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Andesine: A Stone from the Very Heart of the Andes


Sorcerers claim that this stone helps them 'read’ any person like an open book. Esotericists and lithotherapists use it for healing and fortunetelling rituals. Jewelry enthusiasts appreciate its attractive ruby-like appearance. This mineral has found itself at the epicenter of an international scandal. All of this is about andesine, a charming member of a large feldspar family.

The History of Andesine

Andesine was first discovered back in 1841 in Columbia. A German geologist Hermann von Abich got a rock specimen he wasn’t able to identify. After comprehensive research, he came to the conclusion that it was a new addition to the class of plagioclase feldspar. When it was time to dub the newly discovered mineral, von Abich decided to perpetuate the place where the mineral was first unearthed. Thus, the Andes stayed in the andesine’s name forever.

The South American mountain system isn’t the only deposit field in the world. The beautiful stone was also found in Congo, China, Tibet Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, USA, South Africa, etc.

Not that long ago, red andesine wound up in the center of an international scandal. Having become the official gemstone of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, andesine products with Olympic symbols flooded the market. However, experts kept wondering where China's mega-stock of premium-quality material had come from. After thoroughly examining the ‘red andesine’, mineralogists concluded that it was none other than refined feldspar, which China actually has in abundance.

It turned out that the Chinese spruced up the mineral by saturating it with a concentrated copper solution. Copper penetrated deep into the crystals giving them a distinct red color with a touch of green. Such ‘andesine’ looked just like the real thing, but, unfortunately, they weren’t real. The damage to genuine andesine has been done. Now, it is jokingly called the ‘stone of deception’.

Andesine gemstone Meaning

What is Andesine Exactly?

In terms of chemical composition, andesine is plagioclase. It is a mixture of albites (complex sodium-aluminum-silicon salt) and anorthites (calcium-aluminum-silicon salt). The content of the latter should be within 31-50% with typical admixtures ranging through potassium, barium, and strontium.

Andesine crystals are normally white or light gray. Jewelry-grade yellow, orange, green, pink, and red shades are found much rarer. Regardless of its color, andesine has a glassy luster and is available in transparent and translucent variations; the latter is a tad hazy due to pigment inclusions. Despite its medium hardness (6.0-6.5 on the Mohs scale), andesine is a rather brittle crystal. This makes it somewhat difficult to cut and limits its use in jewelry. That being said, it is a go-to mineral for jewelry brands looking to cheaply substitute precious stones. Its beauty is on a part with rubies and tourmalines.

Andesine coming from India have a pronounced iridescent effect. The country is also well-known for its green gemstones alternatively called Indian andesine jade. The other curious type of andesine is mined in Madagascar. Possessing a beautiful optical effect of opalescence, these gems gained fame as Madagascar rainbow moon stones, or andesine-labradorites.

Andesine cabochon loose stone

Andesine Colors

Due to its low cost, andesine is counterfeited less often than other valuable gems (although the incident at the Beijing Olympics tarnished the stone's reputation). However, it is common to refine promising specimens. Thanks to heat treatment, the gem can change its shades, losing unwanted colors and gaining the desired ones. Diffuse treatment is the other way to give the mineral a different color. The majority of inexpensive red andesine is dyed artificially.

Andesine’s Value

Andesine is a fairly affordable gemstone, although its price fluctuates within a wide range. This is because many factors affect its price such as color, its intensity, clarity, cut, etc.

- natural colorless, grayish, or slightly yellow, orange, or green tones cost about $13 per carat;

- genuine red andesine is the most expensive ones, their price per carat normally exceeds $30.

Gems that have been artificially dyed or heat-treated are cheaper than their counterparts colored by nature. On the other hand, if you spot an iridescent or opalescent specimen, its value is going to be higher than that of clear and translucent stones. Cutting affects andesine’s worth as well. It is more common to cut this mineral en cabochon due to its fragility. Faceted stones carry higher prices due to the complexity of this work.

Andesine bracelet, jewellery

Magical Properties of Andesine

Andesine is closely associated with the sun. As its representative on Earth, it is capable of attracting strong positive energy. It improves the mood of the one who owns it well as bolsters their dedication and determination. At the same time, the mineral is a symbol of wealth; hence, it is a popular choice for amulets designed to attract prosperity and give confidence. For this reason, andesine is beneficial for students, scientists, and business persons.

As the stone of optimism, it protects against negativity and helps see life in brighter colors. It also provides a surge of courage for new achievements.

Andesine is well suited for people who deal with lots of challenges daily – healthcare professionals, teachers, military persons, rescuers, firefighters, etc. It is believed that the stone is a patron saint of seekers, i.e., researchers, travelers, pioneers, etc. Thanks to accumulating strong positive vibrations, the mineral placed in a room helps purify its aura. A home complemented with andesine talismans has no room for quarrels and misfortunes.

Green Red bi color andesine

Healing Properties of Andesine

Andesine is helpful in the treatment of psychological illnesses since they fill their owners with a positive attitude and help improve their mood. Wearing a stone as a piece of jewelry facilitates the treatment of depression and neuroses. The stone soothes, relieves stress, and aids to see a new perspective.

It is believed that andesine is able to eliminate blood diseases, improve the functioning of the heart, and unclog arteries. Andesine-infused water is a great solution to enhance your immunity and accelerate recovery from illnesses.

Andesine for Sale by kenkengems

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Green Red bi color andesine