Artistic wire Turnish resist Silver for Business Use Volume 1roll $19.99- !

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Findings , Artistic Wire

[18GA]: thickness 1.02 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 15 m)
[20GA]: thickness 0.81 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 24 m)
[22GA]: thickness 0.64 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 38 m)
[24GA]: thickness 0.51 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 60 m)
[26GA]: thickness 0.40 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 96 m)
[28GA]: thickness 0.32 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 151 m)
[30GA]: thickness 0.25 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 239 m)
[32GA]: thickness 0.20 mm, 1/4 LB (Approx 372 m)

This Artistic wire is Tarnish resist silver (non-tarnish silver) with a polyurethane finish on the copper wire.
It is easy to handle, it can be used for making various accessories from the point of durability.

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