How we got Started Selling Wholesale gemstone beads.

We at are a midi.Co.,Ltd operating at the base of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. Kenji Mochizuki, our founder, established us in 2006.

2 years prior, he began selling gemstone beads and accessories on the main street of Kofu.

Kofu has long been famous in Japan for its jewelry. Nowadays, there are many jewelry craftsmen and companies here, and it remains a city where numerous jeweler’s across Japan come and go.

Circumstances were wonderful but increasing demand for products started to be a problem. This was due to a inconvenient purchasing. Even if stocking up on goods from the region, it would still take time to stock items that weren’t there. That’s why he thought “Whenever, whoever, wherever they come from, I want them to be able to find the stone they need.”

This idea led to our online store. At the time, there weren’t very many natural rock and gemstone sellers online in Japan. While managing his shop on mainstreet, he began selling natural rocks and gemstones on a simple site online. By selling at a wholesale price, he was gradually able to build up his clientele online and get repeat customers. Then, he founded our company’s online store. That’s us, “”.

Devote exclusively to the online store. received wide endorsements online, and so our online store came to be our company’s focus. We have visited many overseas suppliers directly to ensure that the products we sell are manufactured in knowledgeable and trustworthy factories. Currently, we do business with over 100 factories.

Thanks to our online store having wholesale prices and same day delivery, we receive many orders directly from jewelry designers and natural rock dealers. We’ve moved our office twice now in order to better accommodate increasing orders.

Sales Expansion Abroad

International orders from our Japanese site began to increase around 2016 due to Japanese people living abroad and public access to translation tools online. Seeing the international demand, we designed and began selling from it in 2019. We’re an online store specialized in gemstone beads, loose stones and accessories parts.

We receive orders from all over the world, including North America such as the USA and Canada, Europe such as England and France, Oceania such as Australia and New Zealand, and Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

That’s why we have over 200 types of gemstones in different shapes, sizes and cuts with endless variations. Our goal is for our customers to never tire of browsing our selection.

Award Winning Japanese Site

In 2022, we were nomated from 40,000 online stores for the Japanese online store appraisal award “Color-Me Shop Award 2022”. Only 43 of these stores were announced publicly and invited to the awards ceremony and we were one of them.

We received 5152 votes, putting us in the fashion and hobby categories, a first in the jewelry making supplies world, winning us the award for East Japan Area.