April Birthstone

April Birthstone, Diamond

The second month of spring is known for the most purposeful zodiac signs: Aries and Taurus. The patron saint of these signs is just as headstrong, immutable, and adamant. A gorgeous diamond, the April birthstone, brings good luck to its wards and protects them from misfortunes. Celebrate your unchanging, tenacious, and indomitable nature with the hardest mineral in the world.

April Birthstone, the Meaning of Diamond throughout History

Approximately 3000 years ago, Ancient Indians discovered a very curious mineral. They endowed it with the power of ‘energy bridge’. With this gem, they were able to communicate with the spirits trapped in other stones. The Hindus believed that the diamond was capable of interacting with the deities patronizing all natural elements. Therefore, it was a great honor to own this stone.

The Greek philosopher Plato considered diamonds to be living entities that accommodate heavenly spirits. To Ancient Greeks and Romans, the mineral was of particular value because they associated it with the tears of the gods. According to one of the legends, the tips of Cupid's arrows were embellished with diamonds. Perhaps, that is why diamonds turned into a symbol of love, unity, romantic relationships, sensuality, devotion, and affection.

When people first discovered diamonds, they did not attach commercial value to them. Indeed, uncut colorless minerals are rather inconspicuous. Only 500 years ago, after jewelers learned to cut diamonds, people discerned their true value and beauty.

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The Miracle Born in the Depths of the Earth

April birthstone, a diamond is one of the forms of carbon, an older brother of graphite and coal. The hardest of minerals was carried from the depths of the earth's crust by lava flows. Down there, due to the unthinkable pressure and temperatures, carbon got to acquire the beauty, transparency, and hardness of the precious stone. According to gemologists, diamonds are as old as our planet. The oldest diamonds ever discovered are over 4 billion years old while the majority of species are somewhere between 1 and 3.3 billion years. Some diamonds are of extraterrestrial origin. The collision of meteorites with the earth generates temperatures of 3000 °C and pressures of up to 100 GPa. These forces are able to transform carbon into precious stones.

Centuries ago, diamonds were found along the banks of rivers. Such deposits were called alluvial placers. Today, industrial mining takes place in kimberlite pipes, which are the areas where magmatic flows ascended from the depths of the earth. The very first pipe was discovered in the Kimberley province of Southern Africa, hence the term.

Most diamonds that are mined today are of industrial quality. They are used in the production of equipment such as drills, saws, surgical tools, etc. Gem-quality stones are sold under the supervision of a handful of large corporations, the best-known of which is De Beers. Diamond’s prices are quite stable, so if you’re looking for a valuable gift for someone who is born in April, this precious stone is your best bet.

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April Birthstone, Quality of Diamonds

The quality of a diamond is assessed using four criteria: color, clarity, cut, and weight. There are a few reputable laboratories able to evaluate the quality of precious stones - GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (High Diamond Council), and IGI (International Gemological Institute).


While the most valuable are colorlessness diamonds, the mineral is available in every color of the rainbow. Stones acquire different hues due to micro-dissimilarities in chemical composition, reaction to radiation, and changes in their atomic lattice. Yellow and blue diamonds are the result of nitrogen and boron inclusions. Greenish tints, on the other hand, are the consequence of radiation. The pink and red tones appear due to plastic transformation as the mineral travels up the kimberlite pipe.

Clarity (Purity)

It is not uncommon for diamonds to have various inclusions and defects. Normally, it is impossible to see these imperfections with a naked eye. The most widespread defects are dots (pinpoints), clouds, feathers, and cavities. The value of a diamond is affected by the size and location of an inclusion. If a dot sits close to the back or edges, such a stone will have a higher price than that of a counterpart with a defect located right in the center.


Before diamonds are cut, they are analyzed with computer software. This allows finding the best cut that minimizes waste and conceals impurities. The most popular is a brilliant style, and, currently, 90% of high-quality gemstones carry this 58-facet cut. Other popular cuts as marquis, princess, oval, pear, emerald, heart, etc. The type of cut does not affect the beauty of a stone but it does affect its value. Typically, stones featuring brilliant cuts are 15–20% more expensive than other styles.

Carat (Weight)

All precious and semi-precious stones are weighed in carats. The larger the diamond, the more expensive it is. Originally, a carat was a seed of a tree that was common in the east. Local gem traders used these seeds to weigh goods. Today, one carat equals 0.2 grams.

April birthstone, Quality of diamond

April Birthstone, Diamond Healing Properties and Magical Properties

There is a belief that diamonds can improve a person's eyesight and hearing. Hunters used to take this mineral with them to ensure they won’t return home empty-handed. Also, people believed that these precious stones protected from the attack of wild animals, helped defeat enemies, and gave courage in a battle.

As we have already mentioned, the diamond is a symbol of love. Our ancestors kept diamond talismans to strengthen relationships, avoid quarrels, and find harmony. To this day, lovers around the world give each other diamond jewelry as a sign of their feelings.

The stone is also known for its healing properties. According to healers, a diamond is able to provide a healthy sleep, relieve fever, and improve mental conditions. Some therapists use diamonds as a complementary treatment of skin and stomach issues.

Along with that, the precious mineral is capable of strengthening immunity as well as improving the functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, lungs, and respiratory tract. Green diamonds are very women-friendly. If you experience issues with conceiving and childbearing, you can take advantage of the mineral’s therapeutic effect. In addition, the stone is able to rejuvenate. Those who wear diamond jewelry can stop aging.

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April Birthstone, Diamonds from KenKenGems

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April Birthstone, Diamond meaning

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