people have been relying on the magic properties of the enchanting gem. It is believed that it is able to impact the human aura, destroy spells, and protect from the evil eye. The power of peridot amulets is so strong that it can even ‘charge’ surrounding items with positive energy.

People who constantly wear peridot jewelry notice that they gain more patience and sobriety. Apart from that, it helps develop sympathy and facilitates decision-making, especially in difficult situations.

The gem lends itself to protecting one’s hearth and home. It is credited with the ability to safeguard against fires, thefts, and loss of property. Put a peridot amulet above the front door and you will never have unwanted guests. Along with that, the stone improves family and business affairs, strengthens willpower, and develops intuition.

Although peridot is a talisman of all Leos and Virgos, it is most suitable for inventors and innovators. It boosts cognitive abilities, gives a spark of creativity, as well as enhances the desire to learn and teach others. Among other things, the gem is a personification of courage, intelligence, and self-development.

The green stone is also valued for its healing properties. Interestingly, different countries have different applications for the gem. In Vietnam, for example, the mineral is a popular solution to treat liver disorders. The Armenians use it to combat vision pathologies.

The gem lends its beneficial effect to improve well-being and mental property. Lithotherapy recommends massage and peridot-infused water to solve various issues of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

August birthstone, Peridot loose stones for jewelry

Spinel: August Birthstone

Spinel is a mineral of rarest beauty. This amalgamation of magnesium oxide and aluminum is prized for its noble shine and variety of vibrant colors. In the ancient world, the mineral was known as Läl/Laal. This word has Indo-Iranian roots and it basically means red. Interestingly, the same word was applied to many gems that provide red colors because they were thought to be the same mineral. At the same time, although red is the most common variety of spinel, it also provides blue, purple, and green hues.

Spinel became widely known thanks to Marco Polo. When visiting the Pamir Mountains in the 13th century, he came across spinel mines that had been deployed since the 9th century. Back then, people confused the mineral with corundum and rubies. In his records, Marco Polo named the deposit Ruby Mines.

An independent history of spinel starts only in 1779 when the renowned Belgian mineralogist Jean Demeste discovered dissimilarities between Laal and rubies. It was he who gave spinel its modern name. In Latin, spinel means a little thorn. Indeed, spinel crystals resemble thorns. There is one more version that tries to explain the origin of the mineral’s name. Supposedly, it came from the Greek word ‘spinos’ translated as a spark. This might be a node to the gem’s fiery appearance and radiance.

August Birthstone, Spinel is a gemstone of rarest beauty

Spinel Birthstone as a Talisman

Natural spinel has well-documented magical and healing properties. Ancient Vedic records, the diary of Paracelsus, and countless books of medicine mention spinel applications. Modern lithotherapy relies on this centuries-old wisdom as well as offers new solutions to take advantage of the mineral.

Spinel crystals know how to guide a person's energy to achieve the desired result and introduce positive changes in their lives. With a little help of the mineral, a person becomes more purposeful, learns to set goals, and confidently moves towards accomplishing them. Apart from that, the gem awakens the will to live, teaches to enjoy happy moments, and removes negative thoughts.

Spinel’s colors affect people in different ways. Pink stones are able to enhance sensuality and help find a soul mate. Green minerals aid to establish harmony in one’s inner world and boost creativity. Blue spinel is known as a gem of wisdom. It makes people more insightful and helps in decision-making. Red gems add more passion to their owners’ lives, including the passion to make plans and fulfill them.

The mineral isn’t deprived of healing properties. Its red variety enhances virility and sexual energy. Also, its action is beneficial to the immune system and circulative function. Pink spinel is known for its tranquilizing effect. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you can count on the gem to dispel nightmares and bring peace of mind. It will also help improve skin conditions as well as remove rashes and the symptoms of allergies. If you have green spinel, you can benefit from its ability to relieve migraines and headaches.

August birthstone, Spinel as a Talisman

August Birthstones for Sale

August birthstones are a gorgeous asset for your gemstone collection. KenKenGems delivers so many great options to those who appreciate the creations of Mother Nature. If you’re into crafting custom jewelry, make sure to check out peridot and spinel loose, incorporated in gold and silver settings, as well as in strands. Are you searching for a talisman or amulet? Then take a closer look at larger one-of-a-kind stones of exceptional beauty. These natural minerals are able to affect your life and fate. So don’t hesitate to get one of these marvels, they are only a few clicks away!

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