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Rhodonite –Mineral As Delicate As a Rose


Its many names refer to flora and fauna. It was accessible to the poorest yet it was a favorite of the richest. It is a talisman of females and travelers. All of this is about rhodonite, a gentle pink mineral with powerful healing and metaphysical properties.

Rhodonite stone

The History and Meaning of Rhodonite

The first mentions of the pink stone date back to 1781. They say that a peasant Nikita Partin, who lived in the Ural Mountain region in Russia, found a stone of a crimson color with black veins and yellow spots. The mineral was then referred to as orletz (Eagle Stone) because locals had seen eagles picking up and carrying small stones to their nests.

The term "rhodonite" was suggested by the German scientist Christoph Friedrich Jasche in 1819. Describing specimens found in the Harz mountains (Germany), he noted their delicate pink color similar to that of rose petals. The name rhodonite itself comes from the Greek "rhodon" which means both rose and pink.

The mineral has more names than orletz and rhodonite. In Eastern countries, it was called the stone of the dawn. Banded rhodonites mined in Argentina are otherwise known as Inca Stones. Throughout its history, the mineral was also called pink spar and ruby spar.

Rhodonite was recognized as the national mineral of Russia in 1913. Indeed, the largest and most valuable deposits were found in the country. Locals have a tradition to put a small rhodonite to a cradle to protect a baby from the evil eye. It also became a talisman of travelers, and its mission is to safeguard them from misfortunes and bad weather.

The unusual and rare beauty of the stone eventually made the rich and powerful take notice. For example, the world-famous jeweler Faberge used rhodonite to craft his precious eggs. The same stone can be seen on the Imperial sarcophagus displayed in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg.

Today, rhodonite deposits are found in China, Brazil, Peru, Russia, etc. The stone isn’t rare (although it is not as well known as other minerals) and this means that you don’t have to be nobility to afford it.

Physical and Chemical Properties of Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a metamorphic mineral found in the form of dense fine-grained masses. Occasionally, it features a crystalline structure, but such specimens are thin on the ground. The mineral is formed is sedimentary or volcanic-sedimentary rocks rich in manganese.

The colors of rhodonite are varied but they are always on the reddish side - pink, cherry, crimson, purplish, etc. Pure and uniformly colored rhodonite is hard to come by. The majority of specimens available on the market are a blend of rhodonite with other minerals. Black tree-like inclusions are nothing but oxidized manganese. Light pink spots are masses of manganese-calcium silicates, orange-red fibers are inesite, yellowish veins are formed due to spessartine, gray spots are tephroite inclusions, and white areas are quartz.

The stone’s degree of transparency varies as well. Pure gem-quality rhodonite is translucent, almost clear, and ruby-like in appearance. This type of stone is the most valuable. Ornamental stones, by and large, are opaque. They have a medium hardness on the Mohs scale, and it does not exceed 5.0-5.5. Typically, such hardness means ease of cutting, but that is not the case with rhodonite. Because of its inclusions, it is quite fragile. If you are looking for rhodonite for your jewelry, it’s best to incorporate it into pendants, necklaces, earrings, and pins to ensure it won’t fracture or accumulate scratches.

Rhodonite Meaning and Properties

Varieties of Rhodonite

Rhodonite is heterogeneous, i.e. it displays various minerals in different combinations and patterns. Hence, the following types are distinguished:

- Translucent rhodonite has a uniform ruby-like color. It is very rare, hence sought-after and highly-prizes.

- Pink spar has a pale pink, without visible inclusions, color. It is opaque.

- Bustamite features gray-pink or grey-brown colors, sometimes interspersed with dark spots or streaks.

- Fowlerite is a pink stone with yellow or brownish spots and streaks due to inclusions of zinc.

- Mourning rhodonite has multiple black veins (their amount usually exceeds 1/3 of the stone). It got such a name because it was a popular material for monuments and elements of tombs.

- Dendritic rhodonite is predominantly pink with black and red veins forming bizarre landscape patterns.

- Variegated rhodonite has multi-colored spots (pink, gray, brown, yellow, crimson, etc.). Although these spot-covered stones look gorgeous, they are not expensive.

- Banded rhodonites display pink, brown, and gray alternating stripes.

Healing Properties of Rhodonite

The mineral is highly regarded as a talisman of females. They say that it enhances fertility and helps carry a healthy child. Some superstitious obstetricians have small rhodonite stones to help their patients in pregnancy and childbirth.

Modern lithotherapists use this beautiful mineral to treat and prevent eye diseases. Such a simple procedure as laying rhodonite plates and stones on the eyelids help improve vision.

Rhodonite has a positive effect on the nervous system. In particular, it is able to prevent sclerosis. Along with that, it combats insomnia and nightmares, as well as eliminates anxiety and irritability. Many compare its impact on the aura to music therapy. After just a few days of wearing rhodonite jewelry, you are going to feel pleasant warmth in the chest and have an uplifting mood. You might even feel a desire to sing. You shouldn’t resist it - this is one of the most effective ways to restore your mental health.

Rhodonite Meaning

Metaphysical Properties of Rhodonite

In India and Eastern countries, rhodonite is a divine stone able to awaken love. It is believed that the mineral is willing to help its owner gain self-confidence and hope. Those who are stuck on the dark side can find a path to light if they allow rhodonite to guide them.

According to another popular belief, the pink stone is capable of bringing faith and recognition to a person who wears it. This is due to the fact that rhodonite helps reveal and realize talents. At the same time, it suppresses shyness and bashfulness that hold you down.

It’s best to wear rhodonite jewelry on the left hand since it has a connection with the left hemisphere of the brain. After all, it is the left side that is responsible for creativity and talents. Bracelets featuring rhodonite stones will provide a boost of energy and constantly replenish it.

Rhodonite metaphysical Properties

Rhodonite for Sale

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