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[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.121[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.121
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.120[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.120
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.117[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.117
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.116[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.116
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.111[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.111
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.108[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.108
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.102[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant 18KGP NO.102
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant Silver925 NO.18[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant Silver925 NO.18
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant Silver925 NO.15[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant Silver925 NO.15
[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant Silver925 NO.4[Video][One of a kind] Nuummite Pendant Silver925 NO.4

About Nuummite

About Nuummite

Nuummite, the bowels of the earth still hide countless treasures. Every decade, geologists delight us with new wonderful discoveries. The hero of today's post was born billions of years ago but showed itself only in the late 20th century. Nuummite, conceived by a volcano and grown in the cold earth, is one of the youngest minerals used in jewelry.

Nuummite, gemstone beads

The History of Nuummite

Nuummite gemstone is known in trade since the early 1980s although it was officially discovered 200 years ago. It is mined in Greenland in the Nuuk region, which shared its name with the mineral. Although the stone has been put on the map recently, its age exceeds 3 billion years. Nuummite fields in Greenland can be reached only by boat and only a few months a year when the ground is not frozen. For a long time, Greenland’s fields had remained the only source of nuummite. Today, the semi-precious stones are also found in Finland, the USA, China, Canada, and Russia.

Physicochemical Properties of Nuummite

The official scientific term for rare metamorphic rock is anthophyllite-hydrite. The two minerals are the building blocks of nuummite. In addition, the gem has gathered an impressive collection of chemical elements in its composition – magnesium, iron, aluminum, silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, etc.
Various admixtures and impurities (copper, pyrite, augite, pyrite, garnet, etc.) affect the color of the stone and its patterns. Dark gray and black specimens are the most widespread but you can also spot brownish-red or brownish-green gems. Most stones have splashes of red, purple, green, blue, gold, or yellow arranged in unique patterns. The inhomogeneous structure of the mineral ensures iridescence, i.e. multicolored glow. These rich color transitions make nuummite a sought-after choice for jewelry. For the same reason, the stone rarely undergoes faceted cutting. Smooth cuts en cabochon emphasize the iridescence and improve the visual impact of the gem. In addition, they enhance the glass luster.
Nuummite is opaque and fairly solid rock having 6.5-7.0 points on the Mohs scale. However, it is not scratch-resistant, so it is best suited for necklaces, pendants, headpieces, pins, and earrings.

Nuummite gemstone, crystal

Nuummite Value

Natural nuummite is not the most expensive gem. A small cabochon is going to cost approximately $30-50, and $100 is a price for designer pieces set in silver. Despite affordable prices, nuummite is sometimes counterfeited. On top of that, unscrupulous sellers may pass cheaper black stones, such as larvikites, off as nuummite. Therefore, you should always require certificates of origin before purchasing gems.

Nuummite Role In Astrology

Given its volcanic origin, nuummite will suit the elements of Fire, Water, and the Earth. It is especially beneficial for Aries and Sagittarius. The stone does its best to help these signs bring their endeavors to completion and become victors. Pisces is also compatible with the stone. Calm and sometimes passive, they are capable of boosting their pulling power and getting more attractive for a potential partner. Women Pisces enhance their charm when wearing nuummite and men become more convivial.

Nuummite Healing Properties

Nuummite has been around for less than half a century but folk healers and lithotherapics have already discovered it healing power. The stone became a popular solution for massage since it has a beneficial effect on the skin, lymph nodes, nerve endings, and blood vessels.
When it comes to internal organs, nuummite positively affects the pancreas thus slowing down the progression of diabetes. The stone improves immunity and helps fight infections more effectively. Along with that, the gem facilitates the functioning of kidneys, removes metabolites from the body, and is a good remedy for respiratory infections.

According to lithotherapists, the volcanic mineral can do the following:

  • eliminate migraines and headaches;
  • accelerate the healing of wounds, bruises, and fractures;
  • save from insomnia and other sleep disorders;
  • contribute to the health of the central nervous system;
  • relieve stress;
  • prevent fatigue and charge the body with energy.

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Nuummite Magical Properties

Nuummite boasts unique protective properties. It does not build protective walls to safeguard its owner. Rather, its action is aimed at changing his or her energy field. After absorbing negative energy coming from outside, nuummite transforms it into strong positive vibrations.
Wearing nuummite amulets requires discipline and purity of spirit. The stone is capable of striking its wearer if he or she has evil thoughts.
Clairvoyants claim that the properties of nuummite allow looking deep into time and seeing events of both the past and the future. According to shamans, the stone can heal the souls of the dead. Thanks to the stone, spirit whisperers can travel to the world of shadows. Along with that, shamans use the stone to learn about traumatic events in the life of a person to help him or her overcome pain.
One of the most amazing peculiarities of the black stone is that it helps people see their fate and choose the right path in life. It shows which direction to go to become a good person and helps us understand the world we live in. The stone also teaches us to forgive.

Nuummite for sale

Nuummite for Sale

It is not every day that you see nuummite for sale. Luckily, KenKenGems isn’t just a run-of-the-mill store. We partner with renowned suppliers of precious and semi-precious gemstones to give you the best money can buy. And don’t worry, you don’t need lots of money to get a high-quality and beautiful gem, our prices are some of the lowest in the industry.
The nuummites we deliver display the scintillating patterns and iridescence everyone loves this volcanic gem for. Squares, pears, ovals, round, and twisted cabochons are meticulously polished, drilled, and ready to adorn your DIY jewelry. Take a closer look at our one-of-a-kind stones, two- and three-piece sets, and strands, and we are sure you’ll find something you’re looking for.

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